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Looking for a Microphone for Podcasting
04-01-2012, 03:54 AM,
Music  Looking for a Microphone for Podcasting
I am n00b when it comes to looking for mics so I have a few questions.

* USB vs Jacks
* Not looking to spend over $100 (CAD)
* Want it so two or three people can use the same mic in front of the computer without having to switch mics* haven't seen anything on a mic input splitter, but that would be cool.
* Planning on using it for Audacity
* Not like I'm recording this in a studio so I don't really want it to pick up ambient noise

In 5 minutes of research I did find this baby with some great reviews but I am questioning using a USB mic. But they sure sell in this video:

Blue Microphones Yeti Professional USB Microphone
Tri-Capsule Array, Multiple Pattern Selection
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