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Blair Defends Global Terror Fight
04-24-2007, 10:44 AM,
Blair Defends Global Terror Fight
Quote:Tony Blair has warned that terrorism continues to be a "global" threat and needs to be fought whether it is in "Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere else".

He said his view was "not popular", but the "large part of the Western world" which blamed George Bush was wrong.

"This is a very deep-rooted problem right round the world... if we don't fight it it's going to come after us," the prime minister told the BBC.

His comments came ahead of the first meeting of a new terrorism committee.

The committee, which brings together intelligence agency representatives, police and ministers, was set up as part of Home Office reforms.

It is intended to streamline the approach to security threats.

Speaking about terrorism on BBC Breakfast, Mr Blair said: "We have to fight it whether it's in Iraq of Afghanistan or anywhere else."

Mr Blair acknowledged the situation in Iraq was "hugely difficult".

"It's difficult because you have external elements - al-Qaeda up near Baghdad, and Iranian-backed elements down in Basra - who are deliberately creating the problem."

He said it was not true that Saddam Hussein "was a kind of lid" on sectarian violence which "poured out" once the dictator was toppled.

"If you talk to ordinary Iraqis - whether they are Sunni or Shia - they want to live together. You have these outside terrorists coming in and linking up with internal extremists and causing this carnage."

He also said it was wrong, as "a large part of the Western world" says to blame President Bush for terrorism.

The new ministerial committee, expected to meet monthly, will be backed by a new Office for Security and Counter-terrorism (OSC), which will meet weekly and be chaired by the Home Secretary.

Part of the OSC's role is to provide a forum for the intelligence agencies to pass on information to the police and other relevant bodies.
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TriWooOx Podcast
04-24-2007, 10:01 PM,
Blair Defends Global Terror Fight
What Blair fails to realise is that these "outside terrorists" were not going into Iraq until after he and GWB took us in there. Iraq is basically now a training ground for these terrorists to hone their skills to be used against us in the future. It is also the best free recruitment campaign for Al Queda that Osama could have wished for. Blair and Bush have strengthened Al Queda by a hundred fold to what Al Queda would have been if we had just concentrated on getting Osama rather than attacking a country they knew was defenceless.

Osama is dead by the way but they don't want us to know that because that will not suit the neocons aims. Blair, Bush and the rest of us will live to rue the day they ever embarked on this false war on terror.

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