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The Effect Of Aluminum On The Human Brain
11-20-2006, 09:45 PM,
The Effect Of Aluminum On The Human Brain
The Problem of Aluminum Cookware

One wonders why aluminum cookware, as opposed to stainless steel, was introduced in the United States in the first place. Along with aluminum foil, cookware made of aluminum is a significant source of excess aluminum in the diet. Boiling water in aluminum containers, especially water containing acidic substances, causes aluminum to leach into the water and food. Water containing fluorides encourages the leaching process from aluminum cookware.

Water containing 1ppm fluoride [The usual level of fluoride in public water supplies.], boiled for ten minutes in an aluminum pot, will increase the concentration of aluminum to 200 ppm. Prolonged boiling can increase the concentration to 600 ppm.[Tennakone et al., “Aluminum leaching from cooking utensils” Nature, Vol 325, January 15-21, 1987.] Add acidic food (tomato sauce, for example) and it even goes higher. In addition, as we see in the chapter in fluorides, the presence of aluminum increases the negative effects of fluorides (which is why fluoride toothpaste comes in aluminum tubes). Since the scientific data has been around for some time on all these issues, it cannot be anything but intentional. Aluminum cookware has been around since the late 1920’s.

The Effect of Aluminum on the Human Brain

In order to prove that all of this is intentional, we have to prove that it was known early enough that aluminum causes a problem. One would assume that indications of negative effect would preclude introduction of aluminum cookware. Not in the United States. German experiments done in 1897 , where aluminum was analyzed for pathological reaction in animals, showed that aluminum is a selective neurotoxin and a nerve cell poison of specific affinity for the brain.[ Doellken, P. “Ueber die wirkung des aluminum mit sonder beruecksichtigung der durch das aluminum verursachten lasionen im zentralnervensystem” Naunyn-Schmiedebergs Arch Exper Path Pharmakol 40:58-120, 1897.] Exposure of the central nervous system to aluminum salts produces a progressive encephalopathy.[ Munoz-Garcia et al, “An immunocytochemical comparison of cytoskeletal proteins in aluminum-induced and Alzheimer-type neurofibrillary tangles.” Acta Neuropathology Vol 70, 1986, p.243-248.

Now we see that aluminum deposition produces encephalopathy, vaccines produce encephalopathy, fluorides and mercury amalgams produce encephalopathy, and they knew about all of it early on. Someone or some group in high position, more than 70 years ago, intentionally planned to use the United States as a testing ground for all of this, ultimately resulting in a sociopathic society pleading for totalitarian control. They knew about the effect of mercury and vaccines in 1926. It’s in the medical literature. All of this is not an accident. Are you going to stand by and not take responsibility for your health and the health of those you love? The government isn’t, because it’s a conflict of interest.]

Earlier we mentioned the fact that a great number of cases of degenerative brain diseases in Guam drew the curiousity of researchers. Ten percent of the total population of native Guamanians die of brain disease. Fifteen percent of the natives in the Mariana Islands die of neurodegenerative disease. Why? Part of the answer is that there are high levels of aluminum in the drinking water. There are also high levels of aluminum in the food.[Perl, D., et al., “The association of aluminum, Alzheimer’s disease, and neurofibrillary tangles” Journal of Neural Transmutation, Vol 24, 1987, pp.205-211; Dalton et al, “Aluminium and calcium in soil and food from Guam, Palau and Jamaica: implications for ALD and Parkinsonism-dementia syndromes of Guam”, Brain, Vol 112, 1989, p. 45-53.]

