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Jabber, JID, XMPP (Decentralized IM)
02-08-2011, 09:43 PM, (This post was last modified: 02-08-2011, 09:55 PM by Jewish4Liberty.)
Jabber, JID, XMPP (Decentralized IM)
In response to ConCen - Edit Profile > Additional Contact Information [ICQ Number, AIM Screen Name, MSN ID, Yahoo ID]

I'm using non of the above.
I'm using Jabber/XMPP and IRC (Open-Source Instant-Messaging platforms) which are independent and which, by most, aren't controlled or logged by Big-Business!

For example: If I'm using an account which has an address like and my friend has an account which has an address like then we can still connect with each other. (username@servername.tld)
Inter-server, Inter-domain, decentralized and completely free as in beer and as in speech.

A case that happened at the time between January 26th to 27th of this year 2011:
After hearing that the Egyptian government cracked down on Social-Network websites such as Facebook and Twitter*, me and other 2 Israelis and 5 Saudis started to migrate Egyptians to XMPP chat in order for them to be able to post to Facebook** and Twitter (also Identica)

See a comprehensive list of supported services here

We have opened a private forum, which was moderated and owned by the Saudis, and the Saudis, who guided most of the people the whole day, managed to migrate more than 300 Egyptians to XMPP in 7 hours!

What did the Egyptians benefited from registering to Jabber, which is basically like AIM, ICQ, MSN, YIM and others?

Anonymity, Security (SSL connection) and a very easy to use Bypass (Proxy, if you will)!

Those Egyptians gained access to Facebook (Facebook-chat only) and Twitter (fully working, without the avatars Wink)
They were connected to their Jabber account and from the account they connected to a Getaway/Transport Agent (you can sign in to a Getaway in the server where your account is at or in another server, in case that the server that you're on doesn't has the Transports that you are interested in available) and from the transport (as said, whether it's the same DNS address that your account is at or whether it is on another server) you are connected to the desired service.

List of public Jabber/XMPP servers*** (it's not an exhaustive list) free registration!
List #1, List #2, List #3

Recommended places to register a Jabber/XMPP account

Jabber (Software) Clients that support the prominent features of the XMPP platform:
Gajim (PyGTK)
Psi (Qt4)

Psi based
Question: I can do the same with Pidgin and Miranda IM, why using Jabber?
  • Pidgin is not recommended to be used with Jabber/XMPP since it is not supporting all the prominent features of the XMPP platform, such as transports...
  • Pidgin is signing in directly to AIM, ICQ, MSN etc. thus those services CAN SEE YOUR IP and it's easy for them to track you! (AIM, MSN ,YIM)
  • Transports are exactly like the protocol plugins of Pidgin
    • >> e.g. microblog-purple can be used as an another Pidgin-Plugin to post at Twitter & Identica or it can be used as a Jabber/XMPP Transport Agent (and your IP is not visible) and your logging history will be less useful when your real IP isn't available.
  • AOL and ICQ are trying to block the DNSs that are functioning as transports (maybe because of they want the IPs?) remember, the protocol resolvers to AIM and ICQ are exactly the same in Pidgin and in Jabber/XMPP Transports but some Transports (with high activity rate) having problems to connect to AIM and ICQ while Pidgin users don't... think about it!

Have a look at a statistics of a Jabber/XMPP server

You can also open YOUR OWN XMPP on your own server
Setting up your own cross platform chat server
Jabber Transports (MSN, Yahoo, ICQ etc)

Jabber/XMPP (Software) Servers (I would love to see a Jabber chat room of ConCen at the domain Blush)
Prosody IM
jabberd2 on ohloh jabberd 2.x

Jabber/XMPP (Software) Transports
Spectrum XMPP Transport

You can also make VoIP calls using the Jingle (XEP 0166 & 0167) with SPEEX (Very high quality sound)

* I'm not signed in, in any of them
** in order to use Facebook to Jabber/XMPP you'll need to create a Facebook Username
*** DO NOT connect to (acquired by Cisco Systems (cisco-spy.pdf) at September 2008) neither to (Privacy is not an option, at all!)
Conversation with FastTadpole about XMPP

