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Mom helps pedo boyfriend rape her daughters.
03-11-2009, 07:03 PM,
Mom helps pedo boyfriend rape her daughters.

CALGARY -- Calling her conduct "appalling," a Calgary judge yesterday sentenced a city mom to four years in prison for assisting her pedophile boyfriend to molest her daughter.

Justice Barb Romaine said children should be able to count on parents for protection, not used as trade bait for perverts.

"This was an appalling crime," Romaine said in rejecting defence lawyer Steve Wojick's call for a sentence in the 15-month range.

"Children are entitled to be protected -- at the very least by their parents," Romaine said.

"They're entitled to feel protected in their home, not sacrificed at their mother's infatuation for a pedophile."

The woman, who can't be named to protect her victims' identities, earlier pleaded guilty to charges of sexual interference and making and distributing child porn involving both her young daughters.

She admitted videotaping the girls in the shower and making the younger of the two, then seven, available to her pedophile boyfriend.

She also took pictures of the boyfriend, who was earlier given a seven-year sentence, fondling the girl.

Romaine said while the woman had a dysfunctional upbringing, which included being raped when she was 16, that didn't mitigate her behaviour.

"That can not excuse the harm done to these little girls," the Court of Queen's Bench judge said.

"As the mother of the victims, (she) was in a position of trust," Romaine said.

She also agreed with Crown prosecutor Jenny Rees consecutive terms were warranted for both the making and distribution of child pornography.

"The pornographic material ... not only involved (her) youngest daughter, but also involved her allowing (the boyfriend) to touch her youngest daughter," Romaine said.

She rejected a suggestion the woman's biggest mistake was allowing a pedophile into her life, one who was able to take advantage of her low self-esteem.

"This is not a situation where a mother has failed to protect her children from a sexual offender she unwittingly allowed in her life," said Romaine.

The mother learned five months into their relationship the man was interested in children and instead of breaking it off she allowed him access to her girls, the judge said.

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