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Full-Lotus Freedom
06-10-2008, 02:07 AM,
Full-Lotus Freedom
OK last night I was in full-lotus till -- can't remember -- probably around 1 a.m., the usual. I sit in full-lotus at home starting at 11 pm. Anyway so I'm asleep but wake up at 2 a.m. after having this amazing internal climax. Strange thing is I have to piss really bad as well -- so I get back and think about ... what was it... transmission of energy or something. I was wondering why I had this amazing internal climax. Then I hear, all of a sudden, my roommate and his loud girlfriend at the height of her passion -- HA HA! I realized, AH, that's why I had the internal climax -- she was sucking up my energy. I know this because it's quite common for her to do. So I go into full-lotus and she continues her climaxes and I continue mine and he his --- haha. So they're done and I'm thinking c'mon people! What the hell! I have a couple more climaxes and then fall back asleep. I wake up again at 4 a.m. having to piss really bad -- shit I've wet myself! haha. Lost the alchemical pill -- but no -- it appears to be mainly just the clear stuff, not the real alchemical pill. It appears that my full-lotus practice transmuted the jing enough into chi so that I didn't lose too much energy. Yeah then more O at a Ds in the house this morning.

Today's elixir was tea tree oil and listerine -- dangerous combo but very effective! haha.

So then I did a full McD's meal with a couple O at a Ds that livened up the booth next to me. Then it was off to this old time donut shop on the way south side of town. But first I stopped at a park to piss and read while Somalians soaked up my energy. Then some Native American high schoolers forced to clean for the county stopped by. That session at the park was a long one of full-lotus -- probably 10 "O at a Ds" -- but whose counting?

The donut shop owner who knows me says:

ARE YOU COMFORTABLE? I just laughed. So he asks again -- he's obviously flabbergasted at my full-lotus antics. I say, "Of course" and continue reading my BOOK OF THE DAMNED by Charles Fort. OK I shot energy into him as he needed it and soaked it up. Then off to BK. But first some "O at a Ds" at a local Mexican restaurant-cafe which now features an older female worker who had worked closest to my neighborhood in the city. I had wondered what had happened to her. Jarritos and the Book of the Damned and Full-Lotus energy shooting into her. Female display behavior on her part, just as with the Somalian females, just as with the Native American female, just as with the white female and the....

At BK, these twerpy annoying loud boys were challenged by the full-lotus.

WOAH! One exclaimed after seeing me in full-lotus. "I remember him from last year" he states, and they stood in front of me expecting me to stop reading. No -- they kept just screaming this high pitch whining noise -- so they needed to learn some respect.

DID YOU SEE IT MOVE? One exclaimed as my vagus nerve pumped energy into my pineal gland which shot it out into the boys. Off they went, but later they got serious enough to state that obviously I was "anti-Christian" since I was "Buddhist." Good -- a decent intellectual conversation for them. And so the O at a Ds continued at BK and off I went, biking into the sunset, another day of full-lotus freedom.
06-10-2008, 02:48 AM,
Full-Lotus Freedom
Quote:And so the O at a Ds continued at BK and off I went, biking into the sunset, another day of full-lotus freedom.
Sometimes I think its imprisoning you. If its not going to make your life longer, why do you do it so much?:unsure:
[Image: Palestinian_Dawn_by_Palestinian_Pride.jpg]
06-10-2008, 03:31 AM,
Full-Lotus Freedom
I used to be able to do a yoga manoeuvre where I could blow myself.
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06-10-2008, 03:37 AM,
Full-Lotus Freedom
Yeah like this whole "commodity fetish" with the ultimate blow-job. Big Deal. The real issue is


Again: Read "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality" trans. by Charles Luk -- practice it.

The fact is that modern males are stuck in the left-brain so that their lower emotions, their electrochemical energy, is not transduced into "love-light."

So you want to live a life of healthy happiness? Then it's O at a D time.

As the Bushmen stated -- when males try to hoard their N/UM (their electrochemcial jing) then the trouble begins.

If you do hoard it then sure you can achieve longevity and stronger paranormal powers.

As it is, mutual climaxes are the way to go -- healing energy -- all day long.
06-10-2008, 03:45 AM,
Full-Lotus Freedom
Quote:The fact is that modern males are stuck in the left-brain so that their lower emotions, their electrochemical energy, is not transduced into "love-light."
I'm left-handed, so according to modern research, much more right-brained than most. I feel my "love-light" regularly.
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06-10-2008, 05:38 AM,
Full-Lotus Freedom
Yeah left-handed are definitely different. I get along well with all my fellow left-handers at my office (a greater share of them than normal as we're a nonprofit environmental office).

Still consciousness itself creates light -- the pineal gland is in the center -- neither left, not right - consciousness can not be seen but can logically be inferred.

