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canadian conspiracy
12-29-2009, 05:54 PM, (This post was last modified: 12-29-2009, 05:55 PM by persecuted in alberni.)
canadian conspiracy
Hello,I am here because I have been persecuted and thanks to these people I have just lost my job with my fathers company and am now losing my wife due to two women who refuse to answer a few questions and are pretected by the law and government.
I am trying to blog my story but they are trying everything they can to stop me,like I keep saying if this is just in my head then why not answer the questions.
My blog is and you will see the biggest conspiracy canada has ever seen.
PLEASE I beg you please tell all the people you know about my blog,thats all I have as I am too poor for lawyers.
I only have a matter of days and my wife will kick me out since there is no more money coming in.
Thank you ,bye for now
12-29-2009, 07:15 PM,
RE: canadian conspiracy
hello there. Welcome to our forum.

Where is your blog.... am i missing it somehow ? Please post or re-post a link Mr. PiA
12-29-2009, 09:11 PM,
RE: canadian conspiracy
Hello it is at
12-29-2009, 11:40 PM,
RE: canadian conspiracy
My persecution is a result of me being the whistle blower.
If anyone does go read my blog please don't judge me by my blog even though i know you will lol.
Please be aware that These sick people who did this to me want you to think I am nuts,it's all about discrediting me.
They don't want you to believe a word that is coming out of my mouth and they hope I get mad and cause harm to someone so they can lock me up but it ain' workin for them.
12-30-2009, 12:29 AM,
RE: canadian conspiracy
Welcome. Quite a story you got!
[Image: Palestinian_Dawn_by_Palestinian_Pride.jpg]
12-30-2009, 03:20 AM,
RE: canadian conspiracy
dude....question? how much drugs do you do?
your blog is totally incoherent. and if you think that YOU are going to write a book, you are crazy. try pumping out a coherent thought before considering to write a book.

second, you are either totally insane. or are a child molesting killer. if the latter, it is entirely possible you dont remember anything, that can happen when something traumatic or horrific occurs, sometimes your psyche hides it in the abyss of your memory.

you have serious problems dude, both mental and possibly legal if you arent making it all up. though it is possible you met serial killers out there, ive travelled vancouver island and a bit of northern mainland bc and there are some VERY sketchy people out there living on beaches and the woods in cars and shit. in fact, we thought we might have met some killers out there lol, guys living in the middle of nowhere on a beach, more cars than guys, and some nicer ones they told us were abandoned, they offered us "dinner" we jetted. so plausible you did meet those men when you were young (possibly molested by them, trained maybe?). it does seem like you are trying to apply YOUR story to some foster brother that may or may not exist. thats what it seems to me, and prob why the authorities are on your ass (if any of this is even true).

what is the victoria murder case? what is the victims name, or provide a link of newspaper coverage so we can look at it.

hes trying to use the conspiracy community to promote a book he wants to write....smells like bullshit...or he is really a child murdering molester.... lol sad.
12-30-2009, 05:25 AM,
RE: canadian conspiracy
Well first off yes you are right the mind hides alot no doubt,the reason I am blogging is because i was wrongfull suspected in a crime i did not committ or they just plain wanted to destroy me.
Perhaps you should go educate yourself at some of the links i provided and you might learn something and if you can't see that these sick people want you to think.
I have plenty of other people that also know that yes we did meet the killers I am not the only one with a story to tell about what he did in my area.
As far as the victoria murder well for one I can't PROVE I know who did it but I believe i think I know and plus that case is not closed like the others so I do try to have respect for the parents as they have been told many things allready that are not true.
How many children went missing in victoria in 91 lots I bet but there is one that was on the news you might figure it out.
As far as a book goes with a little help it is a done deal so go ahead and laugh believe me I can make it happen.
As far as a molester no sorry but i was raised to know better than that same with murderer however I did grow up with a foster brother as I explained.
I am not a killer but as I am writing in a book there are people in my life that want people to think that so maybe you should wake up and learn.
I have said many times before I had no problem if they wanted my dna just ask is all they had to do but they didn't why not if I am such a bad person.
I have never harmed anyone and have no history of molesting ,How about you ? I have no criminal record again how about you ?
I was wronged and They need to admit they were wrong and if they still think I am a bad person then lay your charges it not pay up.
They want you to beleive I am nuts so you won't believe anything I say when I speak of how there were two serial killers that did the murders not 1 like the news and law reported and tried to hide all those years ago.
Same with reports that it was about satan worshippers,reports that were silenced well sorry to say but in my book it is about satan.
Go find out what number 11 means to satanists and you might realize how many he killed even though he says he killed hundreds he is full of shit 11 and 11 only.
Now ask yourself how hard is it for my psychotic foster brother to write letters to clifford because he is sick and would worship people like clifford ,not very hard to do at all.
Oh that reminds me why don't you go look in global news archives and see if corrections canada knows of a letter sent from clifford olson in jail to a guy on vancouver island by the name of tim or kim kelly of something like that lol well geez what do you know I just might know a guy I grew up with with a name just like
All I am saying is please understand I do have a following and most can see that yes they screwed me and I need a lawyer not a doctor and most are waiting for more of my story and as you can see(if you read it all)clearly the law harassed me last time they were here.
I am like you, I think I should have a right to come and speak my mind openly here with out being harassed from the man and as you know they try hard to stop people like me from coming here to tell what they did to me.
I came here because this is a place to talk about conspiracies isn't it so here I am and for someone to comeout and call someone a child killing molester that you don't even thought you know nothing about me but by a blog only makes me wonder about what type of person you are?.
Since I started to blog the cops try everything to stop me you should ask why ?Like I keep say just keep following my story and tell all you know about it.
One last thing,you spoke like as if you don't like child molseting killers well good for you same here so you could imagine then what it is like to grow up in a town that is famous for it's molesters as much as I hate to say it.
Thanks bye for now
12-30-2009, 05:47 AM,
RE: canadian conspiracy
The big thing about conspiracies on this site is backing them up with evidence. Just throwing a story out there and saying "believe me or not" will get you ripped to you see.

