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Cloud Atlas movie review

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Cloud Atlas movie review
03-02-2014, 07:45 PM,
Cloud Atlas movie review
bethdixon02 Wrote:Oh Hollywood, thank you for your use of music. It's the lube you use as a courtesy while you attempt to mentally rape me. It's the way you can make the emptiness seem profound. It's the way you make me feel as if I've learned a secret of life while being indoctrinated to the insidiousness of big oil, the heartlessness of corporations, the racism of Christianity, the crushing of the weak by the rich, the need for an anti-Capitalist revolution and the beauty of gay love. Your music is the cherry flavoring of the poison you have once again spoon fed me through my entertainment, a power you abuse without apology. The idea of Cloud Atlas, that people are bound through lifetimes, is one that I'm not sold on. Conversely, the common binding of the same stale ideology through reincarnations of cinema, sold with the power of music, that, you have once again demonstrated.

As much as I wanted to like this film and as much as I had hoped that this film would be creative and inspiring, I just found little of value here. This is just another demonstration of one of thousands of Hollywood propaganda pieces designed to brainwash the masses through your entertainment and push a liberal agenda.

An interesting review (from a conservative POV, the other side of the same rusty coin) to which I want to add:
- the cornucopian theme using "big oil" as context (gadgets galore reinforcing the ongoing eco appliances campaign and the false idea that consumers can avert the energy crisis by buying energy efficient crap they don't need while home consumption is dwarfed by the industrial one, not to mention the hypocrisy of jobs and economic growth talk). I'm wondering how many viewers of this movie agree with the premise that the oil industry has suppressed alternative energy innovation while scoffing at the word "conspiracy" Smile
- the heartlessness of corporations - a fact
- the racism of Christianity - another fact. Look into the effects of missionaries on otherwise stable cultures in the recent past, especially where resources can be extracted
- anti-Capitalist revolution - really? Done by whom, government, using what, regulation? Yeah, Hollywood is full of left-radicals Smile
- gay love - I hear this might be a nice vector for pedophilia

Another interesting observation: the story is simple, what makes it complicated is the presentation technique. Maybe to save a rather dull script or to make the occult message harder to distinguish from benign static: 'If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.'

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