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STARBUCK - Movie made in Quebec -Canada

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STARBUCK - Movie made in Quebec -Canada
03-29-2013, 11:19 PM,
STARBUCK - Movie made in Quebec -Canada

Imagine that you gave to a sperm bank more than 500 times when you were you young to help make ends meet.

Then imagine that later in life that these people decided they wanted to know who their biological father was, and they hired a lawyer to gain access to the sperm donor.

If you were that donor how would this affect you life?

On that note, I'm sharing a movie made in my home town in the province of Québec, Canada. Yes the movie is in French Québecois, but it had subtitles, so you can follow. It's full of emotions and many surprises and these don't need translations.

It's called STARBUCK, and I bet that some day it will be remade in USA... In the mean time here is a free version:

First link is the movie itself:

Plz note that you'll need to click on "continue" button, then close some popups, then wait a few seconds on a page and click on the follow link, then click the X (close ads), then click play. Free sites always have these sorts of trouble shooting to get to the movie.

If ever this link dies, then here is the main page with a few viewing options:

This site have many movies FREE to watch, but STARBUCK is not a blockbuster made in US, and was made by a few small time producers, so it is "special" in many ways. Not the sort of things you'd find in the Box Office.

Paix, Amour et Lumiere

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