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Wikileaks and Assange = Rothschilds: The Proof
12-05-2010, 01:25 PM,
RE: Wikileaks and Assange = Rothschilds: The Proof
Netanyahu, Mark Stephens didn't really have to read much more on it you back a good case against the wikileaks arm of PR. I'm sure there is some truth to it - most lies have a good amount of truth to it.

.. but it's one of the many heads of the dragon. It feeds on our attention the more time we spend picking it apart the less time we have to concentrate on actually building alternatives for ourselves and others.

This was my last bit on the WikiLies h/t to H3rm35 and the other posters on the thread:

I'm done with it for now.

Countries are mere shells in this game. It's about people leveraging power, by getting us to hand it over by bribe, by deception and by force whenever necessary. The lines of nation states are merely vehicles in this game. Even corporations are shells - family names like Rothschild are fronts/ shells too (you can change a name - and they have, what is a de Rothschild - hint: not of the bloodline), that can be worn and discarded. However there is a power base and we can't let the propaganda distract and divide us.

Keep your eye on the ball. Global tyranny, how to stop it, one person at a time; by not handing over our power.
There are no others, there is only us.

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