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for TeslaandLyne
02-11-2008, 11:02 PM,
for TeslaandLyne
stumbled on this article today, thought you would be interested

long time lurker, only post here and there
02-12-2008, 08:39 PM, (This post was last modified: 02-09-2012, 04:34 AM by TeslaandLyne.)
for TeslaandLyne
Nice story as all the OKd by US and UK Intel are.
All the Tesla copy is put out by the CIA and will not provide a ounce of what Tesla did.

The real story has been researched by Mr. Lyne
Even there good engineering data is lacking.
For instance, steam tables are an empirical determination, no model or xyz function exists.
Science is taught by models and the money 'anomalies' are not.
Tesla determined the properties of liquid air and made the prototype before 1900 of the engine used
by the Electro-U-boat at the end of WW II.
Mr Lyne was told of one design of Tesla built in America that was taken to Germany.

A special flat coil, as you might see rolled of on the deck of a boat for the anchor,
sends out waves of electrically making air electrically rigid as electrons are sent upward,
an electrically inverted capital T for an image. Electrons showed up as streamers or ropes
of light in Tesla bulb experiments. The most powerful being a solid hemisphere of aluminum,
which any metal craft (UFO that is) is only the real life application.

The latest UFO sighting:
Tesla coil:
an this page:
click on the little picture for big picture with following text:

Tesla experimented with many coil shapes. Here a conical coil, demonstrated in his lab in 1895, is "specially adapted to excite the electrical charge of the earth." The streamers at the top of the coil are of purple hue and several feet in diameter. Tension is about one million volts.

Flattened out the coil is surrounded in purple.

A bunch of MV coils on the bottom of a ship, what due you see,
something shrouded in purple.

Interesting, 1895... by 1917 he may have had suspension.

It should probably say "..excite the electrical charge of the air.."
wink wink .. we know who oks media copy. How they let this
picture be shown must have been to avoid suspicion as non hogs
of Tesla material, which the INSIDE JOB is.

ED: There is a lot of dumb statements and writer imagination in that story.
03-24-2012, 03:02 PM, (This post was last modified: 03-24-2012, 03:50 PM by TeslaandLyne.)
RE: for TeslaandLyne
For straight Tesla:
not Illuminati science and lies but if you see any notes
at the bottom check with Lyne to get set back on track.
ED: Lyne will always find the Tesla answer as most apt in putting the Tesla science together
see first doc link
Tesla denounces MIT Van de Graaff mechanical static generator as Tesla
does mechanical charge separation with electrostatic coils operation.
I see calculations at bottom should be Tesla's as Illuminati can't
divulge any thing straight as they are all bent. No added notes to
ward off Tesla physically separates charge, by using a mechanical
pressure from voltage, into a deflection that must have them stumped
so they say nothing. The .01% owners of Tesla science and the Teslaship
have looked at these documents with a fine tooth comb. Doctoring or
counter noting them whenever Lyne or others find useful truths as
such are scattered throughout the entire published and hidden work
of Tesla.

ED++: The Tesla Hacker story:
you might have to go to and put in link
Tesla science is banned thats how original and is true physical nature
the pinnacle of knowledge his dumb hack story must have gotten bad reviews.

03-24-2012, 04:04 PM,
RE: for TeslaandLyne

Last month we talked about an amazing hack that Nikola Tesla did -- bouncing
an electrical wave through the planet, in 1899, and setting the world's record
for manmade lightning. This month,let me lay a little political groundwork.
Last October I attended Hackercon 2.0, another gathering of computer hackers
from all over. It was an informal weekend at a camp in the hills west of
Santa Clara. One of the more interesting memories of Hackers 2.0 were the
numerous diatribes against the Strategic Defense Initiative. Most speakers
claimed it was impossible, citing technical problems. So many people felt
obligated to complain about SDI that the conference was jokingly called
"SDIcon 2.0". Probably the high(?) point of the conference was Jerry
Pournelle and Timothy Leary up on stage debating SDI. I'll leave the
description to your imagination -- it was everything you can think of and
more. Personally, I was disturbed to see how many gifted hackers adopting the
attitude of "let's not even try". That's not how micros got started. I
mentioned to one

Sounds like the Star Wars defense of the Reagan era which was Tesla
applications of at least X-Ray technology in space. Which the Russians
know would work because they have the same technology from Tesla.
Please note the force technology of the Teslaship would not be used
as ordinary technology would be used as set by the .01% Illuminati
owners of Tesla science. The van der Graff was used for the dental
X-Ray machine but was a total wreak so the .01% Illuminati had
to use the Tesla coil. I even saw a X-Ray store in my travels that
moved off perhaps after noting on the internet. Like I would even
bust one open to use the cathode as an anode but might if it was
a 1/2 sphere focus terminal.

05-07-2012, 07:18 PM,
RE: for TeslaandLyne
What got Tesla in trouble was the 1940 announcement of making force at a distance or the Death Ray. Since 1912 the Titanic took away some of his investors sans J P Morgan. Working on contracts since 1914 sale to Germany we can't say who was involved including the US government that indicated they were not interested.

Moving matter around since filament bulbs were inefficient the high activity of light from a candle made Tesla move toward pushing things around that of course resulted in his flying machine.

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