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01-05-2008, 01:27 PM,

I'll read chapter 5 of the Galatians. From this chapter you can see what the ideas and the views of the first followers of Christ were. The circumcision discussed in this chapter is an old law (Verses 1 – 3). Today, the vine is also circumcised, so that it can bear more fruit. The vine-growers have made a series of experiments: they circumcised some vine-twigs, not circumcising others. Thus they observed what vine-twigs will bear more fruit and came to the conclusion, that the circumcised vine-twigs develop better and give more fruit.

"You, whosoever of you are justified by the law; ye are fallen from grace. For we, through the Spirit wait for the hope of righteousness by faith." (Verses 4-5) In these verses, the theme about the justification and release from punishment is discussed. Man can be released from some punishment not by law but by faith.

"I have confidence in you through the Lord, that ye will be none otherwise minded: but he that troubleth you shall bear his judgment, whosoever he be." (Verse 10) - In each society, there are people who trouble both themselves and others. These are the people, who attend to the personal life, that is - themselves. There are such people everywhere: both in the secular and in the religious life. In order to get out of his personal life man has to realize, that he has come to Earth, so that he can serve God - not himself. As soon as he realizes this, he has to give way to the Divine in himself, so that it can manage his matters. Consequently, man should not meddle with God's matters.

"For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another." (Verse 13) The service without Love makes no sense at all.

"Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness" (verse 19). The word adultery can be examined in its broad and its narrow sense. In its broad sense adultery implies giving priority of a man to the Divine, of the flesh - to the Spirit. If you love people more that God, you commit adultery. If you love food and clothes more than God, you commit adultery.

"Idolatry" (verse 20). - Idolatry implies service to what is not real.

"And they that are Christ's have crucified flesh with affection and lust." (Verse 24) – That is: once they crucified flesh and now they cultivate it. In the past the masters were cultivating their disciples with the help of a "falaga"*. Later they brought them to their knees. Then they slapped the two sides of their face. Today, they cultivate them by the help of reprimands, scolding, punishment for ill behaviour, etc.

"If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit." (Verse 25) In order to live by the Spirit, man has to break free from the personal element within him.

What does the personal life of a man manifest? The personal life can be likened to the formal dresses of a man that he wears in special cases. He cannot work in these clothes. If he likes to do some work, to do someone a favour, man should put on his working clothes. Can the young bride go to cook in the kitchen dressed in her bridal dress? It is all right if sometimes she cooks dressed in her bridal dress as well, but in such case she has to go to the kitchen of Nature and get her food from there. She may take a clean dish and fill it with ripe, sweet fruit from the trees. Or she will take fresh, newly threshed out wheat from the barn, boil it and offer it to her beloved one. If she likes to cook in an ordinary kitchen, though, she has to take off her bridal dress and put on an ordinary one. If she wears her bridal dress every day, she will clash with everyone. If she appears among working people dressed in her white dress, they will begin touching this dress and examining it from all sides until they finally stain it. After that, she will quarrel with them, because they have stained her dress. Is the action of this bride reasonable? If she were reasonable, she would not have to appear among the workers dressed in a white dress. Another question is if she had to appear among brides, attired in their wedding dresses. Hence we can draw the rule: when you go among workers, put on your working and unclean dress. When you go among people who are just talking, dressed in their clean, new clothes, dress with your white clean garment as well. That is how all the workers and artisans do. If you enter among artisans you will see, that they are dressed in their dyer's clothes. As they finish their work, they put on their clean clothes.

Consequently, it is not important in what clothing the man is dressed. Clothing is related to the outer setting of things. The inner clothing of the man is important. This clothing defines his character and virtues. Until he works out his inner clothing, man makes a lot of mistakes. The child also makes a lot of mistakes before learning to write a good hand. No matter how many corrections the master makes, the child continues to make mistakes. But the more the child grows, the more he begins to realize his mistakes and corrects them by himself.

Contemporary people occupy themselves with one another, mutually criticise themselves, not knowing that the mistakes man makes have nothing to do with his soul. For one thing, they do not have a clear notion of a man. They do not know which person is good and which one - bad. For many people the strong person is bad and the soft person is good. The mud is also soft, though. Is the mud good? Is the dust good? Because the mud stains your clothing and your shoes, you consider it bad. The dust does not stain like the mud does, but nevertheless you consider it bad. Bad is that man, who cannot utilize properly the Divine Love and Light. Good is the person, who properly puts into practice the Divine Love and Light. That one, who cannot use the Light properly, starts to suffer and look for help from the doctors. As soon as they see him, the doctors will tell him, that he is anaemic. According to contemporary scientists, anaemia is a result from the decrease of the red corpuscles in the blood. In order to heal his anaemia, a man should eat food that increases the number of the red corpuscles. This explanation is a superficial, though. Health does not depend on the number of red corpuscles’. The reason for good health is hidden elsewhere.

