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canadian conspiracy
08-15-2010, 09:00 PM, (This post was last modified: 08-16-2010, 03:18 PM by persecuted in alberni.)
RE: canadian conspiracy
Well folks I have finnaly had enough of the pain they cause my wife and family so on the 20th of september I will turn myself into the police/mentalhealth and they shall hold me for the rest of my days and never let me go.
If my wife and family ever wants to see me free again then they can fight for my release, in order for that to happen I want a full admittance from the RCMP and the Harper government that yes I was indeed targeted and harrassed and that yes RCMP did infact cause my nervouse break down and did infact place me in the hospital in order to write me off as insane.
They will admit that it was wrong for them to take me away the way they did in order to get my into a hospital once again and a way to hide the multistalkers/gangstalkser that work for the corrupt RCMP and the mental health system that have done this to many others in this country and they must be stoped.
The RCMP will admit it was harassment for them to come here about anything I put on the internet and make others think I am a danger because of it.
They will admitt they had no right to come here on the 26th of december with three cruisers like as if I was a danger when again it was all aimed at character assasination and they will admitt this to my wife and family and I do not have to get a lawyer to get the answers.
Every doctor that gets before me is corrupt just like the last doctor who is also a very lousy doctor and we need to have him answer alot of my questions andthe same with nurses who take me aside and tell me horror stories about people who kill government workers and cut them up and put them in suitcases and then tell me I better think about that.

The bitch needs to explain herself without everyone making me feel bad or insane for asking questions,the fact is it happened and and she said it because in all this character assasination she was told I have problems with EIC (authority) and that I might do that sort of thing when I would not nor have I ever.

She will admitt like the docors will admitt they knew it was true but went along like as if it was in my head but it is infact the doctors and the police that are actualkly sick and insane for doing such a thing.

I will get a lawyer after the RCMP and the Harper governmetn admitt to the crimes against me so we can finalize the millions of dollars my family and I will be recieving for the pain misery and suffering you have cause my wife,family,friends and even the people in my community.
The lawyers will finalize everything in an out of court settlement,lolLMFAO it makes me laugh how the media/lawyers/judges and politicians all think they can sit back and pretend they don't know untill they really have to by force then they suddenly spring up to cash in on it all.

I am sick and tired of my wife and family making me feel bad about myself because I am still making every attempt to get my story on the net before I place myself in hospital jail for life or else.
I know it is insane to cause violence but at the same time I know RCMP have done me wrong and the plan was to place me in jail for life so they must do so and as I said my loved ones will have to fight for my release if they want to see me.
So maybe someone should go tell that corrupt doctor I am coming to see him so he can lock me up for life intill I see a big investigation into everything I have said.
My father goes in for his operation on the 1st of september and so I need to make it clear to the world if my father dies before the RCMP have admitted to all the wrong doings they have done to me and my family and so that he may at least die that his son was indeed telling the truth about the corrupt RCMP.
I must be locked up or I cannot say that the RCMP would ever be safe in this town again if he died before they came clean on the crimes they have committed against my family and I.

So over the next month I will prepare to be incarcerated/intitutionalized and say farewell to people and I have letters to go out too,it's important the media and many other know the date and time I will do this and I will post the date and time at other places on the net and my blog that the RCMP came to my home to harrass me about will go back online on the same day I do this.
I will put it all in writting for authorities for they need to understand this is not a rreason for them to put me in a mental hospital so they can force drugs on me and beat/torture/rape me behind closed doors.
I have never harmed anyone even when I was forced to go to hospitals I went along and took drugs doctors forced on me,I was not violent at all and I tried to be polite with nurses.
I go along with these people when they have authorit but god help them all if it turns out this is not just in my head because I take the authority then and I decide the punishment which before was called violence but one the truth comes out then I will use punishment not violence.
I am making it clear to the world how sick Adolph Harpers government is to sit back and watch these people destroy my marriage and life and know that placing me away for good was the plan all along.

They have turned my wife against me and so now we do not speak to each other anymore around the house and she knows I have had enough with the pain the RCMP cause my family especialy knowing my father has cancer.

Maybe the RCMP should get my cousin Peter to call muy parents and let them it is true what I said about how Peter and his parents knew what I was saying about Tim was true.
They all knew and I think Peter should tell my parents he is higher up and not just some rookie so he knows fullwell I am not insane he knows this is true but just as corrupt as the rest of them.

It is very sickening to know the amount of filth and scum that live in this town that made my persecution possible and there are plenty of them.

It is a shame how corrupt the Harper government is and how it persecuted people like me and Marc Emery and so this is why I can't help myself but to support Marc Emery and that's why I have made up big banners and signs supporting the release of Marc and sit with them alongside highway #1 in Port Alberni every saturday for two hours.

I have sat with my signs there on the highway for 14 saturdays in a row and hope to get a few more in before I turn myself in because I enjoy standing up for freedom it isn't just about marc it's about the movement.

I had alot of other great ideas about getting the message across but as I have said I cannot handle see what this has done to my wife and family and how they think of me now.

I guess I will find out how much my wife really loves me by how hard she fights to get me the truth so I don't have to hurt innocent corrupt cops who are all full of shit.
Like I said before folks if I say that cops followed and harrassed me for a period back in 07 which helped cause my mental breakdown then you can bet your fuckin ass that that is what happened and so no it is time to pay up PIGS ok RCMP.

Fuckin cops are famous for the lies yet for some reason I get stuck with people not smart enough to see through it all,pisses me off.
Sorry but I don't spend money on lawyers,sorry I don't play that game so I guess I am going away untill someone confesses thier hearts out.

my blog at will be back online as I said on the same day I check in to police/doctor and you will see more of the things they did to me when you learn to read through my bad writting and spelling/grammer that is lol.

gotta go for now back with more later,bye
08-16-2010, 11:46 AM,
RE: canadian conspiracy
Uhh... Good luck brother, quite a post there. :O.

08-18-2010, 12:45 AM, (This post was last modified: 08-18-2010, 04:32 AM by persecuted in alberni.)
RE: canadian conspiracy
Hello folks,well have I got new stuf to talk about today,I set another trap for the police and didn't even plan too lol.

First off I have explain else where on how the multistalkers work on breaking me down slowly but surely.
I have explained about how yes they have my neighbour as a spy,he makes the calls when I leave and he listens in on the events going on in the house.
Allways remember when they have you undersurveillence they are listening in on everything you are saying so they can hold it against you in a court of law.
Oh I guess I should explain that the guy who was my foster brother is the guy that I have accussed of killing micheal dunahee and police know it aswell.
They persecuted me through assoseation because I hung out with him for years as adults too but it was indeed more or less because I wanted to watch his actions knowing he was a psychopath.
The fact is they suspected me of being a killer because I hung out with him they stalked me and harassed me using the multistalkers/gangstalkers to cause a nervous breakdown because they were in the hope of gaining a confession out of me but they got alot more than they bargained for.

They then thought they all write this off as just in my head and have the doctor write it off as mental problems,they have done it too many others.
They now no longer have to worry about wrongfull suspetion/accusal charges against them which in turn leads to a very big investigation and then the next thing the good doctor and cops are gonna be on thier knees suck in my dick.
It tells me that they like I think Tim is indeed the killer and yes knowing little Timmy Twat when they leaned on him wich I am sure he did and he told them a big lie and tried to blame me.
What does that mean, it means that yes not only do they have the right guy(TIM)they have jack fuckin shit that PROVES Tim did it because that is why they came and did what they did to me.
Tim told them I had something to do with it which is bullshit and they needed to fing the other killer yes that's right I too like the cops think he had help(this is all at my blog by the way)from someone else.
You have to understand to extract info like this from someone who sometimes may not even know that they have information which could lead to arrest of a killer you need to use multistalkers/gangstalkers to get it done and that's what they did and that's why I stopped and got in the face of one of them without causing harm because I need to introduce you to them my fellow Canadians.
The fact is the RCMP need to confess that yes they did and lets get busy with me suein the fuck out of them and so I can have my wife back and so I can get busy fixin some things on this planet.

In order for them to walk away from this like this is they need to make sure I am declared totaly mentaly ill and or institutionalized for it to work.
The last thing these freaks need is someguy documenting it and walking around explain how he is gonna put it in a book for everyone dispite any insanity made against him.
Sooooooo now are you with me on this one,hope I don't loose anyone so please hold off on saying no no that is just in my head cause NOOOOO it ain't.