Provide us with some links to news reports or police reports or any evidence that you have that backs up your claims and you will find our members taking you a bit more seriously.

Welcome to ConCen, btw.
“Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after
equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality. ” -Nikola Tesla

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace." -Jimi Hendrix
12-30-2009, 05:58 AM, (This post was last modified: 12-30-2009, 06:00 AM by metalcore.)
RE: canadian conspiracy
so based on your drug and psychotically induced delusions, you are changing 2 details, 2 killers instead of one, and motivation=satanism, and writing a book, despite the fact that you quite obviously have the literary skills of a 5 year old. and come here to "promote" it, and expect us to believe you?

im not even clear on some things like, are you claiming that you are being considered a suspect for the supposed abduction and murder of a victoria chilld, and that is the reason you are being harrassed by police?

is this tim kelly person your foster brother? an acquaintance? you make so many contradictory statements, you obviously dont see how ridiculous you sound. how is anyone supposed to take you seriously. i just randomly popped in on this, and i have came to the same conclusion as everyone have serious mental issues if you are serious. or you are putting on some weird act that you think will fool people and allow you to sell some stupid book that noone is going to buy.
just link a news article for the victoria abduction in question.
12-30-2009, 05:33 PM,
RE: canadian conspiracy
talking with an acquaintance froom the port alberni area ive found out there was a pretty fmous case of child going missing.

heres what my buddy told me when i asked him if he remembered such a case out there:

"Yes actually.

Michael Wayne Dunahee was just four years old when he went missing from a Victoria playground at Blanshard Park Elementary School. It was March 24, 1991. His mother was playing ball in a nearby field while his father watched from the sidelines. Nobody saw what happened, but around 12:40 p.m., Michael had disappeared."
12-30-2009, 06:01 PM,
RE: canadian conspiracy
lol ,All I am saying is I met a keller when still just in my teens,what I saw was different from what they were saying about the killer on the news they were liars is what it was,they hise the truth.
Then later in life, like in the later part of the 90's I finaly told police about what I had seen and then suddenly I have a fat bastard hovering over my home takin pics of me tehn I suddenly start to notice I am being followed everywhere I go.
I keep track of these "followers" for years knowing I am gonna sue the shit out if someone one day.
They keep at it and eventually cops follow me everywhere and harass me as I come home from work everyday.
I am law abiding and am not a killer and do not deserve to be MADE insane so people like you will question my sanity and not believe me which is fine with me.
Please go read the other site I listed and it will explain how they deal with whistle blowers and how they discredit them by making them seem insane.
As far as a book goes well all I need is a ghost writer or freelance to realize that all the insane things I speak of can indeed be put into an understandable story.
As far as my brain and body goes well let me tell you everytime they did ANY test on me eeg/catscan/bloodwork and each time doctors nurses technicians all look at me like I am bionic because they have never seen a man in his forties who is so healthy.
So you can go on like I have a sick mind all you chose but it makes my laugh to see doctors trying hard to write me off with something but can't find a friggin thing wrong with me except I am saying I was wronged by the law for years which lead to my breakdown.
This is not an on going thing where I am paranoid and think I am being followed,like I said they ended the following back in 07.
I am trying to tell my story now and they will do anything to stop me from spreading the word of what they did to me.
I am the whistle blower and you should maybe just keep watching to see where it goes,and sorry but as I have learned it is better to just give you what I can and you must search for the rest of what I say.
It is only when you go searching that you will say Oooooh I seeee what he is getting at.
I must be careful of the names I use or face cops coming to harass me again,and I never said you had to believe me so if you think this is crap then please go waste your time elsewhere and do not respond.thanks bye
12-30-2009, 06:07 PM, (This post was last modified: 12-30-2009, 06:25 PM by metalcore.)
RE: canadian conspiracy
ok so i found out the satanist angle isnt even your you BETTER have evidence to back it up.