Good luck and order -- the Level 1 sitting meditation c.d. for the small universe exercise -- google "taoist yoga" for details.
06-11-2008, 04:42 AM,
Full-Lotus Freedom
Quote:it appears to be mainly just the clear stuff
well that is interesting. May I ask you a question? Have you ever slept with a woman and out came only clear, transparent fluid? Where the entire energy went upwards to the heart? And: were you able to repeat that?
I am my savior
06-11-2008, 11:47 AM,
Full-Lotus Freedom
[ drew hempel mode on ]
Look, it's important you stay in full lotus. This is the biggest secret, to allow the energy flow. Last day I was 12 hours in full lotus. This is the biggest conspiracy. You should be in full lotus at least 12 hours a day. To be a yoga or qigong master buy stuff from this site:
If you don't buy stuff from you are an idiot, because you don't spend time in full lotus and don't have the third eye open. this site solves it all.
Last time I read a book from [ insert newage esoteric publisher publishing shit titles ] about [ insert newage book ] and you all really need to read it. Really, how much time do you spend in full lotus?
[ drew hempel mode off ]

Hehe, no offense, drew, I hope you are a guy who can stand a little joke;)
One day Chuang Tzu and a friend were walking by a river. &Look at the fish
swimming about,& said Chuang Tzu, &They are really enjoying themselves.&

&You are not a fish,& replied the friend, &So you can't truly know that they
are enjoying themselves.&

&You are not me,& said Chuang Tzu. &So how do you know that I do not
know that the fish are enjoying themselves?&
06-12-2008, 12:49 AM,
Full-Lotus Freedom
I've found that tantra is easier as non-physical for males -- it's the same energy exchange -- only when it's physical for males the energy activates the stress system. After about 5 internal climaxes then the heart chakra is activated but the point is to continue building up the electrochemical energy so that electromagnetic fields are created which then opens up the pineal gland.

Get the book TAOIST YOGA: ALCHEMY AND IMMORTALITY trans. by Charles Luk for details.
06-13-2008, 05:48 AM,
Full-Lotus Freedom
OK so I was PM'd again about breath retention and what happens to the ejaculate when I climax. As the number of climaxes increase the level of trance or samadhi deepens and the breath is held long -- essentially the conceptual brain stops and the pressure builds on the legs and the stomach naturally just sucks in. This is what yogananda -- or Yukteswar -- called "Breathless ecstasy." I'm not actually obtaining true "samadhi" -- instead I'm just redirecting the "generative fluid" or ejaculate up the back into the brain. As my A.B.C. -- American-Born Chinese friend in high school stated about qigong -- "too much jism in the brain." Well this is true until the generative fluid is converted or ionized into generative force.

So the "O at a D" is based on the MAGNETIC LIGHT attraction -- works through walls!! -- that is sucked up by the female jing or electrochemical energy and is projected by the full-lotus. The two work together.

The generative fluid would normally leak up without transducing the lower emotions into "love-light." The chi as it shoots out of the pineal gland is composed of three parts -- each to a different degree. So there's the shen (light) the chi (electromagnetic) and the jing (electrochemical). "O at a Ds" rely on these three parts -- the third eye has to be open for the O at a D to work -- but the "chi" is still composed mainly of the jing, although it's projected through the "love-light" or electromagnetic-shen, as guided by consciousness or female formless awareness.

So, again, the ejaculate shoots up to the brain, ALONG WITH ANEROBIC BACTERIA. So I smell like shit all the time because I eat shit -- McDonalds, whatever! -- I looked this up -- the Vagus Nerve transduces serotonin AND anerobic bacteria. As the pineal gland shoots that out, as electrochemical energy attatched to the "love-light" - then the brain heats up and gets more magnetized and creates light. You start to see light around peoples' heads, get more telepathy, precognition, LOVE, etc. But the process is what my co-workers call "Turning Shit to Gold." And believe me their a bit peeved about this! haha. So I'm still experimenting with diet -- so far the best anti-septic is tea tree oil but you have to careful not to take too much or it creates drunkeness.

Anyway I probably had at least 20 "O at a Ds" today. I didn't keep track but I had about 7 before I even left my house and then probably 10 at the park and another 3 at McDs and another 7 at the Mall and then probably 3 at the library, so whatever.

I call this "full-body digestion." The point is that last summer I went 3 days without eating and yet was never hungry -- I just lived off "O at a Ds." Then I read that oxytocin creates a "full" sensation. Well, as qigong master Chunyi Lin states -- you create all the protein and nutrients you need -- EVEN WATER -- from the electromagnetic-light transduction. In 2000 I went 8 days on half a glass of water. I'd do it again but my mom was so pissed at me I'm afraid my family might try to lock me up or something. haha.

Qigong master Chunyi Lin went at least 28 days with no food, no water, no sleep. Just full-lotus.

