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MMS Experiences
01-23-2009, 02:21 PM,
MMS Experiences
Another post moved from tracker - useful info from F00ge - I'm going to build an MMS resource here.

Note what is said about book 2 - please think about donating to Jim Humble - he purposely keeps the price low for MMS. This will annoy the medical cartels.

This book was requested by a few of you good people, who want to learn how to make your own MMS.

The book also describes how Jim Humble came across the MMS protocol, as well as describes how it works and some testimonials.

MMS costs about $20 for 1½ years of supply. Jim Humble does not sell MMS. He only sells part II of his book (included in this torrent).

If you buy his book, most of the profit goes to his malaria project in Africa.

I highly recommed that you look into taking DMSO to greatly enhance the already very effective MMS.
Learn more about DMSO + MMS here:

A good source of MMS info are these two forums:

Warning: Both of these forums have lately been heavily infiltrated with very cunning agents of TPTB.
I suggest you read the forums from the oldest post on. If you just walk in and start reading the newest posts, you'll think MMS is worse than rat poison.

Also, check the other MMS torrents:

Thanks to Tripp for his excellent torrents.

Hope this is of use to some of you, or someone you know.
"We are just glorified monkeys in suits.... show me where it's written we should be able to model the cosmos?!" -Terence McKenna, 21st Century Bard
R.I.P-ranks Terence. I miss your take on life.

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