Now all of us here are in a favourable situation – the air is clean, the altitude – high - from such an altitude ideas descend that we can accept only here. As soon as the disciple joins the class, he will take in new thoughts, feelings, and actions. Outside his class the disciple takes in a special kind of matter that differs from what he takes in at class. Why? He takes in a special kind of matter because the matter has different features, different vibrations - coarser and finer. The higher a person is elevated, the finer matter he can take in. The condition and the mood of a man depend on the matter he can take in. If this can be said about the physical matter, how much more can it be said for the spiritual one. For instance, when he has dressed in an article of clothing made of fine material, a man is in good spirits. As soon as he dresses in an article of clothing made of coarse material - his spirits fall. Some saints used to put on clothes made of coarse material, so that these clothes can feel rough on their skin. In this way, their senses were constantly awake and their thought was constantly directed to God.

You often hear people say that they have to love one other and that they should love God. It is useless to discuss such themes. Doing this resembles the saint, who wears clothes made of coarse material, so that it can feel rough on him and thus remind him to think about God. If you visit a home where there is no electrical heater, it is no use saying - it is cold – you better install your electrical heater instead, and as you talk, bring your heat to that house. Let the hosts notice by themselves that you have something special. Let them notice the room temperature difference before and after you. That one, who observes and understands things, can draw conclusions – both about the rational beings in the world and God. The one, who lacks understanding, will strive to find God externally - he will ask where and what God is, etc. God has descended within the human mind - as light, within the human heart - as heat, within the human will - as strength, so that he can think, feel and act. After all, this man tries to find God where He does not exist. The most beautiful and greatest, the most reasonable being in the world is God. The beauty is related to the Truth. A man can also be beautiful - if he loves Love, Wisdom, and Truth. See Love as a beautiful and accessible image and you will give meaning to your life. Love is an ideal and an aim in a human's life. Everything people do is in the name of Love. Without Love they can attain neither Wisdom nor Truth. As people attain these virtues, these great forces - they become powerful and beautiful.

Talking about beauty, we mean mainly the internal beauty - the beauty of the soul. That one, who is internally beautiful, is externally beautiful too. The beautiful person is delighted with all the people and sends his Light to everybody. Does the Sun not do the same also? The Sun is beautiful. It sends to us its Light, so that we can see it. The beauty of Love is in the heat. In fact, a person can be beautiful only if he bears some of the heat of life. The heat gives the human Spirit a good frame of mind. The heat opens the way for a person. Without heat, that is - without good feelings - the way for a man is closed. A person can be loved only when he bears the Divine Goods within himself and generously hands them out. If he is not ready to give from the Divine Goods, then he does not use the Love of people, or of the Exalted Beings. The one, who does not give away the Divine Goods to his fellow man, has diverted from the shortest way. The same holds true for the angels as well. The one, who distributes the Divine Goods to all the needy ones, is a bright angel. The one, who keeps everything for him is a fallen angel. Many people are afraid to give, for they might get impoverished. That one, who distributes the Divine goods with Love, though, never gets impoverished. Can the fountain that gives away abundantly get impoverished? If it is connected with a large inexhaustible source, it will never get impoverished. If the fountain does not give away, though – it might get impoverished. Everyone will abandon it then. They will seek another fountain that is ready to give without fear. Consequently, the one who gives - is being given. The one who hinders the Divine Goods - is not being given. As he notices this, such a person falls into contradiction. To break free from this contradiction, he should give. Do not hinder the Divine Goods! If you break this rule, you will be held responsible. You might say, that though you have been misers, now you are ready to give. Now you are what you have already been. Many of your views are from the past and you still are not able to break free from them. You have been masters, servants, mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters, but you have not performed your mission properly, and so you still carry consequences of unfulfilled engagements.

