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BBC 10 years of 9/11 conspiracy theories
09-18-2011, 06:02 PM, (This post was last modified: 09-18-2011, 06:07 PM by JazzRoc.)
RE: BBC 10 years of 9/11 conspiracy theories
(09-17-2011, 07:12 PM)p4r4 Wrote: you meant the white stuff on the window?
Right on, dweeb.

Quote:The missiles can explode anywhere, inside or outside. it does not need to leave any shrapnel marks, it's not a grenade...
No. I'm sure it didn't need a casing either. Or wings. Or engine.

Quote:shock-wave from a high explosive would crack the walls. kerosine would not.
And the two-inch thick blast-proof windows?

Quote:Got any credentials ?
HNC Mechanical Engineering. Degree in 3-Dimensional Industrial Engineering Design. Ten years engineering design alone, Thirty years designing things such as security systems, petrochemical plant, aircraft, boats, office equipment. The last thing I designed was the charging socket for the Ford "Think" Electric Car.
The first system I worked with was Robocad. The second an Eclipse monochrome IBM clone. The second was a 1/2 million quid uprated IBM in 1987. The third (two years later) was also an uprated IBM for only 50,000 quid. After that they were affordable at home. I have used several other drawing programs. I now use Autodesk 123D.
I was somewhat ahead of computer training courses - so no extra qualifications.

Sure. The plane is further away in the still shot. Its angle of approach is at least 50 degrees, and its side view is only 65% of its length.
Its tail, sixty yards behind its nose, is reduced in height by perspective. It doesn't do to present us with a side on shot much closer to the viewer because that neither matches the line taken to destroy the lamp posts, nor the line between impact and exit holes.
The point you have selected to draw your lines from is NOT the point of view of the security camera.

Quote:Got evidence of it being aluminum oxide? No, just speculations.
I see. How do they differ from yours? I see.

Quote:Naive people like you would do it for the "greater good"...
Is THAT a speculation as well? LOL

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