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BBC 10 years of 9/11 conspiracy theories
08-31-2011, 03:06 AM,
RE: BBC 10 years of 9/11 conspiracy theories
jr said Speaking about NYFD Battalian Chief Orio Palmer
Quote:Unfortunately he had just reached the fire from BENEATH.
I don't suppose he climbed ABOVE the fire to make that report, do you?

How would you know what he did? I think he was a competent man and I think he investigated the situation thoroughly before he called for help, that way he would know what to ask for.

jr said
Quote:Hot materials retain their heat for a long time when packed with insulation.
Didn't you know this? It's a fact.

Having trouble being specific eh?

jr said
Quote:"Pull" is the stock firefighters' word for withdraw. You're pulling our legs again.

You've been pulling something between your legs for far too long.

jr said
Quote:You SO fail to understand how ANY of the buildings fell.

2 Explosions, 1 Implosion

[Image: tower2_exp1.jpg]
The South Tower
WTC Building 2
9:59 AM EDT

[Image: nt_col1531c.jpg]
The North Tower
WTC Building 1
10:28 AM EDT

[Image: streamers.jpg]
WTC Building 7
5:20 PM EDT

The Towers Had Robust Self-Supporting Core Structures

47 box columns a yard wide, steel 4" thick at base
Abundantly cross-braced
Capable of supporting the entire weight of building
Anchored directly to bedrock
Did not depend on floor diaphragms for support

The towers were designed to withstand 140 MPH winds.
In such cases the floor diaphragms would help transfer lateral loads loads between perimeter walls and core. Otherwise, structural function of the floors was not in play.

[Image: site1099.jpg]

Explosive Ejections of Dust and Pieces

Thick dust clouds spewed from towers in all directions, at around 50 feet/second.
Solid objects were thrown ahead of the dust -- a feature of explosive demolition.
The steel was thoroughly cleansed of its spray-on insulation.
Some pieces of the perimeter wall were thrown laterally 500 feet.
Aluminum cladding was blown 500 feet in all directions.
Blast waves broke hundreds of windows in buildings over 400 feet away.
[Image: gz_hd1391p36.jpg]
[Image: wtc_biggart5_24.jpg]
[Image: wtc1b.jpg]

The Flexible Official Story
Is your building designed to explode?

All acceptable discourse on the tower collapses must avoid words like explosion and demolition.
The official story consists of layers of ever-more-absurd fall-back stories.
Twin Towers
Structural damage and fire stress caused collapses
mostly structural damage -or- mostly fire stress -- mix 'n match as required
Faulty construction contributed
cheap pre-fab construction
Designed to fall vertically
Rigged with explosives when built
Building 7
What Building? ... collapse wasn't newsworthy
Collapse contagion -- damage due to proximity to towers
Diesel fuel burning caused collapse
FEMA: the total diesel fuel on the premises contained massive potential energy

[Image: site1106.jpg]
[Image: kahn_wtc2c.jpg]

The Towers Were Shredded and Pulverized

Ground Zero: site of collapse or bombing?
[Image: oem_9_16_pic05.jpg]
FEMA's "Investigation"

The total collapses of the Twin Towers and Building 7 were (based on the official story) the 3 largest engineering failures in the history of the world.

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) made sure there was no real investigation.

No independent investigation was funded.

FEMA assembled a group of volunteer investigators: the Building Performance Assessment Team (BPAT), and gave them a budget of $600,000 to create their report.

FEMA's investigators lacked subpoena power.

They were not allowed to see the buildings' blueprints.

The investigators were barred from Ground Zero. They were only allowed to examine the few large pieces of steel in salvage yards.

Engineers examined no steel until late October.

Salvage yards were visited on 57 days by March 15.

They had to guess where the pieces came from.

They saved 156 pieces (mostly "coupons") out of millions for further study.

By the time BPAT published its report: The World Trade Center Building Performance Study, in May 2002, Ground Zero had been scrubbed.

Conclusions of FEMA's Study
* Pretended to explain the collapse of the North Tower
* Pretended the same explanation applied to the South Tower
* Admitted to cluelessness on cause of Building 7's collapse

On Building 7:
The specifics of the fires in WTC 7 and how they caused the building to collapse remain unknown at this time. Although the total diesel fuel on the premises contained massive potential energy, the best hypothesis has only a low probability of occurrence. Further research, investigation, and analyses are needed to resolve this issue.

On the Twin Towers:
With the information and time available, the sequence of events leading to the collapse of each Tower could not be definitively determined.

[Image: figd_7.jpg]
[Image: fig_d_8_s.jpg]

Destruction of Evidence

The primary evidence of the 3 largest structural failures in history -- the structural steel -- was removed and destroyed as quickly as possible.

The city accepted a plan by Controlled Demolition Inc. for the recycling of the steel, 11 days after the attack.

The steel was sold to scrap metal vendors for a low price.

The vast majority of the steel was quickly removed to ships destined for blast furnaces in India and China.

New infrastructure was built to accelerate the removal.

Trucks hauling the steel were outfitted with $1000 GPS locators.

Investigators were barred from Ground Zero.

People were threatened with arrest for taking photographs.

The evidence destruction operation was conducted over the concerted objections of victims' family members and the firefighting community

Building 7

Building 7 was a 47-story steel-framed skyscraper, occupying a city block north of the World Trade Center.

Building 7 had a World Trade Center address but:
Was on a different block from other 6 WTC buildings.
Was a different age and architecture than WTC.
Was 300' from nearest tower.

Building 7 was the only building outside WTC complex to collapse.

[Image: b7iso.gif]
[Image: fig_1_1.jpg]

Building 7 Collapse: Textbook Implosion

The removal of a tall building with minimal damage to surrounding structures is an engineering feat.

