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01-18-2008, 07:18 PM,


Now I will talk on rationality, which is understood partially by people. Nevertheless they use it. Rationality is a quality of the Divine World. Under “rationality” we imply the Divine Light that brings all the opportunities for human elevation. The more reasonable a man is, that is, the more Divine Light he has - the higher he is elevated; the less Divine Light he has - the lower the level of his development is. Contradictions do not exist for the rational man. In general, contradictions are due to the lack of Divine Light within man. As he has no Light, the human creates these contradictions himself. You meet a young beautiful woman loved by her parents. They care for her and enjoy her, but one day she gets displeased with them and begins to look for a man outside to make her happy. This desire is irrational.

Contemporary people want to be happy. This is not possible. Happiness does not exist on Earth. To seek happiness on Earth is the same as to sit on ice and to expect to get some food from it. Ice does not give anything, though. You cannot plough or sow it. Ice can give something only after it passes through a certain process. It symbolizes human selfishness. Seen from the spiritual world, human selfishness is like the Northern Pole – you can see only ice and snow there. The head and the heart of the selfish man are covered with snow and ice. Why? Because he lives more at his Northern Pole. Here and there at his tropical places you might see some vegetation. The conditions at the Northern Pole are bad. Up till today, people still bear the consequences of the Ice Age both from a material and from a moral point of view. The Ice Age was created after Adam’s departure from Eden. Namely that Cain killed Abel. Thus, murder appeared in the world.

Why do the people kill each other? So they can take something. A villain kills somebody, so that he can take his money. Without thinking much, a villain kills a human for whose creation Nature has worked for thousands and millions of years. There are people, who can kill a man for several thousand leva. Someone owes two or three thousand leva to another, so the latter kills him. Why? He could not return the money on time. This is a misunderstanding of the Divine laws. As the spring gives its water to the people, does it want them to give this water back? As the clouds send rain to the Earth, do they want to get this water back? When the Sun sends light and heat to the Earth and to all the living beings, does it want some compensation for this? God has given intelligence to the human, so that he can understand and value things, so that he himself can voice his appreciation and give each man full credit. When the living beings accept the water of the spring and clouds, the heat and the light of the Sun, they give thanks and give the credit to the one, who has given these goods. Since they can thank God, they will also thank each man, who has done them some favour. If man cannot thank God, he cannot thank anyone. God has given thousands of goods to a man, but as soon as the human is deprived of even a small good, he is ready to get angry and destroy everything he has created. The small tests speak louder than the big ones. If he cannot withstand the small tests, the large tests will be much harder for man to bear.

Why is the man angry? He is angry because his problems are not settled as he expected. Why are they not settled? It is not bad to be angry, but the human should know how to cope with anger. Once it has visited him he should know how to meet, feast, and send it away. If he does not know how to behave with anger, it will cause him great damage. What does the word “quarrel” mean? It means ‘среда’ , the middle of the day. As middle, it brings good opportunities, but only for the one who understands it. As long as one understands it, he walks in Light in the middle of the night without stumbling. The one, who does not understand it, stumbles even in the middle of the day. After that, he begins to excuse himself and insist that the way was not smooth, and that the people made him bad, etc. No, the fault is namely with this man, because as the anger has visited him he has not paid the required attention to it and has not got interested to distinguish and examine it.

Christ says: “You will know that you are my disciples by the presence of Love towards one another.” The disciple should receive each thing with Love. The Love has to be his food. If he does not feed with Love, he will make many mistakes. Love is the healthiest food for the human. What happens to people, who eat healthy food? They lose weight and begin to suffer. What should a man do, so that he does not get ill? He has to feed with the fruits of the Spirit. If he does not feed with these fruits, he encounters the negative forces in Nature; as a result he experiences doubt, suspicion, hatred, and jealousy.