[04:06:09 PM] Jewish4Liberty: FastTadpole, that stupid!!
[04:06:18 PM] Jewish4Liberty: I'm using Jabber/XMPP
[04:06:26 PM] FastTadpole:
[04:06:41 PM] FastTadpole: food^
[04:06:45 PM] Jewish4Liberty: Independent IM platform inter-server inter-dns universal IM
[04:07:01 PM] FastTadpole: Maybe it's not in the allowed clients
[04:07:11 PM] Jewish4Liberty: WTF
[04:07:13 PM] FastTadpole: really I'm not involved in that end
[04:07:28 PM] Jewish4Liberty: I can enter to ICQ AIM YIM etc. etc. with Jabber
[04:07:37 PM] FastTadpole: can't help you more than I have, if that was any help at all
[04:07:53 PM] Jewish4Liberty: But I'm boycotting big-business and closed source
[04:07:54 PM] Jewish4Liberty: ok
[04:07:56 PM] FastTadpole: but I do my best, that's definitely a query for the yeti
[04:07:57 PM] Jewish4Liberty: ;)
[04:08:16 PM] Jewish4Liberty: A list of jabber servers (free/public)
[04:08:20 PM] FastTadpole: We're with you - running on FreeBSD
[04:08:25 PM] Jewish4Liberty: German servers are the best
[04:08:29 PM] Jewish4Liberty: :)
[04:08:41 PM] FastTadpole: We're on a Canadian Server
[04:08:47 PM] FastTadpole: even better :D
[04:08:53 PM] Jewish4Liberty: You can make a jabber room at
[04:09:09 PM] Jewish4Liberty: if you'll install a jabber server
[04:09:10 PM] FastTadpole: I don't even know what a jabber room is dude
[04:09:29 PM] * FastTadpole is thinking it's a chat thing
[04:09:37 PM] Jewish4Liberty: yuoo
[04:09:40 PM] Jewish4Liberty: yupp*
[04:09:43 PM] Jewish4Liberty: me and other 2 Israelis and 5 Saudis started to migrate Egyptians to XMPP chat in order for them to be able to post to Facebook and Twitter (also
[04:10:07 PM] Jewish4Liberty: I'm twitting with it at and twitter
[04:10:09 PM] FastTadpole: hows it going ?
[04:10:31 PM] Jewish4Liberty: and twitter and MSN can't see my real IP since I'm using a getaway to get them
[04:10:39 PM] Jewish4Liberty: They connected to twitter via a Jabber transport, just as I'm connected to ICQ MSN AIM YIM indirectly via Jabber transport
[04:10:45 PM] Jewish4Liberty: We opened a private forum and the Saudis managed to get more than 300 Egyptians in 7 hours
[04:10:51 PM] Jewish4Liberty: I'm not connected to IRC via Jabber too :P
[04:11:08 PM] Jewish4Liberty: Jabber is a decentralized IM
[04:11:17 PM] FastTadpole: I'll have to check it out URL me
[04:11:22 PM] Jewish4Liberty: + I can Audio/Video calls with it :P
[04:11:32 PM] Jewish4Liberty: yes yes I'll give a url shortly
[04:11:35 PM] FastTadpole: I was going to get something like XChat
[04:11:46 PM] FastTadpole: I use Ventrilo too
[04:12:17 PM] Jewish4Liberty: Psi is Q <> <t>, Gajim is PyGTK <>
[04:12:32 PM] Jewish4Liberty: You can open an account directly from the software
[04:12:34 PM] FastTadpole: tyvm
[04:12:50 PM] Jewish4Liberty: is highly recommended < best server
[04:12:54 PM] Jewish4Liberty: german server
[04:13:22 PM] Jewish4Liberty: DO NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT AT or (cisco owned)
[04:13:29 PM] FastTadpole: I have to learn some software and a couple of languages to help yeti run ConCen first but that'll be on my list of ToLearns
[04:13:44 PM] FastTadpole: noted^
[04:13:46 PM] Jewish4Liberty: You must!
[04:14:00 PM] Jewish4Liberty: See this picture
[04:14:16 PM] * FastTadpole upgrades that previous list from toLearns to MustLearns
[04:15:03 PM] Jewish4Liberty: I hope that NWOChat at #new_world_order at efnet will do something similar -- @groen_ *wink*
[04:15:10 PM] Jewish4Liberty: lol
[04:16:32 PM] Jewish4Liberty: IRC sign-up is a little tricky
[04:16:45 PM] Jewish4Liberty: contact me for a very short guidelines
[04:17:48 PM] Jewish4Liberty: If you are and I'm than we can connect with each other (inter-server)
[04:17:54 PM] FastTadpole: Will do -- in a couple weeks
[04:18:05 PM] FastTadpole: I have a LOT on the go right now
[04:18:10 PM] FastTadpole: FIFO
[04:19:45 PM] Jewish4Liberty: alright
[04:20:54 PM] FastTadpole: but yeah you're my go2guy on that one - assuming you have the male equipment (default for IRC users)
03-30-2011, 05:50 PM,
RE: Jabber, JID, XMPP (Decentralized IM)
I'd love to do this but short on time.

Just checked out and was quite impressed.

[Image: introduce_2.png]
There are no others, there is only us.

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