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Elecromagnetic Radiation: CFL vs LED vs Incandescent
02-28-2012, 11:32 AM,
RE: Elecromagnetic Radiation: CFL vs LED vs Incandescent
Why dont you go re-edit another of your posts to try and make yourself
look better - retrospectively! That or go and type another of your two sentence replies with 'lol' in or whatever you do.

If you need to try and make personal threats to make your point you
just proved you arnt adult enough to even enter into the debate.

What was your response to my 'Freemasonry and October 1917' thread
"It was the Jews", a trite unsubstantiated statement if ever I heard one.

Internet Warrior indeed. A large proportion of the time Ive spent on here is in attempting to state the internet is a waste of time!

Have your five minutes of fame over the gassing issue! They were the Newspapers words not mine! It is only someone who is seriously unbalanced who would want to waste ther time standing up for Nazis or believe they were somehow any less barbarous than the Soviets.

Thinking the funding has nothing to do with it - again lunacy the Nazis
would never have existed were it not for this Masonic funding clique, and neither would the soviets! Nazis, Soviets, Jews, Muslims, WASP's and every other group is simply a
pawn in the game, that is used and manipulated to further a very ancient agenda.

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