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Schoolchildren 'routinely monitored' by CCTV
03-15-2010, 09:51 PM,
Schoolchildren 'routinely monitored' by CCTV
Quote:Surveillance cameras are now installed in most UK schools, despite little warning given to parents or pupils, it was claimed.

As many as 85 per cent of teachers have reported the use of CCTV in their schools and one-in-10 said cameras had even been placed in toilets.

According to the study, some schools are also using other techniques such as fingerprinting, metal detectors, electronic identity cards, eye scanners and facial recognition systems.

Research funded by Salford University said that schools were increasingly becoming a “hotbed for surveillance practices” in the UK as children were subjected to checks for often mundane reasons such as borrowing a book from a library or paying for lunch.

But Dr Emmeline Taylor, the report’s author, also suggested many schools were collecting CCTV images illegally by failing to inform pupils and visitors that they were being monitored under the Data Protection Act.

She also said the effectiveness of CCTV remained “extremely dubious”.

“Surveillance has burgeoned in UK schools without too much concern or commotion,” she said

“Not only are UK pupils subjected to surveillance rivalling that in airports and prisons, but the law apparently protecting our civil liberties is so impotent that it offers nothing by way of protection.

“It is a common misconception that the processing of all personal data must take place on the basis of consent. The dearth of concrete legislation permits ever more invasive surveillance practices to be introduced in schools.”

As part of the study, carried out as part of a PhD, Dr Taylor examined existing research into the subject of CCTV in schools.

She also surveyed 24 secondaries in one local authority in the north-west of England. Dr Taylor found that 23 of the schools had CCTV.

An earlier survey by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers found that 85 per cent of teachers worked in schools with spy cameras.

In most cases, schools had an average of 20 cameras around the school site, with some installed in toilets.

Last year, it emerged that as many as 100 cameras were being used as part of a £60,000-a-year surveillance system at Stockwell Park High in south London.

“The reasons for implementing CCTV in schools are extremely varied, ranging from crime prevention, to tackling bullying, deter smoking, teacher training, prevent truancy or simply to monitor pupil behaviour,” said Dr Taylor.

“The effectiveness of CCTV in preventing and detecting crime remains extremely dubious, and its impact upon more trivial behaviours such as playing truant has not been measured.

“CCTV is often attributed with numerous benefits that often there is no evidence to suggest that it can deliver on.”

Dr Taylor said an estimated 3,500 schools in the UK – around one-in-seven – also used fingerprinting technology, usually in canteens or libraries.

A spokesman for the Department for Children, Schools and Families said: “There are no grounds for suggesting that schools are being used as ‘testbeds’ for surveillance.

“Clear guidance on these matters has been issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

“We give schools freedom to run their own affairs. It is rightly down to headteachers to use their professional judgment in choosing technology to improve their day-to-day running.

“But it's plain common sense for them to talk to parents and pupils about this and all issues relating to their pupils to how schools operate.”
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03-16-2010, 01:02 AM,
RE: Schoolchildren 'routinely monitored' by CCTV

when i was in school we didn't have a single cctv in the place.
03-16-2010, 01:47 AM,
RE: Schoolchildren 'routinely monitored' by CCTV
I remember when they first started installing CCTV in the buses - it made me really angry, and I went to the school board to voice my concerns. They said that because the used "informed consent" - putting signs in the buses letting you know you were being recorded - that they were fully in their rights to do so. They told me I could always find another way to school, so I didn't really have the right to complain. I would have gotten a lot more noisy about the situation if it had been in the classroom or the hallways, as truancy laws would've forced me to submit to the Orwellian bullshit. That, I wouldn't have let stand as easily.
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03-16-2010, 04:34 PM,
RE: Schoolchildren 'routinely monitored' by CCTV
When I left my Secondary School a few years ago now there were CCTV cameras everywhere, literally. Yards, corridoors, stairwells, but not toilets as far as I know.

They also introduced biometrics within the canteen. Revelead as a 'cash free system' there was no option, either you used it or you didn't get access to any food, unless you wanted vending machine garbage. The company behind these systems, who have my fingerprint, is called VeriCool.. or is it.

A quick check on there website ( revealed that the company is registered as Anteon LTD in the UK REG NUMBER: 2850814.

So shuffling a little further down this hole, it appears that Anteon is a company located in Peterborough, England, and is a subsidary of General Dynamics United Kingdom LTD. There website ( openly states that:

We offer systems engineering solutions for Defence and Government customers. Our strategic and tactical shelter solutions, together with a wide range of battlefield life support systems, are widely deployed in support of current military operations and national resilience programs

I see, the company behind this are buddies with the MoD, thats comforting.

This is still at ground level, I remember reading that Anteon had ties to training interrogators at Guantanamo Bay! not sure of the reliability but there is nothing healthy about this situation whatsoever.
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