Read the whole story @
General Brainquirks:

Mind control imbued by movies:

Movers and Shakers of the SMOM:http://moversandshakersofthesmom.blogspot...identity.html
11-22-2006, 09:21 AM,
The Effect Of Aluminum On The Human Brain
and to think to this day i still get crapped on from my old roommates about putting masking tape on those aluminum doorknobs. I should email this to them. stands to reason tho. Maybe soon i will post regarding the salt issue . very very interesting trust me. Thanksa bunch for this post !
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11-25-2006, 02:17 AM,
The Effect Of Aluminum On The Human Brain
Very informative post ephilution, thanks.
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04-29-2010, 07:13 AM,
RE: The Effect Of Aluminum On The Human Brain
The citric acid in juice boxes dissolve or increase the uptake of aluminum. Fluoride and Maltol may also increases uptake into the body and the brain as evidenced by studies on rabbits by up to 100 times. I can't seem to find the study that was referenced though.

Quote:Avoiding Aluminum
Some tips and Queries received from readers:-

Subject: Warning on Food Coloring - Many food colors are being enhanced by the use of aluminum. Cochineal is almost always color enhanced these days. For those trying to avoid aluminium it is extremely difficult to know what is and what is not contaminated. The color source is very small in quantity but is likely to have high bioavailability. Candies that are vividly colored should be a definite negative!! Tim Gore

Subject: Aluminum. Understand that fluoride will allow aluminum to pass through the blood brain barrier. Read up on the dangers of fluoride, the fact that it actually causes tooth enamel to become brittle causing fissures in tooth enamel that leads to cavities. No wonder dentists promote it. Beyond that it is the base of most antidepressants. It is a rat poison, and the source these days for industry fluoride is the scrapings of fertilizer incinerator stacks. Avoid it. I found a toothpaste Spearmint flavor of Toms' of Maine brand. Check the label. Most of the Tom's does contain fluoride. Avoiding fluoride will help keep aluminum out of the brain. I use a salt crystal for deodorant, to avoid aluminum. Also vaccines contain mercury as well as aluminum. -- Harold,

Subject: Maltol and aluminum. Thanks for your article on Aluminum, very helpful. It is not only fluoride which will carry aluminium into the brain. Citric acid can increase the amount deposited by over 100 times, so too can the additive Maltol, a sweetener present in drinking chocolate and some beers. Experiments carried out on rabbits show that it can increase the aluminum absorbed in the brain by over 90 times. -- Richard Dabrowski

Subject: Aluminium and Alzheimers From Russell Hall and class We are very interested in finding out the link between aluminium and Alzheimer’s and the effects of aluminium on the human body and would be very happy if you could shed some light on this subject for us Thank you -- Chanel College Chemistry New Zealand

Aluminum as a color brightener is widely used food colors, the aluminium is thought to be in an insoluble form, however the food manufacturers do not advertise the fact that a neurotoxic metal is present in sweets such as M&Ns. Very young children lack some of the protection mechanisms that are present in older children and adults. - Victor Purtill

In your health tips page you suggest that people avoid aluminum, how do I know what foods contains it?. What I have read about it makes me worry that my children are building up the metal in their brains and that they will have problems in later life. essie2000

To Essie2000: It is unlikely that you will completely avoid aluminum in food. Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the earths crust. The question you should be asking is how any aluminum can enter your brain and what you can do to avoid it. -- "J. B. Rivera" Aug 00

To Essie2000: Water: By using the right bottled water one can eliminate the oral route, what about the water absorbed during a bath? My colleague suggests using a tea bag in your bathwater. -- Jakey Thornton

Subject: Aluminum in Antiperspirants Harmful? I've seen much about aluminum being ingested and it's potential for harm. What about deodorant/antiperspirants with aluminum? -- Carolyn B King
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05-05-2010, 07:02 AM,
RE: The Effect Of Aluminum On The Human Brain
I have read all the posts on this thread and Its really very informative to me because I never knew that Aluminium can affects on the human brain and there are many possibilities that a fleck of aluminium can get into your body and cause some major damages.
05-05-2010, 06:59 PM,
RE: The Effect Of Aluminum On The Human Brain
'The citric acid in juice boxes dissolve or increase the uptake of aluminum.'
Theres so much citric acid in so many products, now i know why it could be.
I avoid aluminium but its only in the chemtrails now.Sad

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