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Being the First Ten Movements of Peter Deunov's Pan-Eu-Rhythmy
10-27-2010, 10:51 PM,
Rainbow  Being the First Ten Movements of Peter Deunov's Pan-Eu-Rhythmy
The first day of spring
Being the First Ten Movements of Peter Deunov's Pan-Eu-Rhythmy

by Ardella Nathanael

Each of us has an inner potential, a Divine spark within us, which is all coiled up, but unfolding....

Movement 1

The first ten movements are called "The First Day of Spring." Spring symbolizes the awakening, not only of Living Nature, but also of the human Soul.

The symbolism goes further. The music is always in the center of the PanEuRhythmy circle, because music is creative. Peter Deunov always had an orchestra in the center of the circle. The music is in the center, because it is from the center of all creation that we are constantly empowered, that we are constantly created anew every moment.

The first ten movements depict the initial awakening of each person to what life is all about. We gently walk in rhythm with the beat of the music, starting with the right foot forward on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th beats, and the left foot forward on the even beats. This is important. The arm movements are done to the regular rhythm of the body walking, rather as the delicate melodies of violin, flute, and harp are performed against the backdrop of the bass rhythm of trombone, double-bass, bassoon, and percussion. In this way, the human body mirrors the orchestra, and I have noticed that people's dancing of the PanEuRhythmy closely reflects their own ease of handling the different aspects of life — physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

For instance, people who are very well grounded in their bodies will usually flow easily with the rhythm of the movements, particularly of the legs. Those who are highly sensitive to the spiritual dimensions will be delicately attuned to the subtleties of the arm and hand movements and will engage their whole consciousness as they dance.

As we move, we touch the ground with our toes first, before our heels. Peter Deunov suggested that we walk like this, because it has a very uplifting effect on our whole body, mind, and feeling nature. The modern way of walking, heels first, actually jars the spine, as many people have experienced. I have been experimenting walking like this, toes first, and it really has an incredible effect. One just feels as if one is a soul floating in this beautiful world, and that one has a vehicle, a beautiful body, but is not pulled down by it. This has a really liberating effect. One experiences being body, mind, and spirit all together, without being completely weighted down to the ground. The body then becomes alive, magnetized, and uplifted.

That is also the beautiful way in which the fairies move, lifting one knee with toes pointed and then the other knee. This is because they are light beings. In all these dances we can pick up some of their lightness and their joyful qualities.

The first movement, called Awakening, starts with the hands and fingers curled up on the shoulders. As we step forward with the right foot, our arms swing up and out sideways and our fingers uncurl and extend out horizontally. As the left leg swings forward, we again sweep the hands up and inwards, back to the shoulders, curling the fingers in again to the starting position. The arm movements are done in synchrony with the feet walkingthe outward opening of the arms in a semicircle up and out to the horizontal sideways as the right foot steps forward, and the return of the arms up and back down to the starting point on the shoulders as the left foot steps forward. This outward motion of the arms to the movement of the right leg symbolizes the outward motion of the left brain connecting with the world around us, bit by bit, while the return of the arms, coinciding with the movement of the left leg, depicts the function of the right brain or feeling nature which swings us back to center and connects us with the whole.

An acorn which is buried under the ground, has within it all the strength and power, which, a hundred years later, will be a great oak tree. Each little seed has within it a power that is unfolding. Each of us has an inner potential, a Divine spark within us, which is all coiled up, but unfolding, like a little fern in spring. When the sun shines, the fern unfolds to the Divine light which is awakening its being and drawing out its inner potential.

The whole of life — the universe, everything — works in cycles. All the planets and stars move around the universe in cycles. We work in cycles of day and night, summer and winter, and birth, maturity, and death, and then going back into God, to manifest again in some way.

As we unfold to that Divine light, we also take it in, just as when we eat and expose ourselves to food, we take it in and assimilate it. When we expose ourselves to new ideas and influences, we need time to allow those ideas and influences to penetrate our being and to mean something to us. So the first movement, the opening and taking in, is Awakening, as it depicts the awakening of the human Soul.

Continued in Movement 2: Reconciling/Harmonizing

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