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Looking for a Microphone for Podcasting
08-08-2012, 11:03 AM,
RE: Looking for a Microphone for Podcasting
I don't know if you are still looking for a mic - this is quite an old thread - so my input may me a bit pointless.

I have quite a few microphones for various purposes, some I bought and some I was given; Sony ECM-MS957, Sennheiser ME66 K6, Sennheiser SKM100 and a plethora of others. I have to say that having seen the review of the Yeti you posted, I'm quite tempted to buy one when I next have a bit of spare cash. I have read a few other online reviews and I've seen it for sale for UK £90 delivered.

Of course there are better microphones out there and as any technophile knows, you can set out with a budget of £50 and by stealthy addition of dubiously necessary specifications to our requirements, end up spending £200.

For what it's worth, I think for podcasting, hifi quality is not necessary - you only need a microphone which operates within the vocal range and compression from any microphone to podcast standard will have pretty much the same result.

For interviews, I would use a pair of decent lapel microphones via a stereo minijack channel splitter and something like a Griffin iMic. They normally come with mini wind shields but pointing them downwards will eliminate heavy breathing as well. You can adjust each channel input in your audio application. Having the microphone properly adjusted and within a few inches of your subject will also eliminate all but the loudest background noise.

I used this twin lapel setup (apart from the narration) into a Canon XL-1s on this:

Streetlife DVD

I realise the video has its flaws, by the way (in case anybody spots the inconsistency of the white balance), I was operating two cameras as well as the sound and conducting the interviews in such a way that I could edit out my questions.

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