So I sat in full-lotus the whole time I was having "O at a Ds" today -- the pressure builds up, it creates a magnetic field shooting out of the pineal gland, this in turn attracts electrochemical energy (sometimes male perverts, but that just goes with the territory). The electromagnetic energy shoots into the electrochemical energy and is in turn sucked up by the electrochemical energy. This, in turn, pulls up the electrochemical energy in my body. The result is a mutual climax at a distance, again, even through walls.

The electrochemical energy transduced also includes the other lower emotions besides lust -- sadness, fear, worry, anger. So you just keep sitting in full-lotus and these emotions turn into light and then back into consciousness -- AFTER the pineal gland is opened up. To open up the pineal gland you practice the small universe and active exercises combined with full-lotus. Diet is the next most important thing after emotions -- Taoist Yoga recommends NO SALT for one thing.

When you open up the pineal gland then you achieve IMMORTAL BREATHING -- which means that the palms and the center of the feet pulsate with electromagnetic energy, thereby converting directly into the electrochemical energy you need and also the pineal gland creates water through some sort of reverse electrolysis -- which then runs down the roof of your mouth. So at that stage lung breathing is next to nothing and then the room starts spinning around you -- the top of your head opens up and FINALLY you achieve TRUE EMPTINESS or nirvikalpa samadhi. I got to this stage but, as Master Nan, Huai-chin details, as is the case for most, FELL BACK INTO WORLDLINESS. So qigong Master Chunyi Lin stuck his finger to my forehead and ever since my pineal gland has been permanently magnetized with bliss. My practice since then has just been for fun and then I read a book a day on average.
06-26-2008, 08:32 PM,
Full-Lotus Freedom
Well as for "spiritual guys" stealing female energy -- there's a LOT of "fake" spiritual guys (new age snag types) out there.

For example a couple days ago after doing the full-lotus routine in a usual spot I went into this cafe to take a leak -- there was a new white dude trying to copy me - sitting in full-lotus.

Well his ankles were not even up on his thighs, so as I go into the cafe I'm thinking maybe I should show him the difference...when I get out -- he's already out of full-lotus.

So the question is how can I sit in full-lotus "for hours on end" as another nearby cafe owner Mustapha told me he's seen me do.

The answer -- the guy MUST be able to shoot light (shen) and chi (electromagnetic) YANG energy out of the pineal gland. This energy is focused by visual sight but is not limited to visual sight -- it can be shot out of the back of the head (say if a female sits down behind me while I'm in a booth so our backs are lined up) ... or through walls and floors, etc. Also it's not just the sex energy that is taken in (and not just females) but also all the other lower emotions besides lust -- fear, anger, sadness, worry. That creates a mutual climax at a distance.

Now to bring this back to the Bushmen -- a true healer is one, in Bushmen culture, who can STARE without losing focus. This is detailed in Dr. Richard Katz' excellent overview of Bushmen healing -- in the book "Therapeutic Aspects of Altered States of Consciousness." This is also described as based on the STAYING POWER of the male -- again internal climaxes.

So in the typical Western culture staring is considered bad -- and it is bad when done by the typical modern male. The reason is that the typical modern male has their consciousness still subconsciously focused in their lower emotions. The typical modern male IS stealing the sex energy of females. You'll see this commonly when the male is sitting their bouncing his legs -- and YES the male bouncing his legs who hang with me are also stealing MY sex energy as well, hoping to pull down my jing, converting my jing back into sex fluid -- while at the same time increasing THEIR sex fluid. They're doing this because they do not know any better. My roommate -- this old pervert - is the same way. So when he is near me my belly gets hot because he's converting my jing back into sex fluid, simply because his consciousness (shen) is still subconsciously focused in his sex chakra.

The Bushmen culture was completely based on gender as natural resonance -- even the clouds were either male or female. The same is found in the village-based Mayan culture (read Martin Pretchel's Secret of the Talking Jaguar) -- in contrast to the current FAKE new age spiritual obsession with the priest-solar pyramid Mayans.

Again what I'm talking about is very radical. A person can tell if you are GIVING them energy and will respond appropriately. Even still if this person is in an environment were such processes are completely the opposite of the mainstream culture then they will be forced to modify their behavior. For females when you give them energy this is used to feed their brain, as has been noted here -- but for MALES, the typical male, the energy is used for them just to or have better sex, etc. What needs to be realized here is that Nature is FEMALE -- that males are just here for variety. Most of Nature reproduces as females -- without needing males.

The healing energy works through SHEN while, in contrast, the male martial arts focus of much of what's on this website is focused on CHI. To increase the SHEN you need to increase the CHI -- so that's o.k. BUT the big difference is that you can increase your JING without necessarily dealing with the CHI or SHEN -- and this is what the typical male does, subconsciously, when he sits there bouncing his legs or staring trying to suck up a females' sex energy.

