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Why the Sun is Cold
03-01-2008, 06:31 PM,
Why the Sun is Cold
Why the Sun is Cold: The Leidenfrost Effect as Alchemy

by drew hempel, anticopyright

The Leidenfrost Effect is invoked when people walk barefoot across a pit of hot coals without being burnt. It's also relied on by Alfven, the Swedish physicist who created plasma cosmology. When Gurdjieff stated the sun is very cold he was referring to the Leidenfrost Effect and it's centrality in alchemy.

In our every day world we display the Leidenfrost Effect by heating a wok or pan up to a very high cooking temperature and to make sure it's hot enough we throw some drops of water on it. When the water dances around as droplets this means that actually the bottom of the water is instantly vaporized as steam creating a slick buffer for congealed movement.

Similarly Bushmen healers are famous for grabbing embers of fire without being burnt and for rubbing their sweat onto the sick because of the healing energy. The reason is the Leidenfrost Effect as created in alchemy.

Alfven's Plasma Pinch Filaments or cosmology waves are spirals of complementary opposite spacetime with space as a tetrahedron and time as the spiral law of Pythagoras -- just as CIA mind controller Andrija Puharich's "psi-plasma" is ionized antimatter (proton-electron magnetic momentum) created through the Frolich Effect -- a biological frequency pumping of complementary opposite harmonics.

The difference between temperature and heat is pressure (the frequency pumping) -- the same pressure which is the "acoustic oscillations" of dark matter and dark energy -- this is how the sun is cold and how alchemy works -- the pressure of complementary opposite harmonics.

A good model for this process is the book "Journey to the Sun: Nazca, exploring the mystery of Peru's ancient airfields" by Jim Woodman. Amazingly the giant Nazca designs in the Andes were actually seen from fire smoke-powered air balloons, made in ancient times and recreated by Woodman. The balloon was sewn as a one-piece spiral into the shape of a tetrahedron -- just as the full-lotus tetrahedron similarly relies on the spiral of sun plasma energy.

Alexandra David-Neel's "My Journey to Lhasa" details how the secret of creating tumo -- vast internal heat -- while in Tibet, is to visualize the body as burning up in flames.

Ironically, as is alchemy, what enables this to work is the same reason why the sun is cold.
03-01-2008, 09:16 PM,
Why the Sun is Cold
Thanks for all the generous posts Drew, Mothership and all.
03-02-2008, 01:17 AM,
Why the Sun is Cold
Right-o -- glad you dig it for details.

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