OK so when the wife and I have big fights about this which is common,all she needs to do is see me typing or writing and she is angry on the spot,she get really angry because she wants it to go away but it won't.
So anyway I make sure I raise my voice so thier neighbourhood spy who is listening hears it too so he can make that call "OK he just left the house very mad ,they just had a fight, he is really angry and he just jumped in his truck and he is leaving".
Now is a very good time to come and harrass me with these stalkers and for them to come and pester me hoping I will get angry and cause harm not threats they are short lived, no no it is Violence that will show I am insane very nicely.
Do you see how this works people this is how they work,imagine getting into a big fight that is a major issue in you life with your spouse and so you go stormin off all mad and angry and leave for awhile to cool off,come on now people we have all done that.
Now what would happen if you are reeeeealy angry and stop at the store for a pop and the guy commin out of the store pusshes or does something like call you a name or a wimp,something like that.
So you are mad to the point where you feel like hitting something and then someone comes along and trys to get you going and fighting.
They prey on the times when you are down or sad and most of all MAD because the point is they know they are there and they know that everyone else doesnt know about it and so they hold it against you hoping I will use violence.
Like I have said I do not have a violent past or a criminal record or run in with the law and no I ain't perfect just like you ain't, I am just saying they are trying to change that.

Now I also know that I can play games with them now that I know who these people are I can screw with them now and take pics/film these diddlers.
So when I get in a fight lick last week and I leave it is because I need to get more on film,like the little fuck in the blue truck while we waited for the light to change.
I don't need to say or do a thing but when the law confesses I will be exposing alot of these child molesting multistalkers/gangstalkers lol lmfao,you can count on it.

The cops are the same so in the past when I just feel like pickin up the phone and ask government people that no one elses to ask or should I say demand.
I See a cop now and then when I come home form work,I see one or two cops now and then but not lots same amount as you, you see them but not alot all the time same as me.

So If for lets say two weeks and in that time you only see them now and then sometime I see none on my way home and if I write down everytime I see a cop you will see that I see probably as many as you do.
But I can change it in a heart beat all I have to do is sit down at my computer and go to anysite like I did at cannabis culture the other day and make it "look like" I am making threats against authorities like the RCMP as I try to explain to stupid slow people on how they push you to the point of using violence or just talking of it so that they have a reason to take me again.

And you bet you people LMFAO there they were,I saw 4 cop cars along the route I take to drop the guys off after work where normaly there are none or maybe one or two.
Just like clock work and I love being able to explain it to the guys I am with how it works and to tell them we will see more cops today than normal and sure as shit there they are.
Thats the stuff for the lawyers lol after all this is where the mental anguish comes into play,arrest me if I did wrong don't get in my face to make me angry hoiping I will snapp because it aint gonna happen.
They did this all the time back in 07 thats what brought on my nervous breakdown because it went on for along time.
It is all about documeting and recording untill the people in my life can see a pattern then it starts to make sense.

Anyway Jodie must have banned which is her loss not mine if these people cannot read it allproperly and understand it too bad for them,I do not feel bad about anything I said about pigs,I was making a point.
Maybe someone should remind them it worked for me because I have a few more idems to add to the list of harrassment they do to me like they did after it came back to them as HE IS ANRY go harrass him again we will show him is what they are doing ok people.

Rather funny how the day Jodie banned me I mailed a leeter to her husband and thgought about writting one to Jodie at cannabis culture and when I saw I was banned I decided to write one to her to explain myself on how I got banned.
No need to unban me Jodie I don't need that kind of slack from stupid uneducated tits(not you Jodie) who could not understand what I was saying because it worked for me just fine.
I have say out on hightwy # 4 in Port Alberni with my free marc emery signs(I should post pics)for 14 straight weeks in a row for Marc Emery and I promised the man I would untill his hearing on the 10th and I plan on doing it too even if his wife has foolishly been fooled to think this i am insane.
It just sounds like I am insane cause I dono how to write lol.

Anyone who thinks cops did not harrass and stalk me is a fucking idiot and I don't have time for that sort of thing I am living with the same kind of people because it was all done in a way that leaves loved ones thinking it is just in my head.

Why can people not believe this remember this is the RCMP here we are talking about they are corrupt as sin and do not ever confess to any wrong doing,why the fuck can't you believe they suspected the wrong guy and know that yes I too know who he is.
I would not doubt that they plan to come and get me before the time I come and get in thier faces on the 20th of sept so they can still be in controll of it and allways use the mental health act to put me away and not let me use the legal system.
They know I will put it all in letter form and politicians and media can read how an innoccent man who is poor white trash that cannot afford a lawyer that will be honest and get the truth.

Oh and allways please remember my conspiracy buffs I have never hurt anyone not will I ever and I will say it time and time again and I do not have a criminal record,I have never done anything that deserves this and if they take me away they do it to silence me because they know I have much more to say.
They will take me away behind closed doors to drug/torture me for being too smart for them and they will question me about what I have written here at concen and blogger and other places.
I will tell you know that what I have to say is being said right here including if they admitt I will talk about it here,my promise to you conec blogger aswell.
If taken away I promise never to get violent with them just like I have allways done and so if you here I did get violent or died suddenly again it is all part of the plan.
I will not take anydrug DOCTORS are you listening as we all know this is a story I am putting together to make a book/movie dispite the laughter you may have when you here this.
I am gonna make it all into a good story for you one day folks,one you will understand and when done you will say wow I understand now good thing he finnaly found someone else to write it lol.Isnt that right those who comment about spelling/grammer/etc?? lol
Remember also doctor I have nothing to say to you about anything so please do not assume I need counselling cause it ain't gonna happen untill all my questions are asked, even the small ones.
Like I said folks do you know anyone who will help me put it in a book or help me put it on film for the net ?? polease let me know we can shut down all righting here untill put into a proper order to make some more sense for people who come here to read it.
Just because you might be genius to figure it all out does not make you an automatic writting machine that is king of editing.
When your life is a wreck it is hard to sit and writte what is happening to you when I am a slow typer to begin with and just a few paragraphs can take me hours to right.
I love my mother and father very much they are and have allways been good parents and good people and Mr Harper is the one who could end all our suffering if he would just be brave enough and have a heart enough to order cops to admitt they did indeed cause my mental breakdown that landed me in psych ward for two weeks.

Like I said before folks call global ask if clifford olson wrote letters to anyone I know lol his last name is kelly I do believe clifford wrote letters to him.
oh shit sorry gotta run back with more later

08-18-2010, 03:02 PM, (This post was last modified: 08-18-2010, 07:02 PM by persecuted in alberni.)
RE: canadian conspiracy
Hello folks,I was just over at CC and I read a post made by gitchegumee and I thought I would let him know about some other sites he should educate himself with
Google multistalker/gangstalkers
Citizens against technilogical and community based harrassment
Google richard chamberlin

The fact is gitch you are wrong thanks for your diagnosis as I said but I suggest you keep reading what I am posting here and untill you have read my blog you won't know all of it yet.

Sorry gitch but there are some areas where with a good lawyer I can prove they violated my rights and then we will see.

But untill then gitch my family will continue to believe that the cops had to barge into my home like they did on december 26th for a good reason.
Untill then gitch my family will continue to believe it is ok for cops to come into my home and lie to me to get me into a doctors office when they had no right and yes in a court of law I will prove it OK GITCH.

untill then they will continue to believe that is is all ok on the shifty corrupt way they got me into the hospital for exposing thier multistalker OK GITCH.

So now gitch maybe you should go back to CC and let everyone know they should alkl shut the fuck up and come and join me on that highway as I stand up for my leader and country to say NO AMERICA MY COUNTRY IS NOT FOR THE TAKING.

You know nothing of honor ,pride or patriastism but I do ok and that is why I am out there on that highway with my FREE MARC EMERY SIGNS.

So you see GITCH when I come back home after I do two hours for MARC since he is doin 5yrs for me and I sit down to relax with a nice joint or a bowl full of honeyoil I have a pride and a great high as I sit and ponder what I just did for my freedom and country yes even when the rest of my country foolishly shun me because they have been fooled and tricked.

Remember GITCH if you set out to destroy or take out a great leader first you must desroy/DISCREDIT that which will stop you so if it is done before you take out that leader it is all set in stone as to how it works out.

ok GITCHEGUMME so please let the others know that agains they know nothing of what freedom is.


I am only working a few hours then I will come and explain some more untill later today bye for now folks.

ok so I'm back home early do to the character assasination braught against my family name by other roofers who came into this town believe it or not to steal work away from us by bad mouthing my fathers good name behind our backs.

