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Secret Societies Are Not Evil
05-14-2013, 05:50 AM,
RE: Secret Societies Are Not Evil
Tell that to the Fatima conspiracy.
I was looking for a good gloom and doom thread to really
give it a sent off but looks like topics have been reversed
and secret societies are good now.

Perhaps not as powerful or are they infiltrating as some
do not wish to forget.

Quote:in a state of complete turmoil: "Economic failure, aggravated still more by the recent entrance into the war, disorder and anarchy, dissensions and murders, assassination attempts which had become everyday occurrences – all these created the atmosphere of a real civil war. The Church had been banned from society, reduced to silence, persecuted in every way. In short, Portugal in that hour experienced the darkest period of its history." 1

For over a century Portugal had been steadily declining due to Freemasonry, which dominated government and society. The Portuguese Revolution of 1910 had deposed the ruling monarchy and proclaimed the Republic, which was primarily composed of high-ranking Freemasons. The Church was the prime target during the revolution: Churches were pillaged, convents attacked and religious harassed. The fiercest and most targeted attack, however, came through the anticlerical legislation the Republic passed. Immediately after the proclamation of the Republic, all convents, monasteries and religious orders were suppressed, