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Psychic Sexuality
05-22-2008, 09:23 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-22-2008, 09:24 PM by drew hempel.)
Psychic Sexuality
Not in stock. Not available at alibris nor abebooks

Here's a study on the "father" of the CIA's remote viewing black-ops:

Author(s): Persinger MA, Roll WG, Tiller SG, Koren SA, Cook CM
Source: PERCEPTUAL AND MOTOR SKILLS Volume: 94 Issue: 3 Pages: 927-949 Part: Part 1 Published: JUN 2002
Times Cited: 5 References: 29
Abstract: In the present study, the artist Ingo Swann, who helped develop the process of remote viewing (awareness of distant objects or places without employing normal senses), was exposed during a single setting of 30 min. to specific patterns of circumcerebral magnetic fields that significantly altered his subjective experiences. Several times during subsequent days, he was asked to it in a quiet chamber and to sketch and to describe verbally distant Stimuli (Pictures or places) beyond his normal senses. The proportions of unusual 7-Hz spike and slow wave activity over the occipital lobes per trial were moderately correlated (rbo=.50) with the ratings or accuracy between these distal, hidden stimuli and his responses. A neuropschological assessment and Magnetic Resonance Imaging indicated a different Structural and functional organization within the parieto-occipital region of the subject's right hemisphere from organizations typically noted. The results suggest that this type of paranormal phenomenon, often dismissed as methodological artifact or accepted as proofs of spiritual existence, is correlated with neurophysiological processes and physical events. Remote viewing may be enhanced by complex experimentally generated magnetic fields designed to interact with the neuromagnetic "binding factor" of consciousness.
Document Type: Article
Language: English
Addresses: Persinger, MA (reprint author), , 7106 Eisleway Ct, Villa Rica, GA 30180 USA
Laurentian Univ, Dept Psychol, Behav Neurosci Program, Sudbury, ON P3E 2C6 Canada
Subject Category: Psychology, Experimental

Here's the book contents -- looks right on!!
05-23-2008, 07:20 AM,
Psychic Sexuality
Can you remote view Drew?
[Image: Palestinian_Dawn_by_Palestinian_Pride.jpg]
05-23-2008, 06:54 PM,
Psychic Sexuality
It's just visions. You have a desire -- basically an unresolved electrochemical message -- that gets resolved back into consciousness and then the answer comes to you.

So I asked Greg Bishop about Ingo Swann as well over at I read one of Swann's books. I think he's projecting a lot of his own subconscious, left-brain cultural baggage.

I just got the book "LEFT IN THE DARK" by Tony Wright. Pretty fascinating stuff.

Chunyi Lin, the qigong master, just led a mass healing for Burma, China and Tibet. The room held 600 and it was free.

The message stated that he would be using the energy of the people in the room in order to heal those in China, Burma and Tibet.

I know how this works -- so that's really advanced remote viewing and can only happen once the third eye is fully open.

Long distance healing.
05-24-2008, 07:10 AM,
Psychic Sexuality
Oh thats what its used for. Thanks
[Image: Palestinian_Dawn_by_Palestinian_Pride.jpg]
05-28-2008, 03:20 AM,
Psychic Sexuality
OK well basically most people are Number Twos but keep in mind that natural life should be EUPHORIC. The problem is that males do not know how to have multiple internal climaxes, like females do. So females have strong electrochemical energy but this needs to be balanced with male electromagnetic energy for the euphoria to happen.

A Number One person is someone who was abused as a youth -- before puberty -- so that their consciousness becomes stuck in the lower chakra -- below the sex energy, in the tailbone. A Number Two person can become a Number Three person if that Number Two person is constantly bombarded with electromagnetic energy as "love-light" so that their conceptual consciousness (words, images, sensations) is resonated back to the source of light -- pure consciousness.

A Number Three person is someone who focuses their conceptual consciousness so much that they discover the true consciousness and have an enlightenment moment. A Number Four person is someone who has achieved these moments enough so that the brain has a "permanent center of gravity" -- the pineal gland is magnetized with bliss and, at will, can be flexed to create the love-light, seen outside the body.

A Number Five person is someone who learns how to balance this ability to create Love-Light with the energy of the mind-body of themselves so that they achieve total health and healing powers. A Number Six person uses this energy to achieve a place in heaven so that a longer life is achieved, after leaving the physical body. A Number Seven person travels even farther astrally so that they live until the death of the solar system.

