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03-28-2009, 12:04 PM, (This post was last modified: 03-28-2009, 12:08 PM by strangelove.)
I worry about you doc, seriously.. The government has a duty to stop you getting sick but they can only do so much, in the end one must look at this with a kind of darwinian aproach really, good luck and I hope you learn your lesson before you die, I reckon your bound for hospital soon though either way.

are you out of your mind ? are you a troll? do you have any idea what on earth you are talking about?

If the government had our best interests at heart would they be chemtrailing the fuck out of us? would cigarettes be legal?

have you aver done any research outside the box? do you think that pasteurized milk was gods intention? do you understand the pasteurization process? If we are such a fragile species that all our food needs to be microwaved and extracted of all living nutrients bacteria enzymes a god knows what else? then how did we make it this far? I don't thing you are doing any research on this one. If you are really interested In this stuff then make a sensible comment and if you are trolling then I can't help you. I really don't have time for troll you dull the conversation level and sidetrack people from really getting to the deeper parts of a subject.

what kind of diet are you on as you seem to know so much about health? What attracted me to this diet the most is that health benefits the fact that people on the diet have not been sick in years, others have eliminated several cancer, improved eyesight, got rid of asthma and allergies including spots. the list goes on.

so you will not see me in the hospital and maybe if you pay attention you will be able to avoid ending up their yourself.

and what does Darwinism have to do with anything? look around you at how sick people are, how fat how unhealthy! its their diet mate not mine!

I feel great, In fact I have more energy than ever and I have been making incredible progress weight training that I can only attribute to the diet.

so please go away if you only have stupid things to say I don't take kindly to thouse kind of comments.


♡ & ☀

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