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An Open Letter To Ron Paul Supporters
09-08-2009, 07:53 PM,
An Open Letter To Ron Paul Supporters

This article advocates non-participation in the electoral process as democracy has failed and presents a new strategy that has peaked my interest secession. Secession is the act of not supporting the system or the government by creating an alternate form of government on the grassroots level. Saying no to Washington or Ottawa and denying the system itself.

This is a bit simplistic. 'Voting' includes anything relating to the government supported multi-national corporate oligarchy system. It could include buying nike, paying taxes, submitting to a foreclosure etc. but not voting would be a good start since by not participating in the system you can legitimately claim on a personal level that it is not the government you voted for. The idea put forward diverting all of the energy that goes into campaigning for someone to get inside the system to change it to campaigning and then setting up polling stations for support of seceding is an idea that should be acted upon IMO.

There are no others, there is only us.
09-08-2009, 09:22 PM,
An Open Letter To Ron Paul Supporters
Far too peaceful for me to consider that a solution...

Jefferson once spoke of the renewal of liberty through the bloodshed of tyrants... it wasn't the petition of tyrants or the bemoaning of tyrants.
09-08-2009, 09:49 PM,
An Open Letter To Ron Paul Supporters
A violent resistance would play right into their hands condoning the use of force. Winning hearts and minds to simultaneously create a republican society dropping out of the corporate political system en masse is a valid and more peaceful option. It cuts off the systems true power, the god they call money.

Money controls the private and state sponsored armies. If we were to unanimously deny them that power and fill the void with a people's monetary system all control would be lost, cut off at the knees and the house of cards would fall. Dissent would be far more powerful than force in this instance. Everyone needs to stop accepting, treasuring and holding any value to any central bank controlled currency.

Government is the main vehicle that is used to promote this currency so in not voting and voicing dissent we reject the currency and the system that promotes it by accepting it as taxation and motivation for action. By turning off the TV we turn away from the powers that seek to control our mind and by turning to our neighbors we find the unity which is the true strength to combat this tyranny.

Protect your home, protect your family and community by any means but armed revolt leads to massacre especially in this age of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons. Revolt of this kind could ultimately lead to our self destruction. The idea of promoting violence turns potential supporters and allies into fodder and you can't win the heart and mind of a dead body.

If a war is declared and no one shows up it is not a war. The same holds true to the idea of the currency and government. If no one placed any value in it it would cease to exist.
There are no others, there is only us.

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