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Freedom Present - Getting to the Other Side
12-26-2010, 12:03 AM, (This post was last modified: 07-24-2011, 04:06 PM by ZeroCenter.)
Freedom Present - Getting to the Other Side
In the spirit of the holidays, here's a "best of" summary for understanding to date:

The Basics:
* To Be a Man, pt.1 -
* To Be a Man, pt.2 -
* To Be a Man, pt.3 -
* COURT: Who's Who and What to Say:
* BLUEPRINT - Nice 1-page layout by a Peaceful Inhabitant to help everyone better grasp the how/why:
* Dancing to Hallow (28 min re-mix):
* Full source of above 28 min audio (Dec 2010 Pay-it-Fwd call):

Refs illustrating our goal: a Debt-Free, Interest-Free Currency
* The High Cost of Working for Money:
* The High Cost of Working for Money, pt2:
* Asset Creation Processing (pdf) summary of PROMISES UNLEASHED:
* Love is New Currency of 21st Century:
. . . a. TEXT:
. . . b. VIDEO pt.1:
. . . c. VIDEO pt. 2:
* Debt-Free, Interest-Free Currency Seminar Ajax, Ontario, Canada Sept 2010:
* Freedom From Debt Blog:
*** How can demanding peace restore to the people the enjoyment of the "use of the fruit"?

Deep down we know there is a problem with the money. The U.S. Code identifies the Federal Reserve Note as an OBLIGATION UPON THE UNITED STATES: 12 USC 411. The law on everyone's heart knows it is wrong to enslave your neighbors, so why would we participate in a scheme to enslave the people to the Federal Reserve? Why use a currency that literally makes the U.S. a debtor to a foreign bank? Especially when there is a lawful protest, pro-choice alternative?

A simple act, EVERYONE can do (without risk) is to DEMAND "Lawful Money".
It is simple, costs you nothing, but has a major effect.
Simply restrict endorsements on ALL checks you cash or deposit with the following:
"Demand is made for lawful money" (before signature)

Yet this is only the beginning of the journey, but the rest of the solution will come clear as we walk the path of a Peaceful Inhabitant.
We are all leaders, but what will our example be? One example is Louis Beam (author of Rules to Live By and Precepts of Leadership

. . . When we learn the value of "fighting with fighting" to correct the mistake, then everybody wins (i.e. an equal exchange of energy/value).
. . . Difference between the Peaceful Inhabitant way & the "truth movement" commercial/remedy processes is the latter are invariably based in conflict (winners & losers), whereas this is based upon the premise no loss is incurred by ANY party.

Exercise Freedom and Become Change:
* What if the solution is simple & free?:
* Choose Freedom & Be the Change:

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