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Tragic Masterpiece - 911 News Audio Analysis

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Tragic Masterpiece - 911 News Audio Analysis
05-04-2008, 10:31 PM,
Tragic Masterpiece - 911 News Audio Analysis

I have decided to dedicate time to this great task that is ahead of me. To do an analysis of the media footage utilizing my knowledge of audio and video. I have released a first version of what is to come on concen tracker.

If anyone has any high quality videos of 911 (non news footage) then please let me know. Specifically what i have been looking for is a video that shows the 2nd impact (from an amateur cam) and you can see between the towers, very close up. I saw it years ago, and used to have it, i have no idea how i managed to loose this footage.

Please if you have any feedback after watching the first release, please let me know. I am expecting alot of negative feedback and this will only allow me to produce a better analysis.

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Tragic Masterpiece - 911 News Audio Analysis - nataraja - 05-04-2008, 10:31 PM

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