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Hoagland & Bara - Dark Mission - The Secret History of NASA (2007)
09-10-2009, 02:31 PM,
Hoagland & Bara - Dark Mission - The Secret History of NASA (2007)
This is Richard C. Hoagland's and Mike Bara's explosive book Dark Mission - The Secret History of NASA (2007) which exposes the unknown history of National Aeronautics and Space Administration which is replete with unbelievable lies, suppression of its own findings and even secret societies connected to 3rd Reich Nazis. Has the American space agency, with its fine legacy of putting a man on the moon, been lying to us? Does its mission have a darker purpose than pure science and has it made potentially explosive discoveries in its exploration of the solar system? For most people, the word NASA suggests a squeaky-clean image of technological infallibility. Yet the truth is that NASA was born in a lie and has concealed the truths about its occult origins. What are the reasons for the current "space race" with USA, China, Russia, and India? Remarkable images reproduced within this book provided to authors by disaffected NASA employees provide clues why, including information about suppressed lunar discoveries. Hoagland claims that the astronauts found ruins on the moon, specifically evidence of domes that once covered large portions of the surface. He backs this up with photos showing strange lines and markings in the sky over portions of the moon. Some of these photos come from a former NASA employee, Ken Johnston, who had worked at NASA as a test pilot and later was in charge of cataloging and storing photos from the moon flights. Johnston was shocked to be told one day by his superiors to destroy "all the copies of the original lunar photography" from the Apollo program. Instead, he kept a set of the photos and later contacted Hoagland and showed him the prints. Many of the other images (all of the Mars pictures) are digital, and the arguments about the "raw data" are highly technical. The arguments as to the validity of these photos relates to the types of processes and manipulation you can perform with digital images, but it comes down to this: it is fairly easy, with the aid of good photo editing software, to alter images to remove anything you don't want anyone to see. Is that what NASA has done with its Mars images? Hoagland contends that there have been hints from the men who went to the moon, but that NASA would have many means of keeping them loyal - and quiet. He cites the Brookings Report, written in 1959 to comment on the implications of exploring space, which reported that there was a near-certainty that such exploration would find intelligent life. The report recommended that such findings should be kept from the public, to avoid disruption to society, and Hoagland contends that that is exactly what NASA has done. He even states that the astronauts were hypnotized when they got back to earth to help erase the memory of some of what they saw on the moon. What about Mars? Hoagland believes the Cydonia region is full of artificial constructions, and he provides photo evidence. The Face is the best-known of the constructions, but is certainly not the only piece of evidence. And, of course, NASA has done everything it can to dissuade the public from the idea that it is actually a face. They have always dismissed it as "a trick of light and shadow." We now have pictures of Mars from a number of successful robot journeys to the Red Planet, and we have more photos of Cydonia and the Face, and the newer pictures tend to confirm the earlier hypotheses that these constructions are artificial. Many of the shapes, and the geometry of their placement, mimic monuments on Earth; pyramids, for example. This book does not get into speculation as to who built the Martian monuments or how long ago that might have been. Dark Mission also provides yet another theory about the assasination of US President John F. Kennedy, who initiated the program to send men to the moon. There is solid evidence that Kennedy wanted to work with the Soviets on a space program. While the popular story is that the "space race" pitted the US against our cold war enemy, the Soviet Union, that may not have been what Kennedy intended. JFK did not live to see his dream fulfilled, and the US won the race to the moon, but could the idea of working with what President Reagan years later called "the evil empire" have been sufficient motivation for someone to kill JFK? Mystical and highly secretive organizations quietly dominate NASA, carrying out their own secret agendas behind the scenes. This is the story of men at the very fringes of rational thought and conventional wisdom, operating at the highest levels of our country. Their policies are far more aligned with ancient religions and secret mystery schools than the facade of rational science NASA has successfully promoted to the world for almost fifty years. Many top NASA officials have been Masons as were many astronauts, including Buzz Aldrin who brought a masonic flag to the moon. How about the influence of Nazis, people like Werner Von Braun, which you can see in black SS uniform alongside Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler. Does NASA really time its launches to coincide with ritual dates? And why did so many important events (launches, landings...) happen on 20th April, the birthday of Adolf Hitler? The occult history of Hitler is well documented by other authors, but Hoagland claims the occult influence extended from the SS to Von Braun to even the selection of NASA Mission Patches. The spiritual aspects of UFOlogy such as Adolf Hitler's birthday (April 20th), 19.5 degrees location of planetary "hotspots" (on the Earth, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter...), the number 33 (Launch Complex 33, Shuttle Runway 33, 333 degrees from Egypt's Great Pyramid at Giza leads to JPL in California) and many more occult numbers are overwhelmingly discussed. Dark Mission is proof of the secret history of the NASA and the astonishing, seminal discoveries it has repeatedly suppressed for decades. It takes that body of knowledge one step forward by speculating that NASA, essentially a government defense agency, could be responsible for hiding firm evidence about these artificial structures from the public. It rutinely lies and withholds data of non-human intelligence for the good of human society as in "Brookings report" which advised to suppress any such information. The multiple-sourced, publicly available NASA photographs of the pyramids, buildings, and connecting roads between the structures on Mars demonstrate the presence of ancient peoples on the planet. This fascinating book will keep you wondering on what exactly is going on there behind the scenes and what is the true purpose of the space program as a whole. 580 pages, many pictures. A must read for everyone.


Please share this book with others, add links on other forums as I don't know many of them.

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