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Green Little Pig
01-13-2008, 03:55 AM,
Green Little Pig
(Looking for a translation-synopsis if anyone speaks Hebrew)

Green Little Pig

From this play???....not sure?
01-13-2008, 08:06 AM,
Green Little Pig
The Story of the Green Pig
Once upon a time, there was a little pig that lived in a farm. He was green. A glowing sort of green. All the other pigs laughed and bullied him because he was different from everybody else. The little green pig didn't care because he knew he was special. The other pigs jeered at him all day till the farmers got upset with the noise that they were making. Then one night while all the pigs were asleep, the farmers sneaked up on the little green pig and grabbed him as he squealed and struggled. The other pigs laughed and were very happy that he was being taken away. The farmers brought the little green pig to a barn where there was a great big barrel of pink paint. The paint could neither be washed away nor be painted over. The little green pig was terrified and he prayed, "God, please do not let them dunk me into the paint, for I want to be special!" The farmers then proceeded to dunk the little green pig till every part of his green being was covered in pink. They then threw him back to the pen and now, every pig was pink. The little pig was very upset and went to his favourite grass patch and weeped. "God, why didn't you stop them?", he exclaimed. As he weeped, a very strange cloud began to gather. Then it started to rain. It was a very peculiar kind of rain. It was raining glowing green paint that could never be washed away nor painted over. It rained all night till every part of the farm was covered in paint. The farmers woke up the next day to find all the pigs were now a glowing green...except for the little pig, because he was covered in pink paint that could never be painted over. The other pigs began to wail over their newly-coloured bodies but the little pig was very happy and he began to thank God, because he knew he would always be just this little bit peculiar.

from here:

Hehehe. Weird that I just heard in the news that the real green glowing pig has successfully passed its genes
along to its little glowing green piglets.
01-13-2008, 02:32 PM,
Green Little Pig
Quote:Weird that I just heard in the news that the real green glowing pig has successfully passed its genes
along to its little glowing green piglets

Me too :biggrin: (That is what prompted my looking over at Youtube. I was hoping for a vid of the actual glowing green pigs/piglet)

Thanks fjaneson :smile:

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