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Paul Campaign Is Endless Commercial for Gold
01-07-2008, 04:00 AM,
Paul Campaign Is Endless Commercial for Gold
The Ron Paul Campaign Is an Endless Commercial for Gold

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Ron Paul campaign is growing stale. As intended, it is an endless commercial for the Zionist Gold Cartel. The campaign is following the model of the classic gold advertisement, "bad times are coming, invest in gold as a hedge against inflation." Their slogan is like the Jewish diamond cartel's slogans and is as transparently a hustle.

Don't get me wrong. Gold is a commodity and has value. It has, at times, proven to be a very good investment, which is why it makes a bad currency due to its deflationary properties which are exploited by the bankers. Please do NOT confuse my arguments against gold as currency as if they were arguments against gold as an investment. They are not. If you want investment advice, I won't give it. How you invest and gamble with your money is your own business, not mine.

The style of Ron Paul's campaign, and Aaron Russo's film, is yet another indicator of who the true forces are behind these shallow fearmongering gold commercials. If you ever listen to gold hustlers, they pitch their product by attempting to create a hysteria in their audience, and then offer up gold as a panacea. That is the gold monger's sales pitch.

Russo and Paul followed the same model, and it is no coincidence, but it is losing its luster as candidates like Barack Obama, John Edwards and Mike Huckabee drag out the threadbare rhetoric of their supposed love for the poor and middle class, which empty talk never fails to win support in hard times. Ron Paul's gold commercial will not be able to compete with their disingenuous talk of health care for all, jobs and more classrooms and teachers.

But the Jewish bankers are deliberately crashing the economy and financial systems of the World. They hope that Ron Paul will plant the seed in the minds of the gullible masses that gold is their salvation. He is their miraculous forecaster, their stooge, their prophet of doom who has all the answers, their commercial.

The Jewish bankers operate like the man who throws nails on the road under his tire repair sign, but the bankers' solutions only make the problems they cause even worse.
01-07-2008, 07:49 AM,
Paul Campaign Is Endless Commercial for Gold
Ok, fine, thats his complaint. So what is the answer to the currency problem? No one is offering solutions, valid complaints, yes, but solutions, no.

The answer is to ultimately remove the international banking cartel from power. Remove their wealth and holdings, since it was obtained illegally. Return the wealth to the people, the nations, to whom it rightfully belongs.

Until we reverse engineer that problem, and remember history, the problem will not go away. Pick your poison and they will find a way to control it. We can complain, but ultimately the solution lies in getting rid of the problem. Thats what we need to think about.
01-07-2008, 10:13 PM,
Paul Campaign Is Endless Commercial for Gold
see Ben Franklin's autobiography where he talks about Colonial Scripp currency and how effective it was
01-07-2008, 11:09 PM,
Paul Campaign Is Endless Commercial for Gold
Quote:see Ben Franklin's autobiography where he talks about Colonial Scripp currency and how effective it was

True that. :wink:

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