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Colombia & Peru & EU Sign Trade Agreement; Peru and China Sign Military Agreement
04-14-2011, 11:39 AM,
Information  Colombia & Peru & EU Sign Trade Agreement; Peru and China Sign Military Agreement
Put in context there are 100s of intertwining, binding deals like this made every year. From NAFTA to CETA to Buy American to Free Trade using WIPO, WTO and other globalist arms. Canada has about 15 of these deals in the works and on the table, many also with South and Central American countries with a few dozen already on the books. The recent China and Russia deal being the biggest integration of trade and currency that you barely hear about this century .. so far.

The Lisbon Treaty amendments to the EU had the result of allowing multinationals to hire foreign workers and get around that pesky minimum wage deal for labour on site in a country like the UK. This effectively made it possible to fly a pack of bricklayers to London from Bulgaria or Libya that costed out at 17p an hour.

These type of Free Trade deals also make it so that trade protectionism like tariffs and duties are forbidden; breaking down the last lines of defence a sovereign nation has to insulate itself against foreign markets.

This latest deal weaves another thread in the web of economic in this trade deal.

I've highlighted another key piece of the agreement, beyond economics which speaks for itself loud and clear.

Here's the spun summary and links to the documents off the wire service:

Quote:EU Trade Commissioner De Gucht welcomes key step towards finalisation of trade deal with Colombia and Peru
Brussels, 13 April 2011

Together with the Colombian Minister for Trade and the Peruvian Deputy Minister for Foreign Trade, EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht today welcomed the initialling of the Trade Agreement between the EU, Colombia and Peru. This ambitious agreement, estimated to be worth overall half a billion Euros in duties saved alone, will open up markets on both sides and increase the stability and predictability of the trading environment.

"This agreement is a milestone in our trade relations with the Andean region and creates the right framework to boost trade and investment on both sides", said Commissioner De Gucht. "It creates a foothold for European business in the area and an anchor for structural reforms in the countries concerned. This agreement also recognises that the EU's partnership with Colombia and Peru is based on the respect of democratic principles and fundamental human rights."

Minister Sergio Diaz-Granados Guida of Colombia and Deputy Minister Carlos Posada Ugaz of Peru joined EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht in a ceremony to welcome the initialling of the new Trade Agreement between the European Union and these Andean countries. It will now follow the process of translation into all EU languages, before it will be subject to the approval by EU Member States and the European Parliament.

Once fully implemented, the Agreement will eliminate tariffs in all industrial and fisheries products, increase market access for agricultural products, improve access to public procurement, services and investment markets, further reduce technical barriers to trade, and establish common disciplines including on intellectual property rights, transparency and competition.

The proposed deal also includes a far-reaching agreement on the protection of human rights and the rule of law as well as commitments to effectively implement international conventions on labour rights and environmental protection. Civil society organisations will be systematically involved to monitor the implementation of these commitments, which will also be subject to an arbitration system.

Key benefits of the agreement

* The Agreement will open up market opportunities for a number of key export industries of the EU which will benefit from the removal of tariffs. For example it is worth over €33 million for the automotive and car parts sector, around €16 million for chemicals and over €60 million for textiles. Other noticeable tariff reductions will be on pharmaceutical and telecommunication products.

* The EU will open its market to exporters from Peru and Colombia by committing to an immediate liberalisation in industrial and fisheries products as well as substantial tariff concessions in agriculture. This is expected to have a direct impact on growth and jobs in these countries and contribute to the sustained move up the value chain of their economies.

* The Agreement establishes a set of disciplines which go beyond those agreed in the multilateral framework on non-tariff barriers to market access, competition, transparency and intellectual property rights among others - allowing in particular for the protection of over 200 geographical indications on the Colombian and Peruvian markets.

* The Agreement will promote internationally agreed best practices while securing a transparent, non-discriminatory and predictable environment for operators and investors via a mediation mechanism designed to address non-tariff barriers and - if necessary - an advanced bilateral dispute settlement mechanism.

* The Agreement also includes a cooperation chapter aimed at promoting competitiveness and innovation; modernising production, facilitating trade and the transfer of technology between the Parties.

* Finally, the Agreement provides for an accession clause which opens the door to the other countries that are members of the Andean Community of Nations to take part in the Agreement when they see fit.


Bilateral trade in goods between the EU and both Colombia and Peru was €16 billion in 2010:

* The EU exported €3.9 billion to Colombia and imported € 4.7 billion.
* The EU exported €2.3 billion to Peru and imported € 5.1 billion.

Talks for a Trade Agreement were launched in January 2009 between the EU and Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. In July 2009, Ecuador suspended its participation in the talks. Nine rounds of negotiations took place between January 2009 and March 2010, when a successful conclusion was reached.

For more information

Text of the Agreements

More details on the benefits of the Trade Agreement

On EU-ANDEAN trade relations Other formats available at source URL.


China and Russia Sign 12 Documents in Trade and Economic Unification Deal

From NAFTA to CETA: Canada-EU Deep Economic Integration

Canada-European Union Economic and Trade Agreement Draft (CETA) [2010.01.12]

An older, but very relevant, discussion on CETA
Canada and the European Union: Advancing the Transatlantic Agenda

.. and not just CETA integration but IMF Corporate Governance, UN Agenda 21 and a "leaked" Beyond the Border: A Shared Vision for Perimeter Security and Competitiveness (PDF) are all coming to a head... if we change nothing or react without a will and a plan.
There are no others, there is only us.
05-05-2011, 04:18 PM,
RE: Colombia & Peru & EU Sign Trade Agreement
Quote:Peru, China sign military cooperation agreement
May 4, 2011 by Andean Air Mail & PERUVIAN TIMES

Peru and China have signed an agreement to boost cooperation on military technology and science, according to state news agency Andina.


Peruvian Defense Minister Jaime Thorne said Peru has been interested on expanding its military cooperation with China.

China’s Vice-President of its Central Military Committee, Xu Caihou, said the agreement is a reflection of the countries’ increasing ties in recent years in politics, economics and cultural areas.

“The bilateral relations have entered a new phase of development since 2008, when Chinese President Hu Jinatao and his Peruvian counterpart Alan Garcia exchanged visits, establishing a strategic association between the two nations,” Caihou said.

“China hopes the two countries can do joint efforts to advance the friendly cooperation between the two armies,” Caihou added.

China has played an increasingly larger role in Peru, particularly in the economy. In 2010, the first year of the bilateral free trade accord with China, Peru’s exports to the Asian country rose 43 percent to $10.5 billion.

In addition, in the first two months of 2011, China overtook the US as Peru’s top destination for exports, driven by China’s strong demand for commodities to feed the ongoing industrialization and urbanization.!/FastTadpole/status/66158835487866881
There are no others, there is only us.

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