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NZ probes China clothing scare
08-23-2007, 01:50 AM, (This post was last modified: 08-23-2007, 01:57 AM by SerialExpLain.)
NZ probes China clothing scare
I wonder how long that has been going on? I remember back in the 70's shopping with an older more sophisticated shopper, selecting cotton-made clothing. She asked me which I thought was "the best fabric", the stiffer one or the not as starched-appearing. I selected the starched-appearing item. And she said, no,no, do not want to buy that. It is a cheap fabric and "chemically treated" to appear to be of a higher quality.

I always remembered that.

Lamps....I would be very careful about electrical, etc. Extension cords...hell....everything :sad:

There was also a story I do not have the link or remember the country, but it was a European country and I believe the point of origin of the clothing in this story was India. A women had become increasingly disabled from a neurologic condition that was MS-like in presentation. Extensive workup revealed, however, that her condition was from a toxic occupational exposure, she handled imported clothing on a daily basis in a warehouse-type setting.

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