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Qx: Is this normal bird behavior?
01-08-2008, 12:26 AM, (This post was last modified: 01-08-2008, 01:59 AM by SerialExpLain.)
Qx: Is this normal bird behavior?
In the midsts of very irratic temperature changes with very warm days and then periods of normally expected winter conditions, there are birds that didn't migrate this year where I live. Is that normal bird behavior?

Also yesterday the clouds were more like some phographs I've seen of peculiar seemingly lower lying, I don't know how else to really describe it, but they looked fake - like photoshopped clouds or something, mutant cumulus clouds in some way.

In the aberrant looking sky, I witnessed something that I have never seen before - the sky was absolutely filled with robins and other small birds -- flying from the west. But, all the birds were in no flock formation whatsoever and there were 100's - probably 1000's and it looked literally like the sky was polka-dotted in wide spacing or flecked with BIRDS!!

I've never seen anything like that before. Wondering....hmm. Anybody else notice anything weird in bird migration this year?
01-08-2008, 01:21 AM,
Qx: Is this normal bird behavior?
Fake, photoshopped clouds? Crazy birds? In real world? Geez.
Birds are behaving completely normal around the world, except they travel to the warmer places a bit more late than usual, but that's no big deal. Ask your local bird observation society, if you don't believe it.
Of course, they will hide info from you and say all is normal:crazy:
One day Chuang Tzu and a friend were walking by a river. &Look at the fish
swimming about,& said Chuang Tzu, &They are really enjoying themselves.&

&You are not a fish,& replied the friend, &So you can't truly know that they
are enjoying themselves.&

&You are not me,& said Chuang Tzu. &So how do you know that I do not
know that the fish are enjoying themselves?&
01-08-2008, 02:41 AM, (This post was last modified: 01-08-2008, 03:30 AM by SerialExpLain.)
Qx: Is this normal bird behavior?
Yeah I know because even if you witness something weird with someone else present, sometimes you just have to go into denial yourself a bit. To paraphrase our reactions were this:

Those clouds look really weird don't they?

Yes, they do.

Hmm... they look too low.


And just weird. Like fake.


Whats with the birds? They didn't migrate and its Jan? (Canada geese)

Maybe its not cold enough for them yet, they are Canada geese.


Whoa...look at the BIRDS coming in!!

They are all over the place, THE ENTIRE SKY! Did you ever see birds fly so widely spaced apart before and in that many numbers?

Flying in from what direction? West?

Granted the many birds on the ground seemed fine.

But, I have seen photographs of clouds that looked exactly like ones I saw yesterday and thought they were not REAL clouds but photoshopped clouds.....until I saw the clouds that looked just like the photoshopped clouds.
01-08-2008, 06:58 AM,
Qx: Is this normal bird behavior?
Figured out what kind of clouds I saw. They are called Mammatus clouds.

The clouds I saw looked very much like these:
01-08-2008, 07:32 AM,
Qx: Is this normal bird behavior?
Most of the birds I saw that had landed were robins. Robins in January flying in from the West?
They all couldn't have been robins though there were 1000s in the sky.

Magnetic compass orientation in European robins is dependent on both wavelength and intensity of light

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