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Who Needs Humans?
07-19-2011, 01:54 AM,
RE: Who Needs Humans?
(07-18-2011, 09:50 AM)zapoper Wrote: This looks like an old crappy article recycled from the 90s.

You should go back to the David Icke forum and find us some hilarious postings from the masters of delusions R.R.

All in good time my friend, all in good time.

Deathaniel Wrote:as for robots being man kinds demise, see skynet, and BSG!!! but will our tech get that far before it's too late, i think not.Sure we have the computer processor power now, but we lack the AI of true learning and adaptability, robots of today are little more then droids with set programs

That is the whole point. Throughout civilized human history, society has been structured so that small elites can live off the labour of the masses, hence the various forms of propaganda down through the ages such as religion or patriotism to get the masses working. Alongside that comes the need to provide bread and circuses for the masses because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy - liable to embark upon psychotic behaviour. 'Droids with set programs' are a perfect slave force meaning they will displace the existing slave force - the masses. Droids will also not require amusement so most of the things that are used by the powers that be to subdue the masses will no longer exist - which in some ways is a good thing i.e no more Lady Gaga. But the point is to realise that if we are living in a prison or we are slaves without knowing it, here is the next phase leaving the rest of us redundant.

Deathaniel Wrote:as long as this remains the case we have nothing to fear but job loss

How are most people going to pay the bills? Or feed themselves? Or clothe themselves? Or educate their children? Or buy things that they cannot produce? Or pay the taxes that allow them to use government provided services? Loads of people out of work means the potential for revolution or possibly a reevaluation of current lifestyles which is actually something that most need to do. However we are so conditioned to follow existing lifestyles that any move to self-sufficiency is likely to fail as most (in western/developed countries) are used to supermarkets and big companies importing products in for their consumption.

Deathaniel Wrote:anything which lets more folks live there lives over being slaves to industry and finance is A ok with me!

I agree as an isolated statement but not in conjunction with knowing how society has been structured for most of recorded history. Simply put if robots take over human jobs and humans have no money to buy what robots produce, what exactly is the point? Especially when we know that money is created out of thin air meaning at the very top, profit is not the motivator for the very elite. It basically conforms to depopulation plans where the richest families in the world today will build their Earthly paradise without having to see their snot-nosed slaves - the robots essentially put to use for whatever those elites want to study/explore and produce whatever is required for themselves. In other words those that are reliant on elite sponsored governments will be obsolete.

Cheng Wrote:How is technology/robots a threat..?

Primarily because technology is not neutral and is swayed by the mindset of whoever is creating it.

Cheng Wrote:If the machines can do better work than humans, more efficient, doesnt this give you any idea of freedom?

I'd suggest you ask yourself if whoever is in charge of this type of technology will say to themselves 'hmm how can I use this to make everyone's life better?' because quite frankly judging by the crap we are fed and the deliberate dumbing down of people in general, I can almost assure you that, as per usual, this type of technology will not be a benefit to the whole of mankind, rather it will perpetuate the grip that certain groups already have over the direction of life on this planet. We already live in a very controlled society - the banking scam being the most obvious example of how a few can control millions of people.

As for freedom, fair enough we won't have to work for someone else but if a resource a community uses is deemed important to the elite forces of this world, I doubt they'd have any qualms about simply eradicating whoever is living on or near that resource, much like the numerous examples through history and modern times such as gold mines or oil fields.

Cheng Wrote:And even if we program AI to learn, which we almost can do today, why would they KILL everything? Where is the logic in that?

Unless we program them to be the only thing existing in the universe.. which doesnt even make sense.

First of all, it is not WE (as in humanity as a whole), it is THEY (as in the most influential people on the planet). YOU will have zero say in the direction the technology takes unless you are a member of a prominent family in a position of making decisions that effect many people. They would kill everything but themselves save maybe a few people for labour purposes, mainly because it is inefficient to maintain the lives of so many who are essentially obsolete once technology can do the majority of menial tasks in society. Not to mention attempts to merge human consciousness with machines essentially gifting the megalomaniacs of this world their ages long wish of immortality and faux-divinity. There is plenty of logic in it once divorced from ethics or morality - the cold logic of the psychopath.

Cheng Wrote:You do realise that Skynet is a computer program from a movie?

A somewhat moot point, the movie was a speculative attempt to show what life would be like for many people under such a situation although perhaps the movie Surrogates is a better example of what happens to those who are not part of the in-crowd; they will essentially live a ghetto lifestyle while being a nuisance to the powers that be - hence the motivation to eliminate them.

I am not anti-technology, but as it is not neutral it will ultimately be of benefit to the more prosperous of this world (many of whom have some very revealing public statements about their thoughts of the masses thus turning technology into a co-conspirator), I am wary when things of this nature are put out.

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