found this article,

apparently victoria is the "satanic capital of N. America", second only to geneva,

and that many people believed that the child ws targetted because he was taken on palm sunday 7 days before easter, and 7 streets down from Easter St. And that the child, Michael, was chosen because his name had symbolic importance for some ritual ceremony put on to represent the slaying of the archangel michael, whom through satan out of heaven (but not in the paradise lost). this goes off a previous book, that was similarly purported as truth but proven to be fiction, in which a girl named michelle was given up as a personal sacrifice by her mother to a satanic cult, for their "feast pf the beasts"....they rejected her and wanted a male boy, and gave her back to her mom after having cofined her in a cage in a dirt room...she turned out to be a crazy liar, probably like our friend here. lol
well no amount of police should be a match for a bionic man like yourself, so i dont think you have to worry.
shit i dont think i even need you i could just write a book myself Smile
2 things im not clear on:

1) do the cops consider YOU the murderer/abductor/molestor of michael wayne dunahee? have you been directly approached, picked up, and questioned by them?

2)what exactly are you "blowing the whistle" on? (you do realize you have to have evidence to blow the whistle, you cant blow the whistle with speculation and cconjecture...right?)
12-31-2009, 04:07 AM, (This post was last modified: 12-31-2009, 04:26 AM by persecuted in alberni.)
RE: canadian conspiracy
lol well lets just say what they do is all about punishment isn,t it.
My story isn't really about clifford and the other guy,i dont care realy,it's more about destroying me,character assasination.
It's hard to explain,there are things i want to be free to speak about but can't because I want the ones I love to know I am sane and it is all true what they do to me.
When the people in my part of the world believe in me then I my speak more but can't because I am allready labled insane so why make it worse,they must believe first.
Untill then I am shuned to only speak freely only amongst the lot of you who would all of you by the way be labled all nuts by the people in my
Untill I made that call it was excepted that there was only one killer and maybe perhaps I proved it for them maybe evn though I am just guessing there was another guy or at least in my memory there was.
I will soon be video blogging it,because I can speak it better than writing it,I want to walk my viewers through it all,like go to where certain events happened and things like that.
Like I allways say everyone calls me nuts but yet every person I choose to point to and say they played apart in it and question them they run for the hills and will not answer.
Like I say I would say listen you friggin nut I don't know what the hell you are talking about I would love to answer your questions and yes with polygraph too because I wanna prove your nuts.
Oh and no I'm not bionic I was just saying healthier than they were expecting
I would say no police did not come in and questioned about you and suspected you of anything No they didn't I would reply instead of getting up and running away saying no no no i will not answer your questions lol
If I didn't have anything to hide I would answer but any idiot can quess that there is something she is hiding ,believe me she ran like her skirt was on fire.
Oh and yes it is obvious i need writing skills but I just want to blog it all out first and it is taking a long time and plus I need to take a break for awhile from it.
Plus cops are allways harrassing me they came again the other night just to make my neighbours think im going psycho,three friggin cop cars to come here and realize they had no friggin right to be here in the first place since I did nothing wrong,bastards
What do you do when you can save the world but don't want to because you hate it so much ?
Oh and thanks for listening even if you all think I am insane.I don't mind the critics either lol it's to be expected.
12-31-2009, 07:57 PM,
RE: canadian conspiracy
Quote:What do you do when you can save the world but don't want to because you hate it so much ?

drink beer?
01-01-2010, 12:14 AM,
RE: canadian conspiracy
exactly only in my case smoke weed but yes good call, happy new year

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