What is the service of the father? - The father gives. And what is the service of the mother? - The mother processes. The mother receives the things from the father and processes them. The children receive the processed materials from their mother and father and put them into practice - in their life. The reason for the contradictions the present people come across, is that they did not give freely as fathers and did not receive and put into practice freely as children. That is why when God gives the Good to a person, the latter has to receive, process, and put it into practice freely. You want from God to love you without studying. This is impossible. When the master loves his disciple, this disciple has to study and be one of the first disciples. Some people want their master to love them and want to be the first disciples, but without studying. This is impossible. For the disciple, it is important to study. Sometimes he is very kind-hearted, but lazy. Such kind-heartedness cannot save him. After he enters school, the disciple should study. What does the disciple profit if he has excellent behaviour, if he has not quarrelled with anyone and if his marks are poor? He has not said a bad word to anyone, but with his bad marks he has provoked his master to tell him bad words and to be angry. A disciple, who makes his master angry, is not a good disciple. Do you think that such a master is bad? He is angry because he wishes his disciple well. Likewise, is the doctor, who forbids his patient to eat, a bad person? The healthy person should eat, but not too much; the ill person should eat little and sometimes even starve - this is required by his illness. Ill person should breathe a lot of air and eat little food. If he wants to develop properly, man should receive first light, then - heat, after that – air, and finally - solid food for the body.

So, as he lives on Earth, man needs air - as food for his etheric double, for his astral body. For a person “to eat food” means to acquire light thoughts for his mind. For a person “to eat heat” means to acquire good, exalted feelings with his heart. As a man properly acquires the light as food - his mind brightens; as he acquires the heat properly, his heart becomes good and noble; as he acquires the air properly, his strength becomes great; as he acquires solid food properly and assimilates it well - his body becomes healthy. If the human body is healthy and if it is constantly improving, this means, that he eats food properly; if his strength is increasing, this means, that he feeds properly with air. The air contains a special kind of energy, called by the Hindu "prana". Other scientists call this energy life-giving electricity, or a life-giving magnetism. You have come here in the mountains not only to breathe clean air, as many people think, but you have also come for prana, that is, you have come here for the life-giving forces of electricity and magnetism. Go out early in the morning, so that you can absorb the special light beams of the Sun - as food for the mind, and its heat beams - as food for the heart. The best time for the lungs to take the prana from the air is in the morning. The mind, the heart, and the lungs acquire their food - as a result of this, the body becomes more receptive to take the proper food. Then we say that a person has fed properly. Without knowing, he has kept all the rules of hygiene for proper nutrition.

The basic hygienic rules for good nutrition are as follows: proper reception of light, heat, air, and solid food. If a man adopts these rules, other rules will follow – the rules for his attitude towards God, his fellow man, and himself. How should we love each other? This is one of the hardest questions. To love a person means to help him. You can help him in the following way: you can enable him to accept light, heat, air, and solid food properly. If he needs help as regards his mind, then you will show him how to receive the Light; if he needs help as regards his heart, you will show him how to receive heat; if he needs proper breathing, you will show him how to breathe properly; if he needs health, you will show him how to eat. Some people are nervous and short-tempered. Why? They are nervous and short-tempered because they do not breathe properly. Sometimes, in the presence of a person, a man feels irritated and ready to get angry and quarrel with his acquaintances. In the presence of other people, though, he calms down. One person irritates you, while another one calms you down - what is the reason for this?

A notorious doctor noticed that his patients wanted to have long conversations with him. Being a good and kind person he preferred not to tell them that it was time for them to go and leave him alone to work, so he invented a special device that was supposed to make them leave his consulting office. To the chair his clients used he fixed an awl and tied it with a thread. When his client stayed for a conversation more than he should, the doctor used to pull the thread; the awl pricked the client and made him immediately get out of the chair.

So, the disputes between two people are nothing but a stitch of an awl. All people have such awls within themselves, with which they stitch one another. - This person offended me strongly. - This means, that you have stayed with him for a long time. How long do you have to be with the person you love? The time you should spend with the person you love is fixed. The one, who loves a lot, should spend one minute; the one, who loves less, should spend two minutes; the one, who loves little, should spend three minutes. The one, who stays for more than three minutes, will taste the awl. Adopt this rule to your thoughts and feelings. If a bad thought comes into your mind, or into your heart, do not let it stay for more than one minute. Try to free yourself quickly from the bad thoughts and feelings, so that you do not become depressive either to yourself, or to your relatives. At present, everyone talks about Love, but each of them understands Love differently. Some people think that the closer they are to each other - the more they love each other. But as soon as they marry, they see, that it is not so. This is a wrong understanding of Love. If someone marries, it does not yet mean that Love has visited him. Love is an attribute of the soul. The soul is the one that loves. In this sense no one is married. The soul does not marry and does not bind. The individual person marries in order to fulfil a mission. The Spirit also does not marry. That is why Christ says: "Those who marry this century neither marry a woman, nor a man." What people call marriage, is an act only on Earth. What Love is the Love that changes? Before he marries, the young man says to the young woman: I am dying for you. After he marries her, he tells her: I am dying from you. Which Love is stronger - to die for the man or to die from him? One thing you should know: do not trust Love that changes.

