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Global Warming/ Climate change?
10-19-2010, 06:17 PM,
RE: Global Warming/ Climate change?
Quote:The mass of human man objects came to less than 0.001% of the mass of the Earth.

I did not know that, but it should be noted that although humans quantifiably don't produce a lot relative to the mass of the earth we can manage to mess things up pretty nicely at times. There is a fine line between utilizing the Earth's resources and exploiting them akin to a gang rape of the planet.

Solution: refuse to buy products that go against what you deem a responsible utilization as you see it. That includes products purchased on your behalf (government).

As for Monckton I am wary of this guy because of his affiliation not to mention he is a Lord and Knight of Malta. That said I haven't found fault in what he has presented on the AGW debate yet. The Bishop Hill site and Steve McIntyre are far more qualified, thorough and bounds more objective than Lord Monckton on the science. Monckton could go a lot deeper but for some reason he doesn't which leads me to believe he is controlled opposition to some degree.

There is spin, exaggerations, cherry picking and lies on both sides of the debate but it's rather obvious why one side is given much more of the money and power as it leads back to interests that seek to gain more control over the world, it's resources and it's inhabitants.

edit: Oh and I heard the C2C show this morning. A globalist fear peddler chanting the "don't think, act now before it's too late!" mantra. His flooding data was refuted outright and is based on old IPCC/Al Gore theatrics which even the IPCC had to backtrack on. Florida will not be underwater anytime soon.

Once you've had your fill of the science bit (read both sides) and you do your own math maybe look into the money and power motives if you can stomach it. We've posted LOTS on that angle too.
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