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Wikileaks and Assange = Rothschilds: The Proof
12-13-2010, 11:53 AM,
RE: Wikileaks and Assange = Rothschilds: The Proof
Instead of blabbing about the recent WikiLeaks scandal that came after the release of private diplomat emails, why don't you familiarize yourself with what WikiLeaks has done in the past?

Quote:Wikileaks' release of 90,000 classified Afghanistan war records is the biggest but far from the first scoop the whistleblower site has picked up since it went public in early 2007, the Telegraph notes, listing some other major coups.

* Iraq helicopter attack. The Pentagon accused Wikileaks of endangering national security after it posted a video taken from an Apache helicopter's gun camera showing the crew shooting dead 15 civilians, including two Reuters journalists, and laughing about it.

* Scientology. Wikileaks put the secret 'bibles' of Scientology online in 2008 and refuse to remove the L. Ron Hubbard-penned works despite efforts from the organization's lawyers.
* Climategate. Leaked emails in which scientists discussed ways to manipulate climate data sparked a major row in the scientific world and a UN investigation.
* Guantanamo manual. An operating manual for dealing with Gitmo inmates found its way onto Wikileaks in 2007, letting human rights groups know that prisoners could be denied Red Cross access for up to 4 weeks.
* Sarah Palin's private emails. The then-Alaska governor was accused of trying to dodge transparency guidelines after emails posted on Wikileaks by a hacker showed that she had been using her Yahoo! account to conduct state business.
* Pentagon Wikileaks warning. A classified military document warning that the site could pose a threat to military operations and detailing efforts to find a possible mole leaking information to the site soon found its way onto Wikileaks.

Also, WikiLeaks has touched on 9/11:

Quote:More than 500,000 pager messages sent in the United States on the day of the September 11 attacks were published to Wikileaks in November last year. Some were from federal and local officials, but most were from ordinary people. There was a debate over whether the release was legitimately in the public interest, revealing personal messages such as "I'm ok & love you..xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox". A Wikileaks spokesman defended the leak, saying that it represented "one more building block to getting a full picture of what happened on that day."

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