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British banker shot in the head in Bahamas
04-30-2009, 05:48 AM,
British banker shot in the head in Bahamas
British banker shot in the head in Bahamas
A British banker is under armed guard in a hospital in the Bahamas after being shot in the head in an execution-style assassination attempt.

By Duncan Gardham
Last Updated: 10:40PM BST 26 Apr 2009

Hywel Jones, 55, survived the shot to the back of his head but remains in a coma at the hospital on New Providence Island where police have put him under round-the-clock protection.

Police say a man was waiting for him when he arrived at work at the Britannia Investment Group near Gambier Village at 9.30am on Wednesday and shot him as he got out of his car.

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Detectives investigating the case say Mr Jones, from North Wales, was "not a random target" and there were reports that he had been beaten up during a break-in at his home a few weeks earlier.

The financial adviser had worked for NatWest in Britain before establishing Britannia in 1996 and is a former director of the Bankers Association of The Bahamas and The Bahamas Institute of Bankers.

Assistant Superintendent Leon Bethel, of the island's central detective unit, said Mr Jones was currently "unresponsive."

"I visited him but have not been able to interview him. We have officers there and we are going to allow them to remain for some time," he added.

"We are following some lines of inquiries and we believe that it is going to lead us somewhere, but we are still asking members of the public to assist us in our investigations."

Mr Bethel said the bullet had passed through the victim's head.

"This man who did the shooting was hanging out in the area of West Bay Street and Gambier Village," Mr Bethel added. "He was here for a while and when [Jones] pulled up, he approached him and fired shots."

Mr Jones is a former partner of Lester Turnquest, a former MP on the island, who broke away from the Britannia Group in 2006 and has reportedly been involved in a civil suit with Mr Jones.

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