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World War Z – Did you spot the propaganda?
11-12-2013, 12:23 AM, (This post was last modified: 11-12-2013, 02:35 AM by Watchdog.)
World War Z – Did you spot the propaganda?
World War Z – Did you spot the propaganda?

[Image: z1.jpg]

Just saw this movie last night. Here is my take on it, plz share what you also saw...

In nut shell, my version of this movie:

United Nations (UN) retired hero, feminized pretty boy (i.e. Brad Pitt) who never gets hair undone, gets called back to service to help fight ZOMBIES (*wink wink of those in the know to laugh at how they have programmed people to become walking dead immature human like robots (DIHR)), who are overtaking the world by feeding on healthy humans (i.e. how them psychopath controllers that some miscall “lizards” feed on the life force and will of the (DIHR) *my take on thing here).

The first cause of the zombie occurrence is believed to come from drum roll KOREA, for which feminized pretty boy meets a crazy CIA who sold weapons to North Korea, who happens to know the truth, which sends pretty boy to drum roll ISRAEL.

We are then told that ISRAEL built a wall to prevent the ZOMBIE attack from killing the Jews. (Note: We all need to know that the Jews are correct at being paranoid about people being against them (us the ZOMBIES -GOYS, and they are geniuses for building a wall (thanks to a Mosad agent by the way - and the wall is not to prevent retaliation from those they illegally took their land from...), But when a group of Palestinians are permitted to enter IsNotReal (because they are obviously nice and want to save them poor Palastetinians) they start to celebrate and IT IS THEIR FAULT if the zombies (that is you and me, by the way if you did not get it...well, maybe not me... lol) climb the wall and take over Israel.

Then feminized pretty boy saves a military Jew women, and they go on to save the world. Did you get that? A team – America and Israel will save the world... How nice is that!

So, then the UN pretty boy and Jew woman go to the WHO (World Health Organization) who will give them a *sort of vaccine so that the armies of the world can fight and defeat the ZOMBIES. But what is this *sort of vaccine that the WHO will give to every HEALTHY person in the world (sic)? Well... it is drum roll A SICKNESS! That's right; WHO and the UN (because of feminized pretty boy and injured sympathetic Jew woman) will make every healthy person SICK! The new media call this illness a vaccine.

Did you all see this movie?

What did you see?
Paix, Amour et Lumiere

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