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Voter Fraud Catch Petition (Kill Vote Frauding Like NOW...?)
01-05-2008, 02:52 PM,
Voter Fraud Catch Petition (Kill Vote Frauding Like NOW...?)
The Duplicate Petition

One suggestion to easily catch vote fraud is the duplicate petition. After a voter has voted (especially Ron Paul Voters) they simply have a polling station setup a couple of blocks away from the voting stations, and simply sign a petition that they did INDEED VOTE FOR RON PAUL...

Then when the witnessed and signed petition signatures EXCEED the voting booth election results (by any margin more than 1%) YOU IMMMEDIATELY HAVE SIGNED DOCUMENTED AND WITNESSED PROOF OF ELECTION FRAUD.

And this is very effective because they can rig the hand counting / rig the diebold machines / rig the bios chips / rig /rig /rig /rig the election to death, but if the people band together and all sign a petition it would catch it in the act...

Difficulties in its implementation

- Not everyone is going to know about the petition sign sheet / and it must be a well coordinated effort of informing the people that they SHOULD sign the petition after the vote to ensure that their vote is duplicate witnessed
- The duplicate petition station must be willing to be manned (day and night around the election polling) as well as staying open a couple days AFTER the voting has occured so that stragglers can get down to sign the petition.


This may be one method to do it. If you think it will work, and you think their is upcoming vote fraud then the time for action is NOW, the Ron Paul supporters must single handedly rally around this witnessing mechanism...

It could be one more method to defeating rampant vote manipulations...

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