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National Geographic: Inside The Mafia (2005)
03-10-2007, 06:24 PM,
National Geographic: Inside The Mafia (2005)
National Geographic: Inside The Mafia (2005)

[Image: 75469mafia.jpg]

This documentary series infiltrates the legendary secrecy of one of the world’s most powerful criminal organizations to expose the start and harrowing realities deep inside the mafia. With remarkable access to FBI and DEA agents and former mobsters, get intimate detail on the cutthroat deals, gangland assassinations and secret rituals within the infamous global mob.

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Episodes -

Mafia, What Mafia?
The evolution of the Mafia through the 20th century is examined. Included: a profile of Charles “Lucky” Luciano; and a look at how law enforcement ignored the growing power of the Mafia. Ray Liotta narrates.

Going Global
Charting the strength and influence of the Sicilian Mafia within the U.S., and how the profits of heroin trafficking proved too tempting to resist. Also: the murder of Carmine Galante. Interviewees include former FBI special agent Joseph Pistone, who successfully penetrated the organization under the alias of Donnie Brasco.

The Great Betrayal
Conclusion. A look at the problems on both sides of the Atlantic caused by the Sicilian heroin trade; and profiles of Mafia leaders John Gotti and Toto Riina. Also: interviews with Henry Hill and Dominick Montiglio, who describe the enormous sums of money involved in the narcotics trade; footage of Gotti's trials and conviction; and a look at Riina's assassination of an Italian prosecutor. Ray Liotta narrates.

The Godfathers
Profiles of mafia leaders John Gotti and Toto Riina. Included: their ascents to power and eventual arrests by law enforcement. Included: footage of Gotti's trials and conviction; and a look at Riina's assassination of an Italian prosecutor; and Riina's capture and conviction.



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