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The Beginning of the End of America
08-03-2007, 12:32 PM,
The Beginning of the End of America
The Beginning of The End Of America

"We have lived as if in a trace... we have lived as people in fear. And now our rights and our freedoms in peril, we slowly awaken to realize that we have been afraid of the wrong thing. Therefore tonight, we have truly become the inheritors of our American legacy. On this first full day that the military commissions act is enforced, we now face what our ancestors faced, at other times of exaggerated crisis and melodramatic fear-mongering... a government which is more dangerous to our liberty than the enemy it claims to protect us from."

Wow, this Olberman guy really rides the line... hats of to him. He speaks very personally and directly to "Mr Bush"... He's like a Stephen Colbert, except 100% serious...( "Your words are lies, Sir, lies that imperil us all!!" ) but its not really bi-partisan either, he's holding Bush responsible for whats happened. In this segment, Olbermann gives a brief history of government acts used to imprison citizens for free speech during wartime... including Adams "sedition act" and Wilsons (or should I say Col House's ) "Espionage Act"... He even brings up citizen interment on cable news while comparing the US government to Terrorists, and Cold War Russia and Nazi Germany. I found this video and others through the Stop The New World Order blog... the original clip that caught my attention was the one where Olbermann asks to president bush to stop making human sacrifices.


Further Research

1. Russ Feinholds US Senate speech on the Military Commissions Act (Listen: MP3, Watch: MP4, RM)
2. Amnesty International article on CIA activities and the Military Commissions Act
3. Columbia University Law Professor Micheal Dorf deconstructs the Military Commissions Act
4. Znet Article with description and background information on The Military Commissions Act
5. Olbermann's MSNBC Article on Politicians and The Military Commissions Act (with Commentary)



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