A Number Eight person is someone whose total body energy is completely converted back into pure consciousness -- this can also be achieved through the "direct path" -- left-brain mind yoga which uses the left side vagus nerve to go directly to the heart, the source of the soul, thereby "killing" the heart consciously -- as taught by Ramana Maharshi (but requiring Brahmin isolation from the electrochemical female energy).

And so it goes. For how to do this practice the book "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality" -- the quicker you can go into full-lotus the more efficient your practice will be.

Thanks for asking.
05-29-2008, 04:47 AM,
Psychic Sexuality
What do you mean draw YOU out of a meditative position? Just who the hell is meditating anyway??

Seriously -- Opening the Dragon Gate -- the first thing Wang, Liping learns is FOUR HOURS OF FULL-LOTUS.

Is meditation based on race -- reminds me of this anthropology book I saw arguing that Asians have a different ankle joint enabling them to squat more easily than westerners.

Hmm. Haven't seen that argument recently -- maybe it went the way of skull measurements.

Anyway seriously though Qigong master Chunyi Lin sat in full-lotus in a cave without sleep, food and water for at least 28 days straight.

One time he said 28 == another time he said he's done 28 a couple times -- another time he said 40 days.

I never felt justified in asking for some sort of technical clarification of this but he said that at first he was scared of tigers or something -- he was closed into this big cave. But when he went into full-lotus his third eye opened up and the cave filled with light.

Qigong master Chunyi Lin states that 20 minutes of full-lotus is worth 4 hours of any other practice.

What happened to me is that I realized I kept losing my "alchemical pill" (the full load) so to speak unless I sat in full-lotus.

Then I realized that females kept hitting on me really strongly -- thereby pulling down my "alchemical pill" -- right in public -- staring at my dick, pumping their legs, practically jumping on me, making crazy animal sounds! haha.

So I started sitting in full-lotus in public to be pre-emptive of this "suck off the secret qigong practitioner" problem.

Then I discovered that whammo -- I not only just gave a female a climax but it was mutual.

So then I tested out this amazing discovery -- sure enough mutual climaxes "at a distance." Wow.

Then I realized that while in full-lotus I didn't just take in the lust energy around me (while shooting out "love-light) but also all the other lower emotions were absorbed and that my third eye then processed this information. So anger, sadness, fear, worry -- it call gets transduced by the full-lotus.

The vortex full-lotus IS the tai-chi symbol in 3 dimensions.

So I can do this as far as I can see and I can do this in the range of my aura in realms that I can not see -- just sensing the energy -- and the more I focus my energy internally, building it up, the more I get precognition, telepathy, etc.

Diet is the main problem. I was vegetarian for 15 years but after I went 8 days on just half a glass of water back in 2000 my diet was like -- hell I just came back from the dead -- food is nothing to me! Qigong master Chunyi Lin said "stop eating crap." haha.

I think Max does this as well -- eats what he wants -- but he's vegetarian I guess. Anyway so I eat a LOT of garlic because when you transduce the serotonin in your stomach into "love-light" that is shot into people around you (it's male energy going into females mainly) -- then you also transduce anerobic bacteria. Hence the need for garlic.

As it's said in "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality" -- it's based on the most shameful stuff. haha.

Then I realized that if I'm subjected to severe emotions of anger or fear -- etc. -- emotions are the STRONGEST source of blockage -- the full-lotus is VERY effective in transducing this extra energy back into light and electromagnetic energy.

So I totally rely on the full-lotus -- in fact what I call "O at a Ds" are now more the norm than not. It gives me information -- solves intellectual problems -- everything!

Last night I fell asleep in my clothes. I had two "O at a Ds" in my sleep but then dreamt that I creamed my pants. When I woke up... I was completely dry. No loss of the alchemical pill.

How so? Because I had gone into full-lotus at 4 a.m. after taking a piss. I didn't even need to stretch as half-lotus -- my energy channels were still open enough to go straight into full-lotus. Enough full-lotus enables internal climaxes -- even in sleep!

I listen to GIGI all night -- this Ethiopian singer. I listen to FEMALE nonwestern singers all night -- based on what the Bushmen healers relied on.

It's awesome.

As far as first going into full-lotus -- I relied on -- the active exercises (simple standing tai-chi) and the small universe, and half-lotus sitting meditation. Full-lotus for just a few minutes at first and then just keep opening up the channels until the body is filled with electromagnetic energy -- going into bigu. That's the secret. First the kidneys, thymus, thyroid, belly -- they all get hot and filled with bliss. Then finally, as the electromagnetic fields get stronger, the pineal gland gets hot and magnetized. You keep practicing and it's spirit travel, seeing spirits, long-distance healing, etc.