True Love is eternal. The true Wisdom and Truth are eternal, too. Man should believe in them. If your faith is stimulated by Love, Wisdom, and Truth, then you are on the right track. Man recognizes the strength of his faith by this that he usually does not suffer. If he becomes ill, he manages to deal with his illness easily. Illness is good for him. He eliminates his illness so easily, as the big athlete eliminates his opponent. The human strength is being tested through the illnesses. If a person is strong, he will defeat the illness. If he is weak - then the illness will defeat him. And you should know that illnesses are nothing, but big athletes and wrestlers that attack you, so that they can test how strong you are. You will wrestle with them, you will bend, you will twist your hands and your legs, until one of you wins – you, or the illness. There are people, who influence a person not only physically, but mentally as well. By their thought they can twist some part of your body: your face, your hand, your leg, etc. But there are also people, who help a man by their bright thoughts, who release all the difficulties and distressing states from him. With their thought they are bigger athletes even than the best wrestlers.

So, when we talk about evil, we imagine it as a wrestler, who ties the hands and the legs of the human aiming to limit him. No matter how strong evil is, though, good is always twice as strong. It comes to help a person, unties his hands and his legs and sets him free. A man has come to Earth not to fight with evil, but to develop self-control and patience and work with the positive forces of Nature. Why should a man be perfect? A man should be perfect in order not to yield to the negative forces. Patience is armour that protects a man from evil. Faith, Hope, Love, and Truth are armour, too. If he does not armour himself with them, then a person yields to the strong beings, to the wrestlers, and becomes a toy in their hands. In order not to be a toy in the hands of these beings, a man should have Faith, Hope, and Love. In order not to be a toy in their hands, he should have knowledge, Light, and freedom.

Contemporary people live in a world of limitations. On the one hand these limitations limit them, but on the other hand they set them free. The reason for this is within the beings that live in the universe. Some beings do the Divine will; others do their own will. The second kind of beings likes to hamper the people and hinder them. They enter into them, study their weaknesses and begin to suggest to them various thoughts, aiming to hamper them. If they enter within an unmarried young lady, they begin to suggest to her the thought to fall in love with a young man. If they enter within a young man, they direct his attention towards the young lady and soon after that, the young man and the young woman meet and fall in love with each other. If they cannot marry, they begin to suffer. If they marry, soon after that their Love disappears and they feel like strangers and want to separate. This Love has been created artificially and therefore it vanishes. This Love is as durable as the love between the pig and its owner. The owner loves the pig; he feeds it, takes care of it, so that it can grow fat. As soon as he sees that it is fat enough, he takes it out of the pigsty and sends it to the other world. The love of the master towards the pig lasts till Christmas at most. As soon as Christmas comes, squeals, shouts, and cries are heard. The master puts a knife to the pig’s neck and starts to talk to it: do not be afraid - such is the law. In order to change your living conditions, in order to be able to leave the pigsty and go to Heaven, I have to stab your heart with a knife, or cut your head off. I speak figuratively, but this is the way evil beings fascinate people. As he likes to secure himself somehow, man is ready to trust anyone who promises him happiness. As soon as you meet a person, who promises a lot, though, know, that he is not telling the truth.

As he has come on Earth, a person should know that the only one who can secure and nurture him is God. Everyone who serves Him is a Divine servant. As a person knows mission on Earth, a person should give freely, generously, and thank freely for everything he gets. Give and take freely. In other words: give with Love and take with Love.