When is a human jealous? When he wants to keep something for himself. The young lady is jealous of the young man, because she is afraid that some other young lady might take him. What do the young lady and the young man symbolize? The young lady represents the human heart, while the young man represents the human mind. If several young ladies love one young man, which one of them has the greatest deal of justification over him? Imagine that ten people are arranged at a certain distance from a fruit-tree. Which one of them has the right to pick a fruit from the tree? If these people are on Earth, they will fight, so that they can see which one of them might pick a fruit first. If the last one is the strongest, he will push aside all of them and occupy the first place. In the Divine World this does not happen, though. There each being occupies its own place and does not have the right to make a step neither forward, nor backwards. So, which one of the ten people has the right to pick a fruit from the tree? There is no overtaking and displacement in the Divine World, because there everybody is rational and loves each other. As the first one who stays beside the tree picks the fruit, he will hand it to the remaining nine. Within the physical world this order is not being observed, because it is not yet organized. If you put ten grains of sand in one bottle and turn it upside down, it will occupy different positions and they will change their places. The grains of sand are masters of the situation. If you turn the bottle to various sides, the grains will totally mix up their places and in the end they will conclude: the world is confused, it has turned upside down. The world is not confused, though – people’s thoughts are confused. Consequently, as he stops thinking, or if he thinks wrongly, a human is locked in a bottle, which is in the hands of some outer force that drives him in various directions. As the bottle moves, so the human thought changes.

Today the Sun shines and illuminates things, so we see clearly. If the Sun stops shining, we lose the possibility to see clearly. But if the human himself is a Sun – will the situation change? No, it will not change. This shows that the reason, for which we can clearly see, is outside us. Consequently, as long as the reason for the phenomena is external, a man lives within the physical world. As long as the reason for the events is inner, then the human lives in the Divine World. While the human receives Light from the outside only, the danger exists that he might confuse his thoughts and distort his views. If man receives Light both from the outside and from the inside, he cannot go wrong: his thought will always be bright and pure, and his views – right and positive.

In the course of straightening their thoughts, people come across various theories. For instance, often the question “why did Judas betray Christ and did he have to betray Him” is being raised. Some people say that if Judas had not betrayed Christ, the world would not have redeemed itself. Others sustain the opposite: if Judas had not betrayed Christ, the world would have been redeemed. Are crimes necessary, so that the world can be redeemed, though? If the Jews had adopted the teaching of Christ, they would have spread it through the whole world, so things would have been put right. Many people think that as they study, they should by all means make mistakes. This holds true for the simple, but not for the wise man. The wise man acquires knowledge and experience without making mistakes. He learns from other people’s mistakes. Should a man eat all the food in order to understand that it is bitter? When the food is good and well cooked, man eats a lot. They often say that such a man is greedy. This means that greediness is caused by nice things, while stinginess is caused by bad things. When food is bitter and well prepared, man refrains and does not eat much. For such a man they say that he is pent and a miser. The one, who thinks and feels well, perceives well. The perception is a process similar to eating. Therefore, we can say, that the one, who thinks and feels well – eats well. And vice versa: the one, who eats well, has a straight thought, for his achievements are good. If he does not think right and if he does not appreciate the things God has given to him, then he loses his opportunities for a good life.

When can we say, that the human thinks right? The human thinks right only as he examines the inner sense of things. If he sees a red, blue, yellow, or other flower in his way, he does not say, that these things are casual, but perceives them as special events, through which the rational world is talking to him. The colours of the flowers are the language of the rational beings. The red colour tells the man: I am the bearer of life. If you live reasonably and do not make mistakes, you will preserve your red colour and your freedom. If you make mistakes, you will lose your red colour, your freedom, and you darken. As soon as he loses his freedom, the human deprives himself of opportunities for work. He feels closed, limited, like he is in a shell. Closed and limited like this, he is deprived of the Divine Light and of the rationality. Each colour, as a beam of the Divine Light, bears life in itself. Each colour has active and passive nuances. If the human falls among the active nuances of a certain colour, he becomes active, free, and begins to work, talk, sing, and play. Each action begins with a specific basic tone. Many people want to know what the basic tone of human life is. The basic tone of human life is the tone, with which the consciousness awakens. Since this moment the human begins to think, feel, and talk rightly. Often people talk about the basic thought of a certain lecture or talk. As a basic thought exists, there is also a basic feeling or desire, a basic action, a basic good, etc. Each thing needs a foundation, on which it can be created. The basic tone of life is Love – a fruit of the Spirit. As Love enters within man, he begins to live and dress in a red garment – it is a symbol of fighting. If we say that someone fights, by this we mean, that he looks for the Truth, Knowledge, Light, and Freedom, which give meaning to Life. As soon as he enters life, man starts to learn. Some people think that as they graduate from secondary school and a university, they gain great knowledge and can teach people. What are 20-30 years of studying in comparison with the great science awaiting the human? If man wants to acquire a common knowledge, it is easily attainable. But if he wants high knowledge, thousands of years should pass before he attains it.

