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Warmlist - A Complete List of Things Caused By Global Warming / Climate Change
03-16-2011, 05:54 PM, (This post was last modified: 03-16-2011, 06:29 PM by rsol.)
RE: Warmlist - A Complete List of Things Caused By Global Warming / Climate Change

judging from some deciding your scientific principles on agenda rather than evidence, I find it hard to listen to those who doubt real science when inconvienient to them. im not happy with the figures any more than you guys. what we could do is either blame the other guy, deny its happening at all hoping it will just go away, or face it and find proper ways to improve things. why am i the only guy looking to the latter???
11-16-2011, 04:46 AM,
Video  RE: Warmlist - A Complete List of Things Caused By Global Warming / Climate Change
I was clicking through YouTube and a completely unrelated video called Global Warming is Real showed up in the featured videos so I was wondering what sort of goodies were being sponsored and with such a strong statement I expected some strong evidence, being open minded I clicked on it to be thoroughly and simultaneously amused and dejected as to where someone's tax dollars went to promote this "art".

Here's a line that hit close to home.

Edmonton Canada in 1998 had its warmest summer on record.

Well records have been kept here for about 100 years (Alberta has only been a province since 1905) so the chances of that happening in the last 15 are about, well .. 15%. While "singing" that line (through heavy reverb voice modulation resampling) the graphic showed a couple of earthquakes. Edmonton has NEVER had an earthquake!
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11-16-2011, 06:13 AM,
RE: Warmlist - A Complete List of Things Caused By Global Warming / Climate Change
I guess he didn't get the news flash, it is not global warming anymore, now it is climate change. Why, you ask. Because the data doesn't show any global warming other than the increases since the maunder minimum cold snap. However, there is data to show that it was warmer before the last maunder minimum than it is these days. That is why Greenland was named Greenland back in the pre maunder minimum days. If global warming is real why won't its shills release their data?

But I digress, what I meant to say was, what the fuck is this guys point?

How was it determined that 1998 was the hottest ever recorded in Edmonton? Where were those temps recorded at? Where were the thermometers? Maybe I should check that out in my spare time . As I recall that was the el nino year.
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