Count how many people live here and then count how many roofing companies in this town and many starting up in the last five to ten years.
There is no housing boom goin on here and if you really have a look at who these roofing companies are you will pin point who it is that is all part of this secret society of child molester who band together to secretly persecute and destroy anyone who is against thier way of life.
Most importantly pay attention to roofers that are religous and or religous ties. in this town because those are the sicko's who have been bad mouthing us.

These roofers and many other sicko's who have moved into this town just to join in on the fun at destroying me had better learn if people ever start believing in me and I have support I am gonna come and see you and send your whole family into exile.Honestly folks I really can put it all together to make a hell of a story true or not.
These people will stop at nothing and I am slowly exposing them to you and how they work.

So if they watch my life and can see that of all the things in life that I have and have lost as much pain as it it they see the things and people that really mean alot to me.

So they take it from me so I loose everything all the friend and family and the two foster boys I loved very much and it really pisses them off when they still see me doing what I really enjoyed and helped kept my sanity the whole time this was going on.
They realized despite the things I lost there was still something that gave me peace and solitude.

So they made sure they went to my neighbour al and told him that I am a danger and a threat and am psych and tell him things like "I hear rumours he is actually a serial killer that prays on little childern BUT the cops don't have proff of it.
They told al all sorts of things that sent fear into his heart and so when he hears all the fighting going on in my home and is told I might hurt his kids.
So they took what I enjoyed the most yes you guessed it a great little kid next door and the two dogs dogs that I would take for walks.
So on those days when I was all wrapped up on this story and knowing I was all alone and I needed a break from my story I would just go next door and grab the kid and his dog and his dad's friends dog and go for a nice walk as I have allways enjoyed this boys conversation as he can be smart beond his years sometimes.
I enjoyed walking rays dog too but again people told him to stay away from me and used the character assasination against me so now I have no dog in my life.
Anyone who knows me can tell you when I do not have a dog at my side life is pretty sad indeed and since my dog died back in 07 I have been dogless.

I would have loved to get a dog but that is the same reason I did not grow a garden because the Port Alberni police harrassed my so much I never knew if I was going to be free to look after them.
So maybe someone should tell my neighbour that even though he thinks I am freak that when I think of all the things I lost it saddens me and just then I look up and see his kid walk past my house with two dogs that I start crying and sobbing.

So if anyone in Port Alberni has heard that I am a child molesting freak or a serial killer but cops just cant prove it then what I would like you to do is stop whispering about it go ahead and yell it out let everyone know what those rumours that are about me and my family.
Just make sure my wife and my family hears it ok because when I tell them that people are going around bad mouthing me and the family name they think I am nuts and it ain't so.

Please feel free to let them know who it was that told you about it aswell and you will know the scum that spreads it.

You really have to understand how the character assosiation works before you can believe in it but let me putt it to you this way this is the first time that in the middle of summer there is no work and it is because of character assasination and my father just cannot see what I am trying to explain to him.

My father has cancer and I should be there with him and my mother showing support but I cannot go near them because they think I need mental help and to be intitutionalized because they cannot accept the fact that I am trying to make a book/documentary about how my life was destroyed after I was foolish enough to call the police about the Clifford robert olson and John robin sharpe murders.

And once again people remember that most of the people in this country did not know who John Robin Sharpe was untill "AFTER" I made that call and that is when everyone started to see him on the news before he suddenly dissapears off the face of the planet and is a wanted man.

Again people maybe you should wake up and take a look around and you just might get as smart as I am and the government might stop pulling the wool over your eyes too.

Well I should get going I have some people to go talk to like authorities and ask a few questions,promise I will come back and tell you all about it.

Bye for now

OK so get aload of this folks, earlier when at work I explained the stuff about the other roofers in this town and how it fits the Character assasination and so he told my father of this and not ten minutes writting the above my father calls and asked about if I mentioned any of the names of these roofers and asked if I used his name I told him no I have not.
Now to explain how much my mother and father have been fooled so much and are so nieve that they cannot see past the mental health issue and understand that it is all mental and that yes they will allways try to intitutionalize me and allways allways allways use the mental health act at least for now because that is what keeps it quite.
Soooooooooooo my father when you say you know these people can take you to court and I put a smile on my face and sat GOOD, GOOD bring me to your corrupt court of law and give me the attention I desire so I can be know and then I can start taking offers from people who know they can make big bucks from me.
I cannot do it untill we are in court cause then this is all public knowledge and the people of this country will hear the accusation I have made against the RCMP and alot of other people.

So go ahead and bring me to your corrupt court of law.
08-19-2010, 04:52 PM, (This post was last modified: 08-19-2010, 10:42 PM by persecuted in alberni.)
RE: canadian conspiracy
Hello again folks, yesterday wife and I were having an arguement and I think it is clear she is in denial.
As I have made it clear to her and the doctor is I will put together a good book/movie/story once someone out there realizes I indeed to have a story to sell.
So as we all know when you write a book there is alot of searching and or should I say researching and alot of ground work to be done before it is comple.
So you have to go out and ask questions and get the facts like dates,time and places.
So when I explained to her that the police and the mental health all took a step back from me once I said "oh no we will do this the legal way" because they knew they were not going to get what they came for.
They knew I was going to use my brains not my braun so no I was going to punch them in the head and then I get tasered,no thanks.

My wife kept saying no no it didn't happen that way they did not step back like that because they didn't get what they wanted,violence.
She kept say no I said yes in my ficticious story it is that's how it happened in my story and she started crying say no no no .
I said ok they didn't do it that way but they did in my insane story of fiction and again she cried some more and said no ,no ,no.
Clearly she is in denial,like for an example in my story the cops suspected my character in the story they suspected him of a serious crime he did not do even to the point of trying to make it look that way when they know it ain't so.
So there is alot of mental harrassment they do on people to try to get them to confess to something and they use the media to get it done because they know the person will see it and they can use it to try and get responses from people.
Sometimes the entire general public are unaware that when they watch a news story sometimes it is actually directed towards one person they know is watching again the aim is to get a response.
So as I have told my wife and doctor I just like to write about what I see happening around me and so when I sit with authorities and talk about a serious crime and then the next day or soon after I see a story on the news I can use in my story I will grab it and make it part of my story.
So again when I talk of the remains of children and that of a child gone missing for 17yrs and talk about yes my foster brother and how I think cops think I have something to do with it or at least might know where his remains were placed.
No no Rick you sill sick fuck you don't know shit,Tim did not do anysuch thing and know we are not doing what you say we are is what I got out og it.
Yeah ok maybe to much pot hey doc all just in my head and so I go home and then the next day I see in the AVTIMES the there was a 17yr old boy that died up at the maquinna school hiking trails and they had to get his body out of the woods.
WOW what a coinkydink that is, I thought hey I can use that in my story they might think that if I had a part in it they might wait and hope I see it and go running off to some other spot saying no no no we put the body over here or something like that.
Kinda reminds me of an episode out of columbo where the guy who thinks he is so smart goes back and places the dody where cops allready searched and the lights come on and there is falk with his stinky cigar LMFAO.
Or maybe Tim lied which I bet he did or would have and told them I was involved and so they were hoping I would go running or something and get upset because maybe they did find micheals body because they got it out of Tim on the location.
Maybe they thought I would run away and go live in the bush lol that's so funny.
But the bottom line is maybe they just thought they would get a response out of me which they did of course I put it here and blogger for the world to see.
So anyway I will use this in my story of fiction and it is not a reason to call me insane because it is not insanity it is the smarts to write a book about what I see around me.
So in my RESEARCHING a few weeks ago I walked into AVTIMES and asked if they could search the archives for me about a story about the death of a boy up at Maqquina school area and apparently they couldn't find the story how strang I though.
So because of all the mental stress they were putting me threw I must have IMAGINED I saw such a story about a kid that died at Maquinna school area.
Unless someone else would like to contact them for me and find the article and post it here for us all to see I guess would be great.
I would like my wife to see it if it is true such an event did happen to explain like I did here how I would use it in my story so she can say no no no it is not true lol.
If it were true would we see headlines that might really get a response for a person in the general public.
Would we see headlines like "!7 YR OLD BOYS BODY FOUND AT MAQUINNA AREA" or things like "17YR OLD REMAINS FOUND IN MAQUINNA AREA" ????
Or headlines that migh refer as if they found remains that have been there for 17yrs or the remains of a 17yr old person?.
Anyway I went in because I am trying to find the date of the day before I got really stoned and thought I saw such a thing on the news lol.
So please contact them and see if you can find the article cause they couldn't find it for me.