A young American man went to Germany to study philosophy. He met a famous professor in philosophy and asked him: Sir, do you have some short course in philosophy? I want to finish the course in philosophy in six months. The professor set about thinking and answered him: “We have a short course in philosophy, but you should know that when God wants to create a pumpkin, He needs six months. When He wants to create an oak tree – He needs one hundred years.” Man plants several watermelon seeds, and several months later watermelons sprout from them. How long can the watermelons be kept? If you leave them for one year you will see that they have evaporated and that from the content nothing remained. The same thing happens with all the people that are in a hurry and want to have great achievements for a short period of time. They hurry to catch up to those who are before them and they think they have lost something because they have lagged behind. They get worn out due to their hurry. Wherever you look – most of the people are worn out. The young man, the young woman, and the scientist – all of them are worn out. You can tell that they are worn out by the fact that they do not approve their past life. As he reaches 100-120 years of age, the scientist says: What did I get from my knowledge? The old lady says: What did I learn from running after young men? All people regret that they did not use their youth properly. But the mistake of the young lady does not lie in the fact that she had run after young men, it lies in the fact that she had to work and develop her heart. All the young men and women, who had run after the shadow of Love, regret that they have wasted their time in vain. Those people, who had run after Love as after the essence of life, are glad they have acquired something and die with a smile and feel appreciation that they have known Love. The difference between the shadow and the reality is great. It is worth it for one to begin from primary school and end with university, but only if his teachers and professors have made him study various books. If, in the course of his 16-years of studying, the disciple has learned at least 16 books, he can say that he has partly aspired to the reality of life. But, if during these 16 years, he has studied one and the same ABC book, it can be said with confidence that he has run after the shadow of knowledge and that he regrets the time wasted.

The ABC book, through which each disciple passes, manifests the first Virtue. It is related to the knowing of good and evil. The first people began with the examination of this Virtue. Because they did not take the advice of God and ate from the forbidden fruit, God expelled them from paradise in order to prevent them from eating from the fruits of the tree of life and becoming immortal. They were not yet ready for immortality – that is why they had to go to the world among the contrasts of life and to examine the good and evil there. So far, people continue to study the law of good and evil through the contrasts of life.

Passing through these contrasts, people see that joy comes after sorrow, good comes after evil, the pleasant comes after the unpleasant, and vice versa. For instance, a young and well-dressed man enters a big restaurant to eat. As they see that he is well dressed, the waiters promptly serve him; they take off his coat, hang it on a special place. Then they hang his hat and politely bow before him. After that, they invite him to sit at some table and serve him – they bring him what he likes. As soon as he finishes eating, they promptly stand before him and wait for him to pay them. If he cannot pay, they ask him why he has come to their restaurant, since he has no money. Then they tell him politely, that they will keep his outer garment until he pays for what he has eaten. If this young man dares to go to another restaurant like this, there they will keep his underclothes. At last, as he sees that he has remained without underclothes, his pleasant experience will turn to an unpleasant one.

So, while he lives, a man constantly encounters situations similar to what the young man experienced in the restaurant. What would you say about the pleasures in life? The pleasures are nothing but establishments in which people are being undressed. As soon as he enters some establishment for pleasures dressed in his street clothes, he will surely come out without them. As soon as he comes out, though, he will immediately feel that the temperature has lowered and that his underclothes are thin and do not keep him warm.

What happens to the man externally, the same happens to him internally. As soon as he becomes bare and impoverished, he becomes bare and impoverished internally, as well. As soon as he finds himself in this situation, he becomes displeased with himself. He sees that he lacks rationality and Divine Light. The word “разумност” is composed of the syllable “яра”, that in Egyptian means “light” and the syllable “ом”, means “Divine Properties”. So, the word “разум” means “Light that contains Divine properties”.