In contrast in the Bushmen culture the females DEMAND that the males learn how to become healers (trance staring) because only by opening up the pineal gland so that SHEN can shoot out of the males' skull (and hands) can a male actually properly give energy back to a female -- without both female and male being stuck in the lower emotions.

I see most modern Western females overstressed because the modern male can not open up the heart chakra to give energy back -- and also properly receive female energy. There should be an open cycling and this only occurs by working through SHEN -- it's NOT based on building up CHI energy. There should be no fear of losing MALE chi-shen energy. Instead the goal is for a harmonization of the energy or as qigong master Chunyi Lin states:

By healing others we heal ourselves. And: Sickness is just EXTRA energy in the body (that is not harmonized).

I see a lot of modern Western females actually subconsciously GETTING MALES ANGRY -- because that's the ONLY way for a female to collect a males' jing energy, if the female is incapable of from the male. So it's a sadomasochistic dynamic -- get the male angry and then get off on his anger and then the fear is the overactivated anger now as the reversed sex or kidney energy. So the female makes the male afraid and vice versa. I see A LOT of females and males stuck in this endless cycle -- anger, fear, anger, fear -- fed by lots of booze, usually.

Most of the healing that took place in the Bushmen culture was the healing of SEXUAL JEALOUSY. But if you read Richard Katz and Megan Beisle's latest book on the Bushmen healing (which I've noted already online) it's emphasized that the SAME Bushmen trance dances are now being held for tourists, only WITHOUT the healing energy.

So it's just like full-lotus -- you can sit in full-lotus but you won't be able to do so with the ankles on the thighs -- or for a very long time -- unless the pineal gland is open and there is a free cycling of light-electromagnetic energy INTO females while the male "collects the N/um (jing) of young maidens" in return.
The Small Universe practice is the way to open up the pineal gland and works in conjunction with standing exercises and mind yoga, etc. Then after the pineal gland is open you can freely cycle the energy.
07-01-2008, 07:39 PM,
Full-Lotus Freedom
So I'm sitting in full-lotus in this mall bench across from this swanky bar-restaurant. This old hippy I recognize comes out of the bar, peers at me, wanders back in. Comes out a bit later and approaches me.

He claims to have patented the yin-yang symbol as the secret of free energy and adds this tidbit -- it can be made from the Star of David. I exclaim that I had revealed that secret to a mutual friends of ours a couple years ago.

Now he feels obligated to invite me in to see his latest research. I follow while explaining I'm broke -- so he buys me a $2 beer (normally I don't drink but I need some anti-septic against all the garlic and sugar I've been eating).

Anyway then he shows me the yin-yang crop circles in the U.K. and then shows me diagrams of his patent -- proving the two are exactly the same. Then he claims he had sent these diagrams to a friend in the U.K. -- one who makes crop circles and knows others who make crop circles. The implication being that this dude -- this artist in Minnesota obsessed with the yin-yang symbol -- is the source for at least two crop circles.

07-01-2008, 09:18 PM,
Full-Lotus Freedom
your hippy pal should watch out for the militant christian conspiracy nuts and their weird 666 allergy. his patent could be considered as satanic.
07-02-2008, 03:57 AM, (This post was last modified: 07-02-2008, 05:58 AM by drew hempel.)
Full-Lotus Freedom
Yes this reminds me of the show called HEALTH NOTES -- not this monday but the archived show of a week ago from this past monday. It's an interview with Dr. Bruely -- sp? --

Essentially he did a great overview of the same research as Dr. Robert Sapolsky, author of "Trouble with Testosterone" and "Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers."

So cholersterol can change into either cortisol or testosterone -- stress of modern society (repressed sex energy) turns it into cortisol which then completely destroys our brain.

He says people with high cortisol levels (which is 90% of modern people) are STUPID because all the blood is keep away from the cortex -- and the brain runs on the fear-anger system.

People really are possessed by the Reptilians!

The purpose of the full-lotus is EXORCISM AND ECSTASY -- you exorcise the lower emotions -- anger, fear, worry, sadness, lust -- and transform them into love-light.

So I usually need to stretch in half-lotus for maybe 5 minutes in the morning and then I try not to go longer than 20 minutes NOT in full-lotus. Full-lotus ALL day long -- as self-defense -- as transformation. I don't trust my conceptual brain -- rely on the full-lotus to center your consciousness as the source of the pineal eye bliss creating ecstasy.
07-03-2008, 05:37 PM,
Full-Lotus Freedom
Quote:The purpose of the full-lotus is EXORCISM AND ECSTASY -- you exorcise the lower emotions -- anger, fear, worry, sadness, lust -- and transform them into love-light.
I don't know about that, you're posting about shooting your full lotus spring forest chi sperm at 'females' all the time and draining their chi cunts.:lolsmack:
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