Kinda like how I include the things I see that come close to having anything to do with Tim in the news.
Like the day I thought I saw a story on globalbcnews about how Clifford Olson was writting letters, postcards to a guy on Vancouver Island named Jim or Kim kelly or something like that and I knew I could use this in my story.

I mean Tim kelly(not really) was the name Tim went by for many years,Kelly was the last name of the man who is responsible for creating a psychopath.
The convicted child molester Timmothy Gordon Stephan who I believe would use this last name Kelly to avoid his true identity.
I stonededly thought I saw a story that also said something about Clifford saying well done Kim or Jim or what ever the guys name was.

Again folks if you think you would like to help confirm I am nuts then please call global search the archives and see if you can find the story maybe even show the post card I thought I saw.
Anyway folks this is how I will write it in my story and please understand that if you do search to prove I am nuts and am just imaganing these things in the news I might be a step closer to admitting that this is just in my head.
Don't post it here though if the guys name is Tim Kelly because that would just be to freaky and my mother and sister might start assuming that Tim is a Killer like I said and all this is true and just might fit my story and then they be nuts like me LOL LMFAO.

Like I said before folks believe it or not the "MAN" does infact FEED people like Tim and Clifford thier victims.
The MAN knows Tim is a killer and they use him to do dirty work for the elite believe it or not.
This is my story so please don't tell me how my story goes if you have a tuff time believing anything I say.

So if there is anyone who cares like people at cannabis culture of maybe even people like Jodie if I stay out on that highway for the greatest Canadian that ever lived with my FREE MARC EMERY signs then post these news events that are just in my head would be great.

Or tell me there are no such events that happened and maybe I will go ask drugs from the doctor because then I know I am nuts,oh wait aminute why should I give a shit ,in my insane story it happened lol.
oh and if this is true again RCMP it is called wrongfull suspetion/accusal it is friggin persecution hence the reason I carry this name.
Back with more later folks,gonna talk about sitemeter.

Hello I am back again ,ok so Before I wrote about sandy at the EIC office and that I was going to come and get her slowly but surely and they freaked about what I wrote I was allways watching sitemeter everyday.

I kept checking in at my site meter site which as you can quess monitors the traffic that comes to the site you want it to allmost every day.
I am trying to get my story known to the public, millions please so go tell everyone you know about this site please.
So anyway I check it because I count how many people came to my site and I could see that I had only a few people checking in on my blog on the day in question.
So on the day two cops and a woman from mental health came in and told me that sandy had gone to my blog to read what was none of her bees wax anyhow had better show that with sitemeter,right sitemeter?.
A good lawyer(if there is one)could have kicked the lot of them out the door after all I have said it at other places to and I even changed it back at blogger.
It was all bullshit and just a reason to come in and make me out to be a danger to a government worker when they know that just like I wrote at cannabis culture I am explain what and how they destroy you with thier plan against me is just part of my story and they know I am using my brains not braquns but they don't want you to think that.

So if these people think they can throw me in a mental hospital with the amount of LEGAL shit we are going to go through the before doc can do that.
The first and last doctors are corrupt evil doctor and need to be investigated and thrown in jail for playing god with peoples lives.
The whole mental health need to be over hauled,doctor will accept that yes there is such a thing as multistalker/gangstalkers.
Doctors will be educated to know that when people like me come along it is true and no they will not help.
So as you can see on the 20th that little corrupt doctor is going to go get me some answers before he throws me in a mental hospital.
So we can match it all with sitemeter and go over whether you had the right to do so and why did you rush me out of your office when I said I would take your drugs if you get sandy and judy to answer my simple questions?.
Can't be that insane when the doc doesn't think you need drugs that bad when he pushes you out of his saying I wouldn't accept that and my appointment is over.
I have been thrown in the hospital everytime Iaccuse someone and they say it is all in my head then I finaly agree to take the drugs and all I want is a simple question from two government payed workers that I have everyright to ask from and they refuse.

You throw me in the hospital doctor but refuse to give me the propper treatment all because you choose to cover this all up for them aswell and not request that she answer the questions to show me I did need help.
I bey you would have them answer now though right doc, all part of the plan get me to make a big issue out of it then thesde workers then just simply ask after they have all been rehearst as what to say to help beat the big lie.
Pretty sick doctors folks these people are sick so sorry doc don't be thinking you can just set it up so they just simply answer my questions now so but cops have violated me and so have you and you know it.
ok gotta go back with more later we can talk about getting my answers from the nurse ok doc,bye folks
08-19-2010, 05:02 PM,
RE: canadian conspiracy
[Image: 7lastsecondsAlQuaedaDivebomber2.gif]
08-19-2010, 05:30 PM,
RE: canadian conspiracy
(08-19-2010, 05:02 PM)nik Wrote: [Image: 7lastsecondsAlQuaedaDivebomber2.gif]

Hhhmmmm never seen that one,that's a wierd one.
08-20-2010, 04:56 PM,
RE: canadian conspiracy
Good morning everyone

How wierd yesterday I was talking about how I can show cops are liars with my sitemeter and now I cannot access my account says in cannot find my codename hhhmmmmm I wonder why ?.
I am waiting for someone to contact me for information on what was going on since it was just fine just the other day when I checked.
I hope sitemeter isn't one of the corrupt ones and changes info so I can't use against cops cause that info has been there ever since so why shouldn't it.

It is kinda like the guy in the room next to use when we stayed at a travalers inn,selling it is not an exuse as to why you can't find records on the person next to use spying on my wife and I while in Victoria.
I want everthing that was filmed, recorded please if you don't mind lawyers we need to go over it to see what it is worth lol.

anyway back with more later
08-22-2010, 02:40 AM, (This post was last modified: 08-25-2010, 02:15 AM by persecuted in alberni.)
RE: canadian conspiracy
Hey judy the social worker from port Alberni I think I will tell you how my day went today ok you cold hearted cow so listen up.
You see Judy, my wife and I had not spoken for days and the house was silent because she knows our life together is over because of you and the lies that come from your office.
She knows that on the 20th of september I am going to be locked up druged and murdered by the corrupt law and govenment because if the RCMP cannot admit that yes it wass them that caused my nervouse breakdown in 07 that landed me in that hospital.
That is why Judy before I saw any doctor or spoke to cops I came into your office and asked you if the police had ever came into your office because they suspected me or accused me of anything.
Do you remember Judy thats when you spun around in your chair and looked away and would no longer look directly at me and you said no no no I will not answer that question in your state of mind you said remember Judy.
Then I said it's just a simple question and then I asked you again and then you said no no no and got up and ran past me leaving me sitting there alone in your office.
The plan was Judy to put me in the mental hospital so you child molesting freaks could forever silence and discredit me with the mental health act.
This is why you were instructed to avoid my questions should I come in and ask questions because if those questions were answered back then you sicko's would never had gotten away with what you did to me.
The same with Sandy and her office they should all go to jail for this and there needs to be a very big investigation into what has happened.
When the man who whether you like it or not can solve the murders of little children and has to destroy remains of those children all because some stupid social worker thinks she is doing the right thing because her superiors are lieing to her is pretty fuckin sick ok Judy and before the 20th of september I will make sure everyone of your neighbours and people in ther community are going to know how sick you poeople are.
Time for a polygraph for all of you I will answer questions with polygraphs no problem so bring it on.
So anyway Judy my wife and I finaly start talking again to each other and then so after I was done protesting with my Marc Emery signs we went down for a drive to coombs and you would think I would be able to talk about how I cannot work for my fathers company because of the character assasination against me name.

I just resigned and am handing myself into mental health untill someone realizes I need a lawyer aswell as a doctor and so you think I could talk about it,NO I cannot Judy and it is because of you.
My wife screams like hell at me Judy that is all she does is yell because you have fool her and pulled the wool over her eyes to believe that the police did not cause my nervouse breakdown and so now once again we do not speak to each other and so you think I am going to let you and everyone else just walk away Judy no sorry I don't think so.
You see Judy I am smart enough to know that since these people are hoping I use violence or the threat of it to lock me up so they don't have to confess I am aware then that first the world must hear my story first before the violence erupts.
If I went postal on your sorry ass right now Judy the world would only hear a corrupt lie come from the law but if the world hears my whole story first before I use violence Judy I bet I walk after the investigation with a book signing deal.
That doesn't work out well for you Judy so why not save us all the time and effort and just admitt and we can do a nice out of court settlement before I send hundreds of you into exile then finnaly Judy I can hand over what I have to authorities and be the hero and solve murders of little children.