Contemporary Christians read the Gospel and are indignant with Judas as a betrayer of Christ. They are indignant with Judas, but they do the same. The human betrays the Divine within himself several times a day; several times each day he smears his soul; several times a day he commits crimes against his mind, heart, and will. What more fearful betrayal can exist than this? If the young lady deserts her father and her mother for a young man, whom she does not know and who is ready to leave her a year later, does she not commit a crime? If the disciple leaves school for a small pleasure – does he not commit a crime? If the religious man leaves his convictions for a prominent position – does he not commit a crime? Life manifests from the inside outwards – not from the outside. Consequently, an inner purity is required from the disciple – not outer. As long as he is clean outwardly, he will also be clean inwardly. As the Sun is shining within the human, it will also shine outside him. For us, the Sun is a descriptive teaching, a manifestation of the collective activity of intelligent beings. As they work and think, they produce Light that they send to the whole world. We call it Sunlight. Through the red colour they send life to Earth; through the colour orange they import individuality within the beings; through the colour yellow they send intelligence; through the colour green they give an impulse for growth; through the colour blue they send faith and hope; through the colour violet they input in all the living beings strength, so that they can fight with the difficulties and overcome them. The Sun sends many other colours to the Earth as well, but they are not studied well. Thanks to the intelligent beings, the people use the Divine Light. You ask: Do people really exist on the Sun? To demand an answer to this question is to demand an answer to the questions: “What will be the shape of a man after he leaves his body and where will he live?” “What space will you occupy after you leave for the other world?” While on Earth you had great wealth, but as soon as you leave for the other world, you will not have any other property. There you will not occupy almost any space. In order to make use of the opportunities of the other world, you should desist from your present views. If you cannot desist from your superficial views, you will find yourself in great darkness and you will say that life has no meaning. Life in itself does not lose its sense, but the views of people are able to obscure it. They wrap him as in fog and the human moves hither and thither without being able to see things that are around him. A lot of fog and clouds screen the Sun - behind them it continues to shine, though. The reason for the fog that lies in the mountain is the gathering of two homogenous kinds of electricity. As the electricity in space is positive - like the terrestrial electricity - they mutually repel one another, as a result the fog remains at its place. If the terrestrial electricity becomes negative, though, they will attract each other. As a result of this, the upper electricity will attract the fog to itself and the space will be cleared.

So, while people are displeased by the world God has created and while they try to create a new world in compliance with their own requirements, they produce fog within their consciousness. As a result of the fog within their consciousness, the road on which they walk will likewise be muddy. You should know that a world better than the world God has created couldn't exist. Accept it as it has been created and be satisfied with it. People are masters of arguments, scandals, and destruction, but they cannot create something great. Another thing is when the Divine in them takes supremacy. When the Divine manifests in man, he can create something great, he can realize the desires of his soul. Great and noble desires hide within the soul.

What does the word “скандал” mean? The syllable “ска” means “scantly”; the syllable “дал” means “to give”. That is, scandal arises each time the human gives scantily. In general, each negative manifestation leads to a scandal. The negative is easy to manifest, but its results can be corrected with difficulty. To break an earthen jug is easy – to make the earthen jug is difficult. To damage a cloth is easy – to make a cloth is difficult. To say a bad word is easy – to wipe it out is difficult. Someone might say that you can simply cross it out, then. Crossing it out does not correct it, though. It is easy to say “I am not a good man”, but it is hard to say how are you going to be reformed? Taken alone, the human is good. Consequently, the good one cannot become bad, but he can be spattered with mud. As he is spattered with mud, he closes within himself and is considered a bad and cold person. As he lives on Earth, man should give to his fellow men as much goodness, light, and warmth as he retains within himself. To love someone means to give him a beam of the Divine Light, warmth, and strength that God has given to you. If you are not ready to give these three beams from yourself, then you cannot love.

It was said in the Scriptures: “Love never drops out.” It is unchanging. If man says that once he loved, but now he does not, then he is within the realm of human Love, within the realm of the Love of the eternal changes. As the Love of the human changes, this shows that he does not appreciate the goods that God gives him. To preserve his Love, man should look upon everything that goes on around him as to a descriptive teaching. If he meets a man, who does not love him, let him give himself an explanation if he loves God. If he meets some bad man, let him peer inside himself and see if he himself does not have the same features. As he takes warning from the others without judging, man preserves his Love. He has passed his exam and can go forward. Do not judge the bad man – look for the reason for his wickedness instead. If some young lady is bad, the reason for her wickedness is that she has lost her Love. As he loses his capital, the tradesman can also become bad. As she loses her child, the mother can also become bad.

In general, as he loses something valuable, each man might become bad. Should a man grieve as he loses something valuable? Before all, can he lose the good that God has imprinted in him? God has created the Sun as a great good of life. Can anybody take the Sun away from you? Who can prevent you from using the Sun heat and light? No one is able to deprive the man of the right to use the Divine Light, but he himself. Passing through the desert, the wanderers raise dust around them and think that the whole world is covered with dust, too. No, the dust is only around them. As soon as they come out of the desert, the wide horizon is revealed in front of them. All the hardships and delights depend on the human himself; if he lives properly and rationally, he will be released from these hardships and suffering.

