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BRICS Summit: Far East Bloc versus America: 'Great Game' for Global Order via Banking and Currency?
04-21-2011, 06:20 AM,
RE: BRICS Summit: Local currencies to replace dollar
This may go beyond just the dollar. It could be followed by a hinged deal in resource and trade, brokerage deals like the deal that was signed in November of last year.

China and Russia Sign 12 Documents in Trade and Economic Unification Deal

USD Surpluses Converted into Gold - China, Russia, Iran are dumping the Dollar

Interesting angle in Brazil being involved in this deal. Canada and the US are (were?) really lobbying for the Brazilian market and has deals, both existing and pending for tighter trade relations with Brazil. It seems China has first slice of the pie maybe more.

If North America wants to play in the globalist trade bloc game Brazil relations is a major piece in remaining strong relative to the Chinese, India South and East Africa and Russia power bloc.

Ribeiro G. - Brazil and the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA)

China is unloading US Dollars on Brazil, entrenching a Chinese cultural footprint, getting cheap labour for Apple products and access to food resources in a mammoth soybean deal. A sweetheart deal for China that takes advantage of the political economic climate in Brazil.

Quote:Brazil Doubles Down on China Trade
By Eric Ehrmann
Posted: 04/20/11 01:28 PM ET

With food and fuel prices causing inflation and strikes, President Dilma Rousseff has returned from China with over $30 billion in deals that will create some high value jobs and help steady the economy. But while the BRIC nations want to do business in local currencies, most of the government and private sector deals linked to the Dilma visit are dollar plays. Further declines in the US currency will require new intervention, complicating efforts to shift the image of Dilma's government from the left to the center, a move that is key to attracting global capital in today's currency war environment.

The Dilma in China show was low-fi in contrast with the media circus orchestrated for President Obama's stopover in Brazil last month. But while American consumer culture drives Brazil's young, wired and affluent, the China deals -- a mix of high tech ventures, defense and security moves and agricultural exports -- are reminders of why Beijing has pulled ahead of Washington as Brazil's top trade partner.

To help solidify the foundation of the new Sino-Brazilian relationship, the governments have agreed to increase cultural programs and create what will become Brazil's largest Chinese language training facility under the aegis of the Federal University of Porto Alegre.


Offering China the opportunity to lock in price stability that helps avoid food inflation, the $10 billion soybean deal does not create the value added jobs Brazil needs, masking a low-wage peasant economy stuffed in an agribusiness wrapper. And the $12 billion deal to produce and assemble components for Apple and other mobile items is heavily concentrated in the Amazon high tech free trade zone where unions have little leverage to help workers get higher wages; to help win this deal Dilma recently extended by decree the law establishing the zone for 50 years, citing strategic reasons.

Foxconn, the company behind the Apple deal, while the largest exporter of mobile components and devices from the Peoples Republic of China..
Full Article:

More on China and Brazil Sign 13 Cooperation and Trade Deals on Food, Defense, Labour, Tech, Airlines and Energy. Huffington post left out / glossed over some major points in the Defense and Energy contracts.

Quote:China vows new Brazil trade ties
By Li Xiaokun, Ai Yang and Bao Chang (China Daily)
Updated: 2011-04-13 08:01

China pledged to diversify its trade with Brazil and boost imports from South America's biggest economy. Chinese and Brazilian companies signed 13 deals and cooperation documents on the heels of the BRICS summit. Brazil's national electric company, Eletrobras, and state-run energy giant Petrobras signed deals with Chinese partners. Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer also signed contracts with Chinese airlines. Terms were met on beef, pork, gelatin, corn, tobacco leaf, bovine embryos and semen and fruit from Brazil as well as fruit from China. Cooperation documents defense were signed by the Chinese defense minister and Brazil's foreign minister. China has moved past the US as Brazil's biggest trading partner.
Full Article:
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