You have all made my life misery and I am going to do the same to you before I solve murders of children but because you choose to cause my divorce with my wife instead then there is no law and order.

This town is child molesting capital of the world and the fact is Judy as long as our mayor sits on his ass and allows the law to harrass law abiding people like myself who can solve murders of little children then it will stay that way.

So now Judy you little bitch tomorrow when my wife and I are giving each other the silent treatment and avoiding each other on her birthday I will be thinking of all the things I am going to do to you when our divorce is finaly over.

Oh that's right Judy hence the reason I am going to be locked up becauyse when she finaly devorces me it is mty turn to cause pain mysery and sufferring.
If anyone reading this would like to change this then just go demand the biggest fucking investigation into every fuckin thing I have been saying about authorities and including me talk of remains of children so come on my fellow gultless Canadian and stand up against corruption.

All these freak authorities following me around on the net waiting to pounce on the words I say like as if I am going to hurt someone when they know the hurtin comes out when the truth comes out that yes RCMP harrassed stalked and caused my nervouse breakdown in 07 and are responsible for the character assasination against my family name.
Sorry don't you worry RCMP my promise to you I will not use my baseball bat against your head untill My wife /family and the people of this country know "WHY" I am using violence.
Then again when the people have finished watching me clean up this sick child molesting devil worshipping town I will solve some real crimes for you but untill then it is you the people that must act and realize I cannot do anything untill you wake up CANADA.

Honestly though ministry for children you really do make me sick on how you set out to destroy the relationship I had with those two fosterboys.
I bet it was a real pain to hear for some stuck up better than thou attitude people when they kept hearing how My wife and I were doing so well with those two boys.
How could my wife and I who have no children know how to raise kids so good to the point where all the teachers and other parents were talking about how well we did with them when they were in our care.
I still remember it well Judy, I couldn't handle it anymore knowing he was just lieing there on that hospital bed waiting to die,waiting for me.
So even though he had a brother and a sister who both could have taken in his boys I knew no on had bothered to even tell gordon his children would be ok and taken care of.

I knew that the day I walked in and saw him laying there with no one else at his side.
I could see his face now looking as if he were 100yrs older than he was and he was all drugged up and in pain.
I went to his side and just started talking because he wasn't moving and I Really didn't think he was going to respond as he looked allready dead.
I explained I had come to let him know that my wife and I had talked and we would keep an eye onhis two boys as an aunt and uncle or just a big brother and I told him I would make sure no one with evil intentions gets their hands on them.
I just rambled on thinkin he was to out of it to even hear me I thought he was wacked out on drugs to much because he wasnt moving and unresponsive.
It took awhile to realize that even though he only mummbled words that were not understandable at all he certainly could still hear and understand what was going on.
I knew this because while I was right in the middle of rambling on about how I would watch his two boys for him since no one else will, it was then that I could see that with all his strength he was trying to move his hand towards mine to hold my hand and so as soon as I noticed he was reaching for my hand I looked up and it was then that he was crying and could see that he was crying for longer than I had noticed.

I quickly took his hand in my hand and without opening his eyes and as the tears flowed down his face I could barely hear him struggling to get out the word "YES"
I wanted to make sure it was gordon that I was talking to and not the drugs so I ask him a few more times "ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT ME TO WATCH OVER YOUT TWO BOYS WHEN YOU ARE GONE GORDON" YES came his reply.
I asked a few more times untill I could see the anger in him as he said yes again.
I kept asking him untill I saw the guy I allways knew when you kept asking him something after he allready answered you he would get pissed off and that is the Gordon I wanted to see and not the drugs.

I said ok the Gord I will watch them till adulthood for you then and just then the nurse walked in(I swear she was listening behind the door)and gave him some more drugs and then that was it he was to high to continue anything so I said good bye and left.

The next day I went to see the two boys because we had been picking them up to give thier mom a break and as I approached her she said "well Rick they figure Gordon died just after you left the room" and that's how I found out he died.

So I hope I gave him peace of mind even though taking those two boys in my life was the worst thing I ever did because my life is ruined now because of it.
Those two boys are now nothing but a bad memory of how the law used them as a means of spying on and destroying my life.
The RCMP completly destroyed the relationship I had with those two boys,two boys I loved very much and if I were a better man I would go execute every cop in this town but that would be insane and I am not insane.

So again Judy you are one sick cold hearted woman to sit back and pretend that this is all in my head which keep me pegged as insane knowing if you spoke the truth now I would get me wife and family back and end my pain.
Sick Judy ,only a sick person who must have done this to many before me and would do it again and you should all be stopped and jailed for your crimes.

How these sick corrupt people work is byond belief at how low they can actually go.
You see folks because they suspected me of a very serious crime you can bet your ass that if it is true then they would certainly run it past the ministry for children if they saw that I was a foster parent.
So this is why they used Bruce the youth care worker to spy on me and my home and just to gather information and to feep an eye on them.
Bruce is a hater too if you asked the little turd he would tell you marijuana is bad and so are all the people who use it and we should all go to jail for it.
Bruce is a little wannabe cop and that is why he is an auxillary police officer and this is why they used bruce to spy on my home.
Bruce would then relay all the things that go on in my home back to police officers here in Port Alberni and it is called spying and this is again folks why I do not solve murders of little children with filth and scum like this going on.
So bruce ,before I do the right thing we are going to talk about how you were told to keep an eye out for anything from kiddy porn to bomb making devices when you came to my home Bruce.
I am aware Bruce they filled your head with alot of bullshit Bruce it is called character assasination.
Didn't they tell you Bruce I am a very good judge of character and you should remember that when you stand in my presence ok Bruce.
It was you Bruce and the RCMP and the Harper government that set out to destroy the relationship I had with those two foster boys and I think you should all go to jail ok BRUCE.

When you play god with peoples lives Bruce the way you people do it is only a matter of time before you run into someone whos shoes GOD himself just so happens to be walking in at the time and then there will be some explaining to do.
So do you see how that works Bruce now translated for people who do not believe in GOD it means only a matter of time before someone beats you at your own game.
I am letting everyone in this town know what a piece of shit freak you are Bruce for doing this to me while yes Bruse at the same time you go around telling everyone I am insane ok Bruce.

Ilet them know that they should never let Bruce the RCMP auxillary officer who is also a youthcare worker near thier child as it is only a means of this sick Harper government to spy on you and your family who do not measure up to Harper standards.

All of the ministry for children just like the mental health needs to be investigated for playing god with peoples lives.
They should never be allowed to throw anyone in a mental hospital who is talking about multistalkers/gangstalkers instead it needs to be investigated.
These multistalkers are real and true and the authorities needs to deal with these terrorist who work for anyone who pays them the right amount.
They work for anyone including police to organized crime and will work for corrupt governments aswell in a way to deal with whisleblowers or political actavists.
Wake up Canada wake up so we can solve real serious crimes instead of busting people for selling nothing but seeds.

So to you Bruce,judy and Sandy I want you to know on my wifes birthday I cannot buy her anything,I cannot make her anything,I cannot make her dinner or a cake in fact I cannot even talk to her on her birthday and it is because of all of you and the RCMP and again the whole reason I am hereon the net to tell the world what it is like to have everything it takes to put away a child killer but I cannot because of these obove mentioned freaks of society.
Today on her birthday she is walking around with tears in her eyes because our relationship is over in a month because of all the lies of these government trolls.

