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Looking for a Microphone for Podcasting
04-01-2012, 11:45 AM,
RE: Looking for a Microphone for Podcasting
yep, excellent suggestions from Easy.
You can't go wrong with a SM48 or SM58. Behringer once put out an equivalent for half the price at one time, and it even had a higher output than the SM58, but the Behringer stuff is not necessarily known for its longevity. Still, they got an unbeatable price/quality ratio, -just treat their stuff with some care. Don't know if their mic is still on the market though.
In addition I would suggest a pop protector for the mic, -a DIY one, made from a curved wire and a silk pantyhose, will do.
And, yes, the use of a compressor/limiter would solve the problem with multiple speakers with different volume levels.
Good luck!

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