Qigong master Chunyi Lin teaches full-lotus in his Level III class -- the same class that he goes around touching everyone's forehead to open up the 3rd Eye -- the pineal gland in the middle of the head. When he did that -- the second or third time -- it became permanently magnetized with bliss. I even stopped practicing for a couple months to see if it would go away because I was so amazed at this sensation.

Sometimes I'll completely forget about qigong -- I'll be caught up in totally mundane superficial thoughts and then the magnetic bliss in the middle of my brain will hit me! I'm like -- wow -- this is who I am now.

Also when the full-moon starts to come, I don't keep track of the calendar -- instead it's like, "why the hell is my head exploding with magnetic bliss?" Then I realize that it's the natural energy.

Slowly the third eye opens more as we adjust to the abilities that come with it -- the EMOTIONAL intensity, the greater love and deeper truth.

A couple mornings ago I woke up with tears coming down my cheeks. Such an amazing day of "O at a Ds" -- reigniting an old flame so to speak. We had some 6 "O at a Ds" -- a young cute Chinese female. That's when the heart chakra really opens up and then there's the females with whom I help during their fights with their lovers. It's crazy! haha. I feel love -- like wow they're totally relying on me for resolving their tension. There's old ladies too! haha.

Anyway the other day I was reading Mantak Chia's book on cultivating Male Sexual Energy -- and he described things I experience that I hadn't seen elsewhere. Yes the dick pulsates just like a real orgasm. Yes sometimes there is leakage - but it's clear -- and Chia states this is from the prostate gland. It's preseminal as I recognized but he says that's what happens with the internal climax. So I'm going by the book on this shit! haha.

Today I just had one meal (goat, suger- mango juice and sugar yogurt) and then relied on the "O at a Ds" plus garlic to counter-act the anerobic bacteria that gets transduced with the serotonin. Last summer I went 3 days with no food and was never hungry -- it just took about 25 "O at a Ds" a day. Kind of intense. It's still kind of cool here for that but that's about what I've been averaging the past couple weeks.

To focus the energy internall I just "flex my pineal gland" at my hands in front of my lower tan tien -- what I call the "Yan Xin Secret" -- it's basically fucking yourself as O at a Ds! haha. So the love-light shoots out of the pineal gland, off the palms in front of the belly, and then into the lower tan tien and then cycles up and you keep building up the energy this way.

When I say "flex the pineal gland" I mean using the left-brain to put pressure on the pineal gland -- and then my vagus nerve starts pulsating as it pulls up the electrochemical energy, transducing it through the pineal gland into "love-light." Then I start seeing light around everyone -- white light. In my mind I see all the other colors and once I saw dead spirits as white-yellow light coming to see Chunyi Lin.

That's about it.
05-30-2008, 04:36 PM,
Psychic Sexuality
It's a fascinating video nonetheless! Basically when he gets the man's valuables -- essentially what's happening is just STRONG MARKETING -- like impulse buying in reverse. I'm sure we've all be subjected to salespeople -- and all of us have "given in" on occasion.

What the typical salesperson relies on is SEX ENERGY to sell -- this is subconscious kidney energy projected to the person -- as FEAR or ANGER or LUST.

So, as in the video, if you can make direct eye contact (an essential tool) and if you get them to exchange something physically (say a PEN or in this case a BOTTLE) and then if you can keep them distracted (point of in the distance, step back, change hands, etc.) you can usually get a person to BREAK THEIR WILL -- which again is just their subconscious energy.

It's basically like strong flirtation but with a specific material goal instead of physical sex -- taking their physical goods, etc.

Again these NLP techniques rely still on the subconscious manipulation of other people's subconsious energy.

True alchemy is much more powerful than NLP or other "strong marketing" tactics since alchemy relies on the CONSCIOUS resonance of the body's emotions into not just "magnetic" charm but also LIGHT AND LOVE.

People are into NLP because it fits the marketing corporate culture of the U.S. -- and there's tons of these New Age business cult conventions teaching similar stuff.

I'll just explain in detail - so for example a coworker the other day, when I was talking to him about qigong -- while sitting in full-lotus said:


He did this as his subconscious kidney energy in order to try to break the power of the third eye. But I registered CONSCIOUSLY his activation of my kidney energy and therefore the location of his consciousness in his body.

