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Bittorrent on a mobile phone!
09-25-2010, 10:59 PM,
RE: Bittorrent on a mobile phone!
(09-25-2010, 03:18 PM)rsol Wrote: One thing i cant stand about bit torrent clients is their need to hang onto ip addresses. you can have requests from others blasted down to you from hundreds of clients DAYS after you stopped.

Interesting that this happens, because it shouldn't. Clients are supposed to get regular updates of the IPs in the swarm from the tracker. The tracker is supposed to purge IPs that don't check in. In our case, if a client doesn't refresh within 30 minutes, their IP is discarded. Of course, if the client isn't braindead, when it closes, it is supposed to send a message to the tracker to drop it from the swarms.

Then there is the problem of DHT - if a client is using it then it doesn't check the trackers for swarm info, it uses IP lists from other DHT users, which need to be accurate, but often aren't...
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