There is nothing but misery in our lifes now because of thes people,my father has cancer and I cannot go near them as they do not believe in me and they would rather just throw me in a mental hospital than deal with me.
I love my father and I cannot go near him because these sick Port Alberni RCMP have turned my loved ones against me.
I have made it clear to my mother she is to call global news and ask is it true did they air a story about a guy named Jim,kim or tim kelly that clifford olson was writting letters too.
I am sure I saw them air a story and they said they got it from corrections Canada and it was a picture of Clifford and on it he wrote something to this Mr kelly guy.
My mother promised she would go and do it but she still has not so why the fuck would I go near her if she cannot stop living in denial and understand that yes little Timmy just might be a child killing freak after all.
I want to put the picture up here so you can all see that it is true about some guy named jim or kim and how the law uses the media to make me believe things that are not true.
They want me to believe things that are not true and this is how they play with your mind when they think you have info on the subject.
We all know it is just my mind that thinks this way and that Tim Kelly was not the name they said was recieving letters/postcards from Clifford.
Like I keep saying folks maybe one of you good hearted people could find the story I was talking about in globalbcnews archives and post the picture of Clifford with the message to this Kim or jim guy.
Oh and that reminds me speaking of archives,I went into the AVTIMES and asked about that 17yrold that died up by Maquinna school and I ask if they could find it in the archives or remembered it and apparently they don't know how to find a story they wrote about someones body they had to take out of the bushes.
They can't seem to find the story and so I really need it so I will have to put some pressure on AVtimes or run an ad and maybe someone else will remember the story.
I need it cause there is something I really wanna show you what I saw in the news papaer the day after I talked with authorities about how I suspected Tim my foster brother of being a child killer and the police suspecting me of something to do with it because I was hanging out with Tim at the Time of a Victoria boys disappearence.
Like I keep saying they suspected me of it and harrassed me and caused me nervous breakdown trying to get me to confess to a crime thar Tim is responsible for.
The police know Tim killed the boy but cannot prove it and so now because I hung out with him they have found me quilty in thier secret court and they persecuted me knowing they owe me and my family millions for what they did to me and my family.
Slowly but surely I will educate my family and they will know that yes TIM is indeed a child killer and the law is more corrupt and evil than anyone like Tim or Clifford could ever possibly be.
All these people in my community that know that yes I have been wrongfully accused and they say nothing are criminals and should go to jail.
The RCMP must confess to my wife and family so they will believe in me again so I can solve murders(yes murders(s))they cannot without me.

I would love to show my family, I mean even if it was to a guy named Tim kelly they are so deep in denial that Tim is a child killer and I can prove it but wont untill my family believes in me.

I feel sorry for any parent who has a child abducted in this country,shame when parents don't get answer or closure all because nooooo we can't admit to him we would rather sit here making him look nuts rather than admit the guy with the answers was the one persecuted.
While the real killer sells his house and his store(now the new hemp store)and now cruises around in his motorhome no doubt looking for little children to abduct,how nice Mr Harper how nice.

Priority #1 is the dope and Marc Emery hey Adolph Harper and the children come last on the list of priorities right ADOLPH.?

Fucktards Judy/Bruce and sandy real Fucktards would do something as sick as this.

aug 24

I stopped by at AVTIMES and grab a newspaper from july25,2007 because I wanted to explain some of the tactics the police use on a person to see if they can get a response.
So If they get a chance to use the media and put out a message like "17yrold remains found in bushes by Maquinna school area"
and it is seen by a person unbeknownst to the general public who had just had the mind game played on a person who the day before was talking about 17yr old missing child case and how I and the law both know who the killer is.
They know I just had a nervous breakdown because it was caused by them and it was all because they suspected I had something to do with the disappearence of a boy just because I hung out with the real killer.
It is all about trying to get a response out of me by placing things in the news they know I am watching for.
These sick people are very low, what they do is place people around you so they can hear the things you say and respond on it to "twist" it to make it look like I am a killer like Tim.
Like when I say that I think Clifford olson tossed something in the lake at the edge of the cliff on the corner out by where I met Clifford and then suddenly I am hearing about how some idiot backed his trailer of the edge of the Cliff out at the end of Sproat lake right where I said Clifford tossed something there.
The lake is very deep there(over 100 ft)and diver had to go down and bring up the trailer but what about the rumor they were Police divers.
Was it full of dope or something I cannot see the need for police divers it is just a trailer any qualified diver could do it so why Police?

Now someone with a sharpe mind who can write up a block buster of a book with what realy went on lol rofl.
We all know that if done right you can use that to make someone who gave an opinion about what clifford may have or may have not have done look like they are a psycho killing freak.
They could have done it because they thing I know he did for a fact and maybe they thought they could find something Clifford did throw in there or because they are thinking of a different murder all together.
Like I said folks I do believe Tim lied and told them I had something to do with it and I know something about it so maybe they think I am trying to tell them this is where Tim threw his victims.
Aaaaaaaaand so they have to act on my words and decide to act and go look just incase and so it is very easy to do with out raising peoples suspetion(like mine)they ask some stoner to "accidently' back his trailer of the edge.
Do you see how this works people,like i keep saying I am well aware I LOOK insane but even if it is true I can still walk you throough it slowly you just have to walk with me as I bring it to you.
Like how the bridge I met Clifford under was just fine and did not need alot of work if it needed work at all so why was it destroyed and not used anymore right after I came to police back in the nineties and told them this is where I met Clifford.

Because they realized this was the place people like Clifford who like to kill children for the devil worshippers who run this planet like to come and do their own killing because this is where thier master Clifford did his dirty deeds.
All of these things I will explain in more detail elsewhere like a book/movie but I do believe that since this is a place for conpiracies most of you will be smart enough to grasp what I have just explained about how they screw an innocent person over and make him look like he is a killer.
And when you can add in things that make it look real and believable you can say that it was because I wanted to be like him so thats why but let me tell you that is something I could honestly Tim say.
Oh yes officer he told me he allways wanted to give it a whirl after he met clifford and thought it was really neat lol.
Oh I shouldn't laugh folks but if only you knew how this little Timmy bastard works and thinks.

Ok well I gotta run just wanted to pop in and add a few more things, I am not done with that Avtimes article I will talk more about again later.
Bye for now
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RE: canadian conspiracy
Good morning folks.I was just watchin a video of Jodie emery giving a speach at the seattle hempfest and boy can that girl speak she is good at giving speeches.
I thought I would ad a little note here to check out my post under the war on drugs here at concen aswell.
I posted a picture of my FREE MARC EMERY signs I post out on highway #4 in Port Alberni at the war on drugs under "whats the matter with Marc Emery supporters.
Take care, bye for now
08-25-2010, 11:42 PM,
RE: canadian conspiracy
Hello folks today I thought I would explain about how as you all know that way back in 07 when the doctor placed me in the psychward because I was accusing the RCMP of harrassment and stalking and persecution.
I also explain how I assumed that if they suspected me of a serious crime then they would have went to the ministry for children to warn them about it since I was a foster parent at the time.
I explained how I went into the social works office(before I saw any doctor)and asked her if the police had ever come into the office to talk about me and I explained how she spun around in her chair as soon as those words came out of her mouth and would no longer look me in the eye.
I explain how she said "no no no ,I will not answer your questions in your state of mind" and she got up and ran out of her office leaving me sitting there wondering what the fuck is with this?

Later as I tried to explain it to the doctor and my wife and family they all said "no she said you got loud and aggressive and so that is why she got up and left me sitting there.
I explain she was full of shit and she lied and no one of them would believe me and said it was all in my head and then in to the hospital he placed me foir two weeks.

Now my family has accepted that since 07 and since then I have been demanding answers from the social worker and still they avoid me and as you know I have been trying to convince my wife she needs to go in and ask questions that I want her to ask Judy but she refusses.
She has refused and refused and we have had many fights over it as I tried to tell her Judy is a liar and she needs to listen to jer husband and not Judy or some corrupt doctors.
So finnally after many fights about two weeks ago she goes into the office behind my back and asks Judy all the questions I don't want her to ask Judy and I am very anngry she did it behind my back.
So anyway as you can guees Judy lied to my wife aswell but get a load of this folks,she said Judy told her that she got up and left me there because she got up to go get me something.
No fucking shit people that's what she tells my wife as to why she got up and would not answer my very serious questions because she got up to go get me something,like what ?a pile of bullshit.

So now to all you people who have been commenting on how insane I am if you can't see this is a job for a lawyer to work out then you are one commi lovin tyrannt if you think it is ok for me to face such lies and bullshit.
So I tell my wife about the differences of answers I am getting and is this not something we should be asking more questions about it since she even heard the first lie and how it changes to the next time she tells it to me wife.
I told my wife she should be questioning this and this is when the denial kicks in she snapps and screams at the top of her lungs at me NOOOOOOOOOO IT AIN'T TRUE is the reply I get,yup you bet total denial.

It is hard to explain to people who are in denial all the things they do to make it "appear" that I am a psycho killer by making things happen that a jury can help convict a person.
All these little things they do like I explained about that trailer that went off the end of the lake and the same when you are a volunteer for your community.
I enjoyed volunteering for the ESS and the red cross and enjoyed volunteering for my community and if the police did not do this I would still be a devoted volunteer to this day but again it was destroyed byu the law as they tried to convince my superiors I was a threat and a psycho and to help it make it look like I did things a killer would do.
You know like lets get a profiler on this guy but first lets make it look like he is a pyscho freak before the so called profillers are braught in.
Do you see how they do this folks it really is a sick thing they do and they must all be stopped.
Thats why they watch me and follow me everywhere so when I go for walks with my wife and our dog they can see that I am headed in the direction of the ESS office and know I am going to walk past it and so because it is very dry due to hot weather they get a little fucktard to go start a small fire on some bark mulch and then wait for me to walk past and see my reactions.