Consequently, if you want to free yourselves from the contradictions of life, give God a place within you, so that He can work and manifest Himself. Listen to what God tells you and observe his words. If someone offends you, do not hurry to reply before you hear the words of God. Ask Him how to behave. If you do not take the advice of God, you will make a mistake. You will be like a barber, who shaves without soap. You better hide your razors and stop shaving instead. The beards of contemporary men have grown as a result of shaving often. The more often they shave – the sharper and thicker their beards get. On the physical plane there is haircutting and shaving, but in the spiritual world no haircutting and shaving is allowed.

Consequently, if you want to be free from something bad within yourselves, do not cut it - tear it up by its root instead. What do you do when you want to pick garlic or onions from your garden? You take the plants by their leaves and you tear them up by their roots. This is the right way. If you want to get free from some bad desire, apply the same method. After you tear it up by its root, it cannot grow again. If you only cut its leaves, then its root will remain in the soil and the next year it will grow again. At the place of the extracted plant you plant a good desire. Nature does not tolerate any voids. The good grows only in Divine Light. We say that evil is a shadow of the good. So, the evil is being generated in the absence of Divine Light. The evil resembles the root of the tree, the good – its branches, and Love – its fruits. Christ says: “You will know you are my disciples by the presence of Love among yourselves.” In other words, you will know that you are my disciples if you have Love born from the Spirit; Light that has come from God, as well as strength and freedom, whose source is Truth.

Christ tells him: "What you are about to do, do quickly” (verse 27). This means: what you are about to do, do it rationally, because you will bear the consequences of your action.

When Judas was gone, Christ said: "Now is the Son of Man glorified and God is glorified in him.” (Verse 31) Christ told Judas to go to the world and bear the Light and the Love of God, but he did not listen and betrayed Him instead. Now I am telling you also not to follow the way of Judas, but to go to the world and preach the Divine Love and Light. If you do not realize His words, He will realize them Himself. Then you will experience sufferings, likewise Judas did. As he could not withstand the great sufferings, he himself put an end to his life.

As disciples, you should strive for beautiful and nice things without getting drunk or losing your mind. Some right-minded young lady might lose her mind. When? She might lose her mind as she sees something beautiful. She might lose her mind as she meets a beautiful young man. She gets drunk by the beauty like a drunkard by the wine just because she cannot judge things. The outer beauty is not yet the beauty that elevates the man, though. Enjoy the beautiful things without craving them for yourself. As you meet a man with an excellent mind, enjoy his mind without envying him, without craving his mind. You have a mind as well, but you should work in order to develop it. Enjoy the beautiful young ladies and young men without striving to make them your property. A young lady bears a young man within herself, but she has to manifest him externally. The young man also bears the young lady within himself, but he has to manifest her externally. Man has within himself everything he is looking for externally - he has to work, to develop it and to manifest it in front of his fellow men, though.

Everything beautiful, elevated, and great in the world should stimulate and encourage man, showing him that he can do the same as well. As he attains and applies it, God will bless him. Until this time comes, the human should not get discouraged and desperate, though, - he should go forward. – But I missed the favourable opportunities. – The favourable opportunities are constantly being given, but you should use them. – I am not estimated. – As you leave for the other world, they will estimate you. The examining committee is in the other world – not on Earth. Earth is a place for teaching lessons and learning, while the invisible world is a place for estimation. There, they estimate each man to see if he is hard working or not. The one, who is not ready for this exam, receives a free ticket to return to Earth and begins to study again. On the certificate of this man it will be written: Here is one of the disciples, who prefer walking to studying.

I want all of you here to be among the disciples who prefer to study. I want all of you to pass your exam successfully before the examining committee, so they can write the following about you: “These disciples studied their lessons well and successfully graduated from school.”

“The world will know that you are my disciples if you love one another.” If you study and encourage one another in the Divine Good and if you develop your mind, heart, and your strength properly, God will bless you. The world needs good, wise, and strong workers that are ready to say: From now on we want to work for God. We are ready to work for the Divine Love, Wisdom, and Truth, for the whole of humanity, for everything great and good in the world.

“Thy kingdom come on earth, as it is in heaven.” Let each of you say to himself: “Lord, let me work on Earth as the intelligent beings work in heaven.” Say to yourself: “God, thank you for rejuvenating us to work for your name and glory.”

Lecture held by Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) on July 30, 5 a.m.
John 13:1

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