This is typically how a man flirts with a woman -- why horror movies are so popular -- etc. -- Fear is just the kidney energy reversed which then activates the sex energy -- subconsciously.
06-01-2008, 12:28 AM,
Psychic Sexuality
I first met qigong master Chunyi Lin when he did a presentation for my graduate class at the U of MN. I had studied qigong extensively through books and had been to a qi-emitting lecture by qigong master Effie P. Chow and had practiced Yan Xin plus seen the Chinese government "Qigong Supermaster" documentary on Yan Xin, etc. I had read Dr. Eisenberg's book on qigong in China and many others.

I knew right away Qigong master Chunyi Lin was the real thing and I was sitting right in front and could feel lots of heat from him. That was in 1999 and I was very busy with grad school, etc. My first class he walked around the class and while we did a standing exercise he shook his fingers at us, which you could hear. Immediately I saw bright light and my body filled with bliss -- it was the best experience in my life.

That fall of 2000 I trained intensively and before the Level III retreat I did a week long "bigu" fast. At the level II class qigong master Chunyi Lin said he could state what percentage a person's organ is functioning. I went up to him during a break and since I had felt heat in my right kidney I asked what percentage it was working. I was forward facing him and he looked at my kidney -- immediately I felt hot bliss right on my kidney and he replied "Oh about 70%" I knew he had just done a healing on me! Also the room was filled with a blissful magnetic field.

While practicing I also studied the book "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality." At the level III retreat I had already been sitting in full-lotus and doing the small universe and active exercises practically nonstop for a week and already I had strong electromagnetic fields around my body and the top of my skull was soft. At the Level III retreat I saw this floating orbs of light moving off Qigong master Chunyi Lin's body as he sat in full-lotus. He said that's just his yin spirit going to heal people. I also saw spirits come into the room and I didn't say anything but qigong master Chunyi Lin announced someone else mentioning this and he explained that the dead do come to hear him speak to help them return back to consciousness.

The middle of my brain was burning up during this retreat and soon afterwards I healed my mom of a serious leg debilitation and I accidently pulled this old lady's spirit out of her head -- but she was fine although she did cry a lot. I did that by pulling the energy straight out the top of the center of the head, by accident, even though qigong master Chunyi Lin had said not to do this. I didn't realize I was that powerful.

So then I stopped practicing as intensively because when I'd sit in full-lotus the whole room would spin around me. I started reading master Nan, Huai-chin and then qigong master Chunyi Lin stuck his finger to my forehead and ever since the center of my brain has been permanently magnetized with bliss. Now when I sit in full-lotus electromagnetic fields fly out of my pineal gland into female electrochemical sources (be they old men who are sick or young girls or old male dogs, etc.) Yeah it's wild but I just sit in full-lotus and let the energy fly! haha.
06-02-2008, 02:13 AM,
Psychic Sexuality
I watched the vid while in a full-lotus pose more severe than any of the ones shown. I've never tried to do any of those other poses except the one where she lifts her body off the floor. The "hero" pose was pretty hot when she was on her back.

Then I clicked on the top video listed in the link box - "hot girl yoga" or something like that. That caused me to do a pose that is not possible for the woman doing full lotus.

Now my left foot is numb down to the core and soon it will come back to normal and I can go out of the full-lotus. Meanwhile my neck is clicking, my adam apple pulsating. Anyone watching me would see my head bouncing a bit to the energy going up to the brain and going out through the pineal gland.

PUmp, pump, pump, about once a second.


OK well my foots still numb at that was about 15 counts of nine. I usually count in cycles of nine as that's the number of growth.

The whole time my adam's apple was pulsating as it is now, only it's getting stronger, my neck is cracking and the back of my skull is opening up from tension.....

I can feel lots of pressure in my nose and gums as they leach impurities -- and also the back of my eyes as the energy flows out my eyes.

There the feeling just came back to my left foot, I'm wiggling it now -- it's nice and warm. I'm stretching the back of my shoulders. The energy is pumping up again, the adam's apple is pulsating and the second cycle is starting.

Now if there had been a female in the vicinity (I'm not out of full-lotus before the second cycle -- or second climax) -- the energy would have flowed out much faster (but instead I just relied on that first climax from the "hot female yoga" video).

And so the energy flows -- big internal smile (the smile of the pineal gland).

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