They "stage" it all and are near by hidding and watching as I walk right past it and notice it and respond by going down the road to call firehall and get water in jugs from the restraunt.
Even though I quickly put out the fire which was only a few feet around and call them back and let them no it is ok they don't have to come but theuy insist anyway.
You have to understand folks that people like TIM would join ESS because he wants to be the hero and to also convince himself he is a good person and be the saviour if he had the chance.
To pyschopaths volunteering is not about helping others its about helping themselves and that is what TIM would do.
We have all heard about the psycho who starts a fire on a building then goes in and saves the little chilren from dieing in the fire and he is now the hero only to get busted for it later.
Like the reason the police like to film the crowd that shows up at a fire or other dissaster to see what is all the action is about because they know the guilty might be in the crowd.
So anyway the police then go to my ESS supervisors and tells them they believe I may have started the fire to look like the hero and they I am a pyschopath.
They explain that they have no proff of it but but they have reason to believe it and are watching me because they want my supervisors to have fear inb me.
Same as when I said I would volunteer to be on call with the pager,if an emergency came up like fire or other dissasters I would be the one dealing with it.
Now when they said they were looking for someone to fill the job I did not jump up and say "oh oh me me me" instead I did it because I sure didn't see alot of hands going up.
I became a volunteer because it was my mother who asked me to join and said they were looking for younger people to join as there were alot of older retired people who volunteered.
So I asked the ladies who had been doing it for years if it the pager goes off often, I wasn't into it if it was a common thing but I was told by one that she had been doing it for years and it has only gone of a few times.

I agreed to be on call with the pager and the friggin thing went off everytime I had the thing and I felt as if they were doing it on purpose it went off so mant times.
So again folks as you can see it is very easy for the authorities to make someone in your community look like a pyscho when the real pyschos were anyone who thought they could do this and just walk away laughing when I haven't got my chance to have a laugh yet.

I have explain this at my blog aswell at blogger which I know I really need to put back up because there is alot there I havent explained here yet.
So anyway without making a stink and also letting these freaks know I am aware of the sick game being played on me I resigned and just explained it was because I wanted to spend more time with the foster boys.

The fact is folks the authorities had plans on framing me and pinning a crime on me while at the same time the real killer gets away in a motorhome,lol.
Like I said before folks only a sick and corrupt government would allow a child killer like Clifford Olson to write letters to other killers and freaks and teach them how to abduct torture and kill little children.
Back in 07 the doctor told me that I was all wrong about Tim and that he would know if it were true cause he spoke to police and so if it were true that Clifford was writting letters to Tim that the doctor would know.
Oh really doctor and I guess that because the media also likes to fuck with me and know what I have been saying about Tim but am told no it ain't true and so this is why they like to throw things on the news that will try to get me mad and go kill Tim or cause him harm is what they really want.
This is why the media runs stories about how Clifford still has the right to write letters to people and how he was taking photos of himself and writting on them and sending them out to his fans.
This is why they ran a story about how corrections Canada let Clifford send one to a guy on Vancouver Island in the early 90's and on it it said something like " To Tim Kelly good job well done"or something to that effect.
They showed it on Global news so maybe you should call them and ask if it is true because isn't that weird how my pyschopathic childmolester of a foster brother Tim once went by the last name Kelly.
I do believe Tim would do that and use the name Kelly which at the time he was no longer going by and uses his real last name.
Oh shit wait aminute this is just in my head it must have been Jim or Kim Kelly and again you can see how they try and make me think it is Tim.

The fact is the RCMP moved from wromgfull suspetion into character assasination and persecution is what they did because as we all know they do not do any wrong and do not admitt to it either.
Agains all these sick people in my community who know full well that I was targeted by sick people who cannot handle the fact I am to smart for them and agains I am sending them into exile.

Violence lol that's funny no no exile, I want the pleasure of disrupting the lives of thier wifes/husbands and children who will now be moving far far away from here cause like I said before people once the truth comes out that yes the cops caused my nervous breakdown and placed me in the hospital on purpose and like I said I am still going to get my chance at having a good laugh.
All these people who have called me insane will eat thier words wait and see,they will know who and what is insane because I will be exposing them.
You will all realize my blog is called that because I am reffering to Clifford and Tim ok folks so again please wake up and pull your heads out of your asses all you that call me insane and take a look at the whooooooole story not just one or two areas that are to much and baffle your mind to understand.

The funny thing is how all these freaks have completly abandoned democracy to carry out thier dirty deeds on me yet when caught they think they can all just say "ok you got use now lets use the democratic way and let duke it out in court LOL LMFAO.

Why would we give a fuck about a corrupt court of law isn't that right mister mayor cause we are going to replace every Rcmp memeber in this town with new ones and send the old ones into exile.
Aswell there will be alot of jobs to fill in the area of government workers like at the EIC office and the ministry for childrens office and I mean right down to the bitch who fought back the tears when I called and told them to keep the foster children away or I will get a retraining order against them since their office and RCMP are to cowardly to admitt to the wrong doing and last but not least tell the children the real reason I avoid them.

I refuse to solve murders of little children until my wife and family believe all the accusations I have made against the authorities and I get an admittance from the RCMP.
Or should I say when police have admitted to my wife and family and community who are the idiots who don't know which is what this is reall all about,it is all about making fools of everyone in my community to avoid paying up for thier screwups.
So if you want to see me solve the murders of children and watch me kick some government ass then go demand I get an investigation into what I have said.

Is it not obvious that the tyrannt of a primeminister is completly behind this all as they all know the RCMP screwed up and he should demand they admitt to it.
I need a lawyer but will not spend one dime of my money on a lwayer as this is a direct result of me making a call to police to explain I was a witness to a serious crime when I was still a teenager.
So tell me folks does the person who knows where the remains of that missing 18yr old guy named Brian or know anything about the dissappearence know that thier life will be destroyed if they make that call.

Do the people know that it is no longer safe to call police about anything even serious crimes against children because the whole system is run by molesters and killers and so they will seek you out and destroy you like they did to me.

Remember allways if you know anything about missing children/people to shut up and keep it to yourself or soon you will be trying to explain to your loved ones what a multlistalker/gangstalker is without a word of a lie while the whole time they make sure there is a doctor handy to say no no no there is no such thing as a multistalker/gangstalker and throw you in the mental ward.


bye for now folks take care.

09-04-2010, 05:56 AM,
RE: canadian conspiracy
Hey gangstalkers,RCMP,Judy,sandy and ben you are all reall sickos so listen to this you will really like it.
You see my wife and i just had another big fight because I came across a very good explaination of what and how and why there are gangstalkers and was foolish to think I could get her to read just two paragraphs but again she is in complete denial.
She once again threw divorce in my face because she cannot handle the fact that I have a story to tell the world and she thinks I cannot because I have no proff.
I don't need to prove anything I have a story to tell and accusations to make against authoritiies and will continue to do so no matter how many doctors they throw at me.
You see folks she cannot handle the fact that I say the police caused my nervous breakdown in 07 because they thought they could get me to confess to a crime I did not do.
And yes it is all because I believe my foster brother Tim is the killer and I was hanging out with him so they assume I am involved.
Since I do believe he is the child killer I say he is and yes when leaned on he would try to blame it on me like he did with many other things when we were younger,remember he is a psychopath.
My wife yells and screams at me and say I cannot say that about someone ore the will sue me for slander.
LOL LMFAO bring it on baby bring it on,that is what they did this for,I explained that I have tried to get attention to the people about the accusations I am making against them but am silence.
The media will not cover shit about me untill they have the ability to make me look bad,right now anything I have to say makes them look like shit aswell so they don't want me to have airtime lol.
My wife cannot understand that Tim or anyone else can bring me to court for slander and it brings attention to me and my story and they just want you to think I am insane they don't want to see me doing a movie/book signing deal.
Like I told the wife,my government is fucking evil to allow Clifford Robert Olson to write to the psychopathic foster brother of a person Clifford had met while loose and show his tortured victim too so he could kill a child and then try and frame/pin it on me with the help of authorities.pretty fucking sick.
And people wonder why I am so fucking angry all the time and swear all the fuckin time,gee I wonder why, Canada is run be people who protect child killers and gangstalking child molesters and will crush and destroy anyone who can put away anyone who kills children.
The fact of it is Timmothy Gordon Stephan is a convicted pedophile and in this country I can take a picture of him and post it on telephone poles with warnings he is a danger to kids and it is legal,acculy people were doing that to him lol.
Tim once went by the name of kelly so when I see things that might show that Tim did infact receive letters from Clifford then you bety your fuckin ass I want to know more.