As we preach about Love, Wisdom, and Truth, many people want to know if what we preach is true. They want evidence. Truth should not be proved - it should be verified. As they put it into practice they will know that it is true. When man hurries, he does not speak the truth. Truth does not hurry - she awaits her time. How can you prove, that the air is clean? As soon as you inhale it in your lungs, you can say if it is clean, or not. A man himself is an authority for Truth. As soon as he inhales the mountain air into his lungs, he can express his opinion on its cleanness. As he lights his candle, man can express his opinion on the strength of its light. God has lodged within the human measures, with which he himself can define the force of light and heat, of air and water, cleanliness, etc. In what way is the strength of a musician expressed? The strength of a musician is expressed in this, that he transmits a part of his musical energy to his listeners and helps the development of their musical centre. If he cannot do so, this means that either he is not a great musician, or his listeners do not have an ear for music. The sunshine and the sun heat are powerful, because they help the growth of everything alive - plants, animals, and people, helping the development of human gifts as well. If you would like to make something good of someone, the energy of the good should flow off from you and the person should receive it. If such an energy exchange has not had an effect, you cannot make him a good person. If you like to make a man a believer, a part of the energy of faith should come out of you and enter his respective centre. Not everyone is developed equally: some have a strongly developed centre of faith, others have a strongly developed musical centre, the third have a strongly developed philosophical centre and the fourth - a well developed power of observation, etc. Each person should work hard in order to develop within himself his poorly developed centres.

As disciples of the occult school, each one should know himself and should know which centres within him are well or poorly developed. People that are great individualists have a receding forehead. The upper part of their forehead is slanted, while the lower part of it is well developed. They are very observant. The people, who have a straight forehead, where the upper part is well developed and the lower part is poorly developed, are good philosophers. They like to philosophize on abstract problems. You will hear them philosophizing on the following subjects: Why has God created the world and in what way did He create it? Who can answer the question why God has created the world? During the creation of the world, humans did not exist. So, the world has not been created because of people. For whom did God create the world? He created the world for Himself. What do the words "to create for Himself" mean? The words “to create for Himself” mean, “to create for all”. So, God created the world for Himself, for the angels, for the exalted and for the rational beings, for the people, plants, and animals. In one word, God created the world for all the beings above and below man. Because having in mind that God contains all the creatures within Himself we may say, that, God has created the world for Himself, while He thinks that He has created the world for us. Because He manifests himself through all living beings, God is glad when we get along with each other. He is glad that we understand and put His laws into practice.

As they do not observe the Divine laws, though, men criticise each other, as a result they mutually hinder one another. What does the word "criticism" mean? The criticism is a natural, a Divine measure, with which things are being measured. If you apply this Divine measure properly, then the criticism is in its proper place. If you do not apply this Divine measure properly, then the criticism is not in its proper place. You say about some person, that he is not good. How did you come to the conclusion that he is not good? What measure did you apply to him? As a musician says for a person, that he has no ear for music, he has put him under examination. He has used the tuning fork - the measure for the determination of the tuning of "A" in music. He says to that man: Strike the note "la". He strikes the note "la", but the musician checks it with the tuning fork and sees, that it is not right. Now strike the note "C". Strike the note "F". As he checks with the tuning fork, he sees that all the notes are right. Finally, the musician concludes that this person does not have an ear for music. His judgement is right, because he has applied the measure, with which the musicality of that man's ear should be measured. What measure will you use for the good man? The one, who never gets dirty and who never muddles is a good person. The one, who never loses his cleanliness, is a good person. Can you muddle the water of some deep mountain lake? The one, who never takes offence, is good. His temperature is ten thousand degrees. What is the offence? The offence is nothing, but an iron ball. What will happen to this ball if you throw it at a man, whose heat is ten thousand degrees high? Before it reaches him, it will melt. So, no offence can reach a good person. Today, almost everyone takes offence, because his heat is low.

Contemporary people strive towards a new order and control those that exist in the invisible and rational world. Consciously or unconsciously they strive to this world, but they should know, that the rational world does not like ill people, or weak people. If such man gets among them, they immediately send him to Earth. In this respect they resemble bees. When some beehive gets an ill and an unclean bee, they immediately throw it out. Reasonable beings do the same. They do not tolerate an unclean being among themselves. Man has come to Earth namely in order to learn how to live a pure and sacred life and get ready for the rational life. Through his ignorance a person can injure his organs and thus spoil what he came to do here on Earth. That is why he needs real knowledge. As he enters some religious society, man has to be rational, to have knowledge, so that he does not cause damage either to himself, or to his relatives. Religious life implies relations between two people. In this relation the people are close to each other, so if they are not reasonable enough, they might cause a series of damage and sorrow to each other. When they climb up the Alps, tourists tie each other with a rope in order to climb the dangerous places more easily. Then they should be careful, because if one of them falls into the precipice, he might drag the rest of them down. But on the other hand, all of them together can save that one, who has slipped and fallen into the precipice. Such a chain of people resembles the spiritual life of societies. There, everyone is interrelated: if one of them falls – all the rest might fall. If one of them is rescued - then all of them might be saved.

