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Tony Wright's New Book
05-24-2008, 10:56 PM,
Tony Wright's New Book
Yeah I was just hanging with this cool old African-American dude from Seattle and Kansas City. He's kind of freaked by Mpls. He was watching me doing the full-lotus thing with the adam's apple pulsating whenever a female was in the vicinity. He got a big kick out of this but never asked me directly about it. We talked about music and stuff -- anyway he laughed once from the adam's apple pulsation -full-lotus female energy exchange thing -- after we had warmed up to each other.

The book "Taoist Yoga" recommends NO SALT and that limitation by itself almost leads to the same diet advocated by the book "Left in the Dark." If you are eating grain then you need salt to counter-act the acid -- the same for meat. A traditional shaman diet in S. America is bananas and fish while figs is the food that the Buddha ate -- all three are high in precursor of serotonin-melatonin-DMT (tryptophans). But a "bigu" diet is no food while a "modified bigu" is one small veggie meal a day plus fasting one day a week.

There's a lot of problems with the "Left in the Dark" book but there's really no point in me going into all the details.

1) on Fertility and physiology the book blames females by arguing that since males loose physical substance at ejaculation then logically females should as well. So therefore a fruit-based diet should cause females to lose their egg, so to speak, at orgasm.

2) This argument ignores the feedback of testosterone through the adrenal glands-kidneys to be ionized into jing, or blissful heat, as ionized serotonin and oxytocin to open up the pineal gland. So alchemy and Bushmen healing is based on the opposite of what "Left in the Dark" argues -- the male should learn to NOT lose physical substance at orgasm, thereby enabling the male to have "staying power." This enables the male to overcome the stress system of testosterone while at the same time utilizing the power of testosterone to create "love-light."

3) Gibbons rely on a fruit diet yet are territorial and orangutans are violently territorial -- so actually a fruit diet was the first step in the attempt by males to control females through a limited food resource. Monogamy in gibbons is based on fruit as a limited resource and so fruit does not mean no aggression. Bonobos also use sex to mainly resolve all stress and so it makes sense that the males would learn to do what the female bonobos were doing so successfully.

4) Female chimps use spears for hunting as an alternative to being raped when male chimps want to use meat as a means to sex access, without consent. So right-hand technological dominance and left-brain dominance coevolved as a solution to a meat for sex diet. It's not that females don't want meat, but rather that they don't want to be dependent on physically dominant males for the meat. Consider the Bushmen healing book by Professor Megan Beisle, "Women Like Meat."

5) If fruit creates a bigger brain that doesn't mean that a bigger brain leads to a peaceful, paranormal healing society. All animals rely on paranormal skills yet have smaller brains. The book "Left in the Dark" instead ignores the larger "feedback cycle" of resonance in nature -- for example when birds sing they help plants take in nutrients in the dew created by the sun. Certainly diet is crucial but to ignore the meat intake of the Bushmen culture which was peaceful for 90% of human history, is to ignore also the specific training that the males relied on to create a healing culture. The sole reliance of fruit as diet still places the blame on females to stop their menstruation as a technique that was initiated to created a lunar synchronous solidarity to stop male dominance -- by using left-brain language and right-hand technology. For example Professor Chris Knight's book BLOOD RELATIONS is all about this original use of moon-menstruation synchronization, but "Left in the Dark" argues that females should delink their connection to the moon. Therefore the book is still based in patriarchy; just as Hitler was a vegetarian, a sole obsession with one cause is not the answer.

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