The collapse of Building 7 had all of the important features of an engineered, or controlled, demolition.

The collapse was precisely vertical and symmetrical.

The building imploded, its walls falling inward.

It produced a tidy pile of rubble.
[Image: b7_mont.jpg]

Building 7 Imploded

Building 7's exterior walls were pulled toward its central axis.
They ended up on the top of the rubble pile.
[Image: b7_3.jpg]

The Tidy Pile of Rubble

The 47-story tower was converted into a pile of rubble lying almost entirely within its footprint.
The rubble pile was less than 3 stories high.

The fall visibly damaged only one adjacent building.
Taking a building down into its footprint is the objective of controlled demolition.
It requires shattering all columns at ground level simultaneously, then marching the charge detonations up the building as it falls.
[Image: wtc7_pile.jpg]

Building 7's Exclusive Tenants

Unlike rest of WTC, which came under private control in July 2001, WTC 7 was privately owned since its construction in 1985.

Building 7's short list of tenants consisted entirely of government and financial institutions.
Financial institutions
Salomon Smith Barney (SSB)
Standard Chartered Bank
Federal Home Loan Bank of New York
First State Management Group
TT Hartford Insurance Group
American Express Bank International
National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)
Government agencies
Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
Department of Defense (DOD)
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Office of Emergency Management (OEM)
US Secret Service
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

The collapse of Building 7 destroyed thousands of SEC casefiles of ongoing investigations into companies such as WorldCom.

Giuliani's Command Center

23rd floor of building was a bunker housing Giuliani's Emergency Command Center. It had:
bullet- and bomb-resistant windows
an independent, secure air and water supply
the ability to withstand winds of 160 MPH
an unobstructed view of entire height of both towers.
Command center was built in 1998, in response to 1993 bombing.
It was designed to respond to terrorist attack.
Yet on 9/11/01 it was supposedly abandoned.

Giuliani did not go to Building 7 that morning.
Instead, he went to makeshift headquarters on Barkley St.
He told ABC's Peter Jennings on 9/11/01
he received advance notice of the impending collapses:
"We were operating out of [the makeshift headquarters] when we were told that the World Trade Center was gonna collapse, and it did collapse before we could get out of the building."

Unfortunately the nearly 400 firefighters who were killed by the unexpected collapses did not have the benefit of this knowledge.
[Image: wtc7_xibo.jpg]
[Image: amanz_wtc15.jpg]
[Image: amanz_wtc33.jpg]

The Truss Failure Theory According to FEMA

FEMA's BPAT gave the truss failure theory the official stamp of legitimacy in their report.
They say the perimeter and core columns would self-destruct if the floor diaphragms collapsed:
As the floors collapsed, this left tall freestanding portions of the exterior wall and possibly central core columns. As the unsupported height of these freestanding exterior wall elements increased, they buckled at the bolted column splice connections, and also collapsed.
[Image: nt_col3189c.jpg]
Tall freestanding columns?
We see only short freefalling column fragments.

The columns were not freestanding:
The perimeter columns were grids with horizontal spandrel plates linking the columns.
The core structures were lattices, densely cross-braced.
[Image: wtc1_core.jpg]

Wishing Away the Core Structures

They substitute service core for core structure to help the reader think the buildings were flimsy:
A rectangular service core with overall dimensions of approximately 87 feet by 137 feet, was present at the center of each building, housing 3 exit stairways, 99 elevators, and 16 escalators.
The service core in WTC 1 was oriented east to west, and the service core in WTC 2 was oriented north to south.

Deceptive illustrations imply that the towers had no core columns.

FEMA's core fraud became accepted fact.
The New York Times reported in May 2004:
"The interior core of the buildings was a hollow steel shaft, in which elevators and stairwells were grouped. "
[Image: core_column.gif]
one actual core column dimension, there were core columns with larger dimensions

jr said
Quote: Quote:asbestos - estimated in the billions of dollars - multi billion dollar insurance policy - air quality around ground zero in New York was toxic - debilitating diseases

Horse manure.

Shows the extent of your research.

jr said
Quote:I see. There was an explosion, then the plane hit the building.
The plane hit the building, THEN there was another explosion.
If he was in the basement, how did he know WHAT happened, other than BANGS going off?

William Rodriguez, a janitor, reports an explosion in the basement moments before the airplane hits the North Tower. He was in basement level 1 (the basement has 6 sub levels) when the first explosion occured from under him which traveled up the elevator shaft and burned a co-worker in the basement.

jr said
Quote:Hmmm. The building was hit by parts of the top of WTC1 doing nearly 200 mph, made of steel, weighing 70 tons each, which penetrated 13 floors, starting numerous fires on their way down. These fires then burnt free and roamed for seven hours without setting any charges off.

Making it up as you go eh?

jr said
Quote: Witnesses also saw the plane strike the Pentagon - where did they get the DNA of the passengers and crew to check against the DNA they found?

Kin? Their clothing?

No, at the crash site, where the plane folded up and went into a small hole and then vaporized. You know, the plane that they have no serial numbered parts of. Planes are composed of serial numbered parts which are tracked for maintenance purposes.

jr said
Quote: QuoteSadShanksville) - Where are the "clear photographs showing aircraft wreckage"? Where are the plane parts with the tracking numbers on them?

95% of the plane is stored in a hangar at the nearest airfield, I believe.

Do you have any links to back up your assertion?

This post was copied from for the most part.
An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.
Mohandas Gandhi

Each of us is put here in this time and this place to personally decide the future of humankind.
Did you think you were put here for something less?
Chief Arvol Looking Horse

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