Consequently, all the spiritual people should protect each other. Do not think that the ground, on which you stand, is flat. It has high peaks, big cliffs, deep precipices, where everyone might pay with his life. Man encounters great temptations and seductions on his way that can trip him up. Imagine that you meet a young man, who is carrying a young beautiful lady in his arms. What would you say about this young man? You might say that he is a bad and suspicious person. But what would you say about him after you learn that the leg of the young lady was broken? She could not walk with a broken leg. The young man saw that she had broken her leg and helped her. Is this young man bad? As he expresses his opinion about something, man should know the conditions in which those things have happened. When people get closer together, you do not know what aim is hidden in their rapprochement. You do not know what the aim of God is to draw the good people closer with the bad ones. What is the aim of a person, who puts the ice into the fire? He wants to melt it and to turn it into water. Ice is not good for a person. But as he turns it into the water, he can use it rationally.

It was said in the Scriptures: "Do not grieve the Spirit who leads you to the Divine Way." In order not to grieve the Spirit, learn to use your own judgement. Do not look at things narrow-mindedly. Unless you learn the deep significance of things, do not express your opinion about them and do not ask why has God let this or that. No matter how much and what kind of hardships you might have, do not draw hasty conclusions. What should the plough think about itself? Does it have to think that faith is unfair to it? The plough was made to do some work. A human was sent to Earth to do the will of God – just this. If he attends to problems different to the will of God, he will rest as the plough that has finished its job. And if he continues to philosophize, God will leave him in the soil for a longer period. If he rests longer than he should, he will rust. A plough that does not work gets rusted. A plough that works - gets shiny.

Consequently, keep in your mind the thought: whatever happens in your life is to the good. If a human does not understand why things happen - it is another question. The important thing is that whatever happens in the world is for the best. The one, who does the Divine will, will get His blessing. The one, who does not do it, will be exposed to great suffering. This is a law. And if you attend to people's mistakes, then you will bear a part of them. As you know this, do not occupy yourselves with bad people. Do not think that you can make them better. A bad person is like a damaged machine that can be mended only by a master. Why do you think that someone is bad? You think that someone is bad because he has not lent you money? He did well, not to give you money. If he had done you this favour, you would have used it for useless things. Some people borrow money in order to marry. What is this marriage? He has graduated only from primary school and decided to marry. According to the Divine Teaching, man can marry after he graduates from elementary school, junior high school, high school, university and a specialization. A person, who has graduated only several school forms, or only several grades, is not fit for marriage and for giving birth to offspring. Marriage is only for highly advanced people - for people mentally and spiritually advanced.

What do we mean by "marriage"? In its broad sense, the word “marriage” implies a relation of two people by something. To become a minister in a given country is the same as being married to this country. To become a king also implies marriage. What will you create as a minister, or as a king, though? If you would like to become a father or a mother, these again are high posts. It is not enough to only become a mother or a father, though - you should create something as well. If you want to become a master - you marry. What will you create as a master, though? You should create something even if you become a servant. In order to become a servant, the invisible world requires by all means a higher education and a ten-year specialization. The angel is a servant of heaven, but has a lot of knowledge and experiences - more than all of humanity.

On hearing this, you should not get discouraged, but you should know, that you are surrounded by beings, who wish you well. In order to attain what you like, you should listen to them. Your failures are often a result of disobedience. The result of the disobedience is discontent. Feeling dissatisfied, man begins to look for the reason of his failures in the ambient people and says that the people are bad, that the world has not been properly created, etc. He thinks that the only good person is he. The prophet Elijah also thought, that evil should be destroyed, and for this reason he killed 400 false prophets. After that, he got frightened and escaped to the desert. He said: "Now I remained alone and they want to take my life." God answered him: "You are not alone. There are seven thousand prophets like you in Israel". After the killing of the prophets, though, the prophet Elijah lost his power. He had to come again on Earth and corrected his mistake. He realized, that the world couldn’t be corrected by force but by Love, Truth, and Light.
Now I’m saying to you as well: as disciples, make the foundations of your life from Love, Wisdom, and Truth and begin creating from there on.

The fruits of the Spirit are: Love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, self-restraint.

The true life is the life full of light, heat, fresh air, and food.

Lecture held by Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) on July 19, 5 a.m.

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