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Thorn - Hillary (and Bill) 1 - The Sex Volume (2008)

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Thorn - Hillary (and Bill) 1 - The Sex Volume (2008)
01-12-2009, 06:12 PM,
Thorn - Hillary (and Bill) 1 - The Sex Volume (2008)
This is Victor Thorn's explosive book Hillary (and Bill) 1 - The Sex Volume (2008) which is the first part of a trilogy that together represents the most comprehensive collection of hard facts ever compiled on Hillary (and Bill) Clinton. In addition to naming names, dates, times and places - and mapping their meteoric rise to the Oval Office - Thorn paints an intimate yet disturbing portrait of this infamous political couple by getting inside their heads, revealing their motives and disclosing their darkest secrets. If you thought you knew Hillary Clinton, you were dead wrong! Get all the lurid details of how Hillary Clinton harassed and intimidated Juanita Broaddrick after her husband violently raped her, as well as the lengths to which she went to terrorize other women who were victimized by Bill Clinton. Who was Bill Clinton’s real father? Discover the startling facts concerning the death of William Blythe and why an overwhelming amount of evidence indicates that he could not have been the President's biological father. Learn about Hillary’s collegiate career and how it shaped her later views on feminism, globalism, and how to infiltrate the system from within. What was this one culminating event not only brought Hillary Rodham to the attention of Washington, DC’s power-brokers, but also made her a darling of the mainstream media? Find out how during their academic careers Bill and Hillary were recruited into the CIA under Operation CHAOS to subvert the anti-war movement. Although largely ignored by the corporate press, read how Hillary’s family was associated with organized crime figures in the Chicago area, while Bill Clinton’s relatives were integral members of the notorious Dixie Mafia. Was Bill and Hillary’s much ballyhooed "first meeting" at Yale actually part of a much larger prearranged marriage engineered by shadowy New World Order figures whose ultimate plans led them to the White House? Despite being labeled "radicals", Bill and Hillary were trained at three of the most prestigious globalist universities in the world: Georgetown, Oxford and Yale - while simultaneously being groomed by such figures as professor Carroll Quigley. Did Hillary Rodham further her intelligence career by infiltrating underground groups such as the Black Panthers, and was she also used in this same context to leak highly sensitive information during Richard Nixon’s infamous Watergate hearings? Why did Bill Clinton travel to Russia and across Europe during the early 1970s (at the height of the Cold War), and what powerful forces from Arkansas and Washington DC used their leverage to keep him from being drafted into the Vietnam War? And at last but certainly not least the nasty details about Bill and Hillary’s sordid sex lives are exposed, covering the unknown details of all kinds of sex scandals that filled the media front pages. Hillary (and Bill) trilogy is the most detailed, referenced book series on the shenanigans of both Bill and Hillary. It clearly shows why Hillary Clinton is not the right woman for the job in the White House, even though every move - public, private and political - she has made for the last three decades was carefully choreographed to get her butt into the Oval Office. Referenced with nearly 1,400 footnotes, a complete index and a bibliography with over 200 sources. 335 pages. A must read for everyone.


Please share this book with others, add links on other forums as I don't know many of them.

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