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Social Media, Forums Overrun with AI Algorithms Bots to Discuss and Interact?
06-14-2011, 09:46 AM,
Bug  Social Media, Forums Overrun with AI Algorithms Bots to Discuss and Interact?
CIA Plants, Provocateurs, Muppets, Trolls, Paid Disinfo Agents, Dummy Facebook accounts even sophisticated AI seems that someone did some investigating into how widespread this is .. or maybe this is a fiction too?

I can admit it is real I remember interactions with a prototype bot back in 2000 built to answer questions. It was 100% capable of having a pretty deep discussion through a Java app but was stonewalled by questions that were too probing but at least we knew up front it was a bot in beta and tried to stump it by exploiting a bot's weaknesses in a sort of division by zero strategy. Fair game.

Not some much later on while engaged in online debate several years later - I suspected a bot or three during some discussions on Digg a few years ago. The just of it being to field easy attacks, instigate banter and keep debate within scope. When presented something it couldn't address via AI only then a real person stepped up to manage the dissenters. But how prevalent and sophisticated are these AI bots?

Quote:I Have 5,000 Facebook Friends. Imagine If Only 200 or 300 or so Are Real...
by Jeff Prager on Tuesday, June 14, 2011 at 1:35am

Michel SanSerif ...As an internet journalist he had written and published for others on various French web sites, in Paris, raised by parents who were themselves members of the French Resistance. Except they resisted everyone. They were Anarchists.

Here in America, bastion of freedom, Michel eyed the internet as a method of communicating critical ideas and set out to explore the potential. After several years at various activists sites, from Christian based anti-federal pro-Constitutionists to Anti-Israel Pro-Palestine Liberation groups, pro-Animal Rights, Indigenous Peoples Rights and even the highly acclaimed Dark Mountain Project [http://www.dark-mountain.net/blog/], he found himself unhappy with the results. No one was listening or he was preaching to the choir. The audiences seemed too small, just a handful of people here and there.

Michel decided to give Facebook a try, reluctantly. It was THE mainstream social network web site. He even spent several years actively participating on Gather.com, which is a semi-mainstream, smaller and a slightly more conservative social network originally designed for writers which then morphed or evolved into a Time/Newsweek/Science/Health/Travel/Entertainment Daily Newspaper written by its participants with everything from "How My Kids Spent Summer" to "Organic Breakfast With Fresh Eggs" to "Survivor Update" and "Next Dancing For the Stars". Of course there's the occasional or 'not-frequent-enough' weekly posts by Dave, Dave McGill, a good Gather friend but Michel only saw 10 or 20 comments per post on his own posts and even then many were critical and argumentative towards Michel's various social, economic and political views.

So here he was typing on Facebook. And he adopted some very critical positions, unpopular perspectives on major human interest and freedom based subjects across the globe. And he found an enormous number of people that agreed with him. They agreed on Vaccines, Food Additives, Water Fluoridation, Heck they agreed on almost everything, even some of his militant perspectives on banking. He amassed 125,000 connection "likes" to his page on Facebook alone. Regulars.

But Michel died suddenly in July of 2010 of unknown causes. He allegedly died shortly after finishing an investigative report on covert public opinion manipulation across the internet and he was about to make history exposing the corporations behind it and their banking partners. It never got published. He had discovered that almost 200,000 of his 300,000 total internet regular readers, the people that commented and interacted most frequently across dozens of web sites he published to, were algorithms designed by the global corporations to push certain opinions and capture the data.

He realized they were segmenting society into groups with labels. The Birthers, the Truthers, the Tea Partiers, the Patriots, the Constitutionalists, the Libertarians, the Conservative Right, the anti-Vaccine, the 911 groups, the Cancer Cure, the anti-Fluoride, the pro-Gaza pro-Palestinians, the anti-immigrationists, the pro-environmentalists, pro-Gun, pro-Sovereign and the anti-Federal Reserve folks; all these different human passions were being funneled into groups; catalogued, ID'd, filed and recorded and lists were being created.

Not just to target them, although surely an intention was to eventually criminalize certain anti-establishment behaviors, but to keep an eye on them also, to watch, listen, read, and to market to them too. To market ideas. Keep them in groups and control them all. Michel discovered that even his own passions had been marketed to him. Two thirds of his connections were sophisticated algorithms with complex opinions on a variety of subjects. Algorithms... he was talking to algorithms...

Just imagine...
Full Article: http://www.facebook.com/notes/jeff-prager/i-have-5000-friends-imagine-if-only-200-or-300-or-so-are-real/10150330505294838

Michel SanSerif is that a real name or a font?

These constructions have access to so much social history it would be easy to create a neural network to learn and adapt, even in real time, during discussion.

Facebook has a wealth of social interaction at it's fingertips to dissect the constructs of any number of topics and create an AI which is expert in any number of fields.


COINTELPRO Techniques effective against this forum...

Disinformation Tactics
There are no others, there is only us.
07-02-2011, 08:54 AM,
RE: Social Media, Forums Overrun with AI Algorithms Bots to Discuss and Interact?
I wonder how much this is/was used in revolutions like those going on in the middle east. No surprise Social Media is being introduced to children at an early age.

Social Networks Aimed at Children: Disney leads Charge into the Facebook for Under 13

IRC Chat:
[01:39] <Jahangir> Social Networking is main thing we talk about here
[01:39] <Jahangir> but people beileve its better than old ways we use to use
[01:39] <Jahangir> they dont wants real networking with real people
[01:39] <Jahangir> which i found it wierd
[01:40] <Jahangir> which make me work more infinding people who wants to make this life more simple
[01:42] <Jahangir> even people who live in the same house or same nighberhood or even same bulding
[01:42] <Jahangir> and the only thing they talk about when they meet
[01:44] <@FastTadpole> Yeah it's Centralized, Controlled, Censored (Twitter, Facebook ...) with the appearance of being a free democratic platform. There are paid agents and infiltrators, everything is tracked (even ConCen) of course they want the "revolution" to happen online.
[01:44] <Jahangir> what they did in the web
[01:45] <@FastTadpole> They can more easily manipulate public opinion by having professionals people pose as one of the masses.
[01:45] <@FastTadpole> It's done on a massive sccale
[01:46] <Jahangir> you hit the point...facebook ...you dont want it there is Twitter..!! what about my space..
[01:46] <Jahangir> tehy wants us to use more tecnolgy
[01:46] <Jahangir> become more lazy
[01:46] <Jahangir> usieng our memeory less and less
[01:46] <@FastTadpole> Clickactivism :(
[01:47] <Jahangir> yes
[01:47] <@FastTadpole> It's recruiting kids too ..
[01:47] <Jahangir> :S
There are no others, there is only us.

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