so anyway all you sick freaks in my community just letting you know tonight was the salmon festival fireworks in our town and my wife and I like to go watch them like veryone else but we had a nice fight just before and so instead we stayed home and ignore each other the rest of the night.
So thanks again all you cold hearted freaks lets me know I need not feel bad because I don't solve a serious crime the law cannot ever do without me.
How many times I feel sad and depressed that only I can solve a serious crime and bring closure to peoples live but don't and so many time I felt like handing it all over but then I just think of just one or two things they did to me and suddenly I don't feel so bad anymore.
Like I told the wife I want everything they took from me back,like when the wife and I were in a motel room in victoria, I want all footage/recordings please before I solve serious crimes.
Oh and by the way travallers inn you can sell as many of your holdings as you wish so you can say gee we can't remember who was in that room next to you all our records were destroy when building sold.

So to all you people in my town who screwed me just letting you know I told god I wouldn't be sad if I heard you got sick cause you ate a bad piece of salmon that you ate at the salmon

Bye for now.
09-05-2010, 01:20 AM, (This post was last modified: 09-05-2010, 01:23 AM by CoryTrevor.)
RE: canadian conspiracy
Has anybody else read through the "Stop Covert War" website? It is all I can think of when reading this lol
I see a big problem with "gangstalking" and "covert war" type websites because they reinforce persecutory delusions in those that have them. There aren't roving mobs of people from all walks of life following you around, being paid to gaslight you and perform street theatre to drive you insane... the world is full of assholes, and you are drawing connections where none exist, because that is the nature of schizophrenia.

I beg you to check yourself into a psych ward and take whatever pills they recommend.
09-05-2010, 04:26 AM,
RE: canadian conspiracy
lol, hey newbie well first off make sure you know the whole story and know how many time my right HAVE been violated by the law.
And sorry but doctors stay away from the schizophrenia,They like to call it delutional paranoia,now if you are educated you will know that this is reserved for people have one thing in common they all say they have been screwed over by authorities.
Now if educated you will know that it was the CIA who came up with that diagnosis and they are the ones who tell the pych students what to diagnois thier patient when they come in saying the things I say.
It was a system designed durring the first worl war from what I have said others say it was the second world war.
It is a system used to torture someone who threatens to change the world or beliefes(activists)which is a threat to the elite who run the world.
I like to investigate alittle before I make statememnts like you did so I don't look so sdtupid.
Infact I was just reading on the net about how they like to use this proceedure on not only activists but future ones too,well how strange cause according to my calculations this is correct.
Here let me explain how it works,When you are the big man the allmighty power and decide you want to take out a political leader that is a major threat to your discusting way of life you must allways know these leaders allways have NUTSthat follow them that say HEY get your fuckin hands off my leader.
So if you are smart you will first go look and see who or what will stop you from taking out that leader and deal with the threat first.
So when you see a guy who is not a criminal has no history of being one or a history of violence and is someone you could trust your kids to be with,has had criminal record checks to volunteer for Emergency social services and the red cross and is dedicated to it be attending as many meeting and training seminars as he can and can handle leadership and someone who goes to a dying man and tells him he will watch over his two boys after he is gone and then when he and his wife take them in to foster them everyone in town is talking about how well the boys are with them and how happy they are with this man and his wife.
And all the teachers know when they are with them they do much better and are learning very well.
And he is a Marijuana smoker and proud of it and not affraid to talk openly about it and then suddenly he is standing out on a highway with signs defending his leaders kidnapping with answer the entire movement has been missing but everyones afraid because these so caled gamgstalkers that apparently don't exist who fooled the people in my life to believe this is all in my head which is axactly what the role of the gangstalker does.

And I guess you haven't heard I said sure doctor I will take that drug you recommend for me just call up judy the social and tell her Iwant her to answer the simple question she gets up and runs away from me like I asked her if she wanted to see my dick and avoids the questioning at all costs and the doctor replys" Oh richard you wont believe her and our time is up" and then he pushes me out the door of his office.
So appearently I don't need any off your wonder drugs that bad after all lol ROFL.
Now anyone with any brains would know that there is something not right with this doctor and a better more qualified doctor is in the order here.
A doctor who would have called up this so called social worker and demand she answer the question for his patient as this is cruelland unusuall punishment to forever hold this above his head by not answering so that i forever question it because she gets up and runs away from simple questions.
A good doctor would have made that call after all when a patient swear he will take the drugs he is denying if only given a simple question from a government paid social worker.
They avoid it because yes the police did come and discuss me and suspect me of a serious crime and the social worker knows it but is ordered to deny it and get up and run from any questions.

Sorry but anyone who even mentions the schitzoid thing is an uneducated person who read the wrong book/thread ok

So sorry but you don't know shit so why not just sit back and watch and pay attention to what is happening.

For an example today while out on highway#4 with my FREE MARC EMERY signsfor the 17th saturday in a row my other Emery supporter that was helping me were just starting to pack up and some people showed up to take some pictures and tell us how awesome my signs were.
First there was a few people from cannabis culture magazine stopped by and just whe they were leaving someone from the AVTIMES showed up and wantedictures of all of us with my signs and I explained how I have been here for 17 weekendsand plan to be as long as possible or need be.

Now the people from cannabis culture may post my pictures and say a few things perhaps but AVTIMES however must also know that I have allot of bad things to say about the sick authorities in this town.
They know I have a story to tell about how the Port Alberni police and mental health tried to frame me and pin a crime I am not responsible for and caused character assasination on me and discredited me.

So I will be surprised if they do but then again like I have allways been saying when they media and these sick elites are ready they will slowly bring it into the news so they can all make money just like the lawyers will.

Sorry to say newbie but you are the end result of what these sick people want,they want to fool people into believing this is just in my head and I see it sure worked for you.

No no I'm not going to the psych ward silly I'm going prime time so keep your eyes and ears open because like I said in my blog that scared the shit out of them all so much they sent corrupt cops to my house to harrass me when they had no right to do so, "I am coming to get them slowly but slowly" LOL.

OH shit I said it again, I guess the cops should be here any second to take me away because someone read what I just said and they are affraid I am gonna hurt them LOL.
LOL that's funny hurt someone no no only when the truth comes out that yes it was true cops put me in hospital in 07(which they did)and it is actually they who is insane then we will worry about me hurtin someone.

So for the sake of a good old fashioned baseball bat up side the fuckin head let's all hope this really trully is all just in my head ok coreytrevor.
To think that if this is all true is insane cause that would mean there is no more law and order at all and then all those people I am here by accusing will have to run run run for thier dear lives that is for sure.
To think they could make up for it with judges,lawyers,politicians and the media and promise big false investigations makes me laugh.
I am going to expose every single one of these sick vermin that live in my town to the world just watch and see as I bounce thier headsinto exile because the people won't let me use violence on them so exie to them and thier families is the only optionthey will have.

I am a nice guy when I am insane but god oh mighty watch out if I ever get my sanity backok newbie,so again please sit back and watch my story slowly unfold for you.

Thanks for your time and I hope I have educated you just alittle bit more here at concen ok corytrevor.

09-05-2010, 04:46 AM,
RE: canadian conspiracy
tl;dr honestly dude, for your own sake, just go get on some meds. you seem manic at the very least, i'm not trying to talk shit it is just obvious and you got to be told. just look at the length of your posts... that isn't normal. i'm not trying to be some kind of armchair shrink here, i hate when people think they can diagnose the mental issues other people have, but you need some meds man. at least at the moment... doesn't mean you'll need them for life.

if you're paranoid about going into they psych ward it isn't hard to find foreign mail order pharmacies online that accept credit cards and sell everything except controlled substances at pretty reasonable prices. get a little Haldol on board, maybe some Cogentin to prevent side effects, and keep a bottle of benadryl around so you can take one or 2 if you start feeling tightness in your muscles.

Haldol is an old medication with a lot of side effects & it isn't prescribed much in the US anymore, but it works quickly. Give it a go brother i'm sure you'll find your reality will become much less threatening

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