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The Far West Drug Metagroup
10-25-2006, 08:54 PM,
The Far West Drug Metagroup
Quote from Part 2:

Quote:The MetaGroup's Geostrategic Goal: Maintaining the War of Terror
The fact that the United States will use drug-traffickers as geostrategic assets does not at all mean that Washington and the traffickers will necessarily have the same agendas. In theory at least, the contrary should be true. Although the United States may have used known traffickers like Zaman and Qadir to regain access to Afghanistan, its stated ultimate goal, and the one assumed by the mainstream media, was to reimpose its own kind of order. Whether the country is Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Colombia or Kosovo, America's national interest is said to be to install and then protect pipelines. And pipelines require peace and security.
The prime geostrategic goal of the drug traffic in Afghanistan and elsewhere is precisely to prevent peace and security from happening.84 It is true that the international illicit drug industry, like the international oil industry, is polymorphous and flexible, relying on diversified sources and markets for its products in order to maintain its global dominance. But for the global drug traffic to prosper, there must always be key growing areas where violence is ongoing and state order does not prevail.
However, in speaking above of America's stated national interest, I do not assume that a US government will always represent that national interest. Something else has happened in recent decades: the growth of the drug trade to the point that it now represents a significant portion of national and international wealth. And it has to be said that the American free enterprise system, like every other dominant political system in a current nation with world pretensions, will tend above all to represent the interests of the wealthy.
Thus the Bush Administration's policies cannot be assumed to reflect the national goals of peace and security, as outlined above. On the contrary, its shocking underfunding of Afghanistan's recovery, like its complex and destabilising interventions in Georgia, suggest that it, as much as the drug traffic, hopes to utilise instability—as a pretext for maintaining unstable US bases in countries like Uzbekistan, whose people eventually will object more and more to them.
It is, I think, a matter of national priority to learn more about the American links to Far West Ltd, the group accused of staging the Russian 9/11. It is a matter of more than purely historic interest to learn if that group's Islamist and American connections could have supplied a meeting ground for staging the American 9/11 as well. For at present, America faces in Afghanistan what Russia faces in Chechnya: a war which is favourable to drug-trafficking but increasingly deleterious to national well-being.85 The Bush Administration continues to use 9/11 to sell its Asian adventures to the American people. Meanwhile, elements profiting from the flow of Afghan drugs continue to grow stronger and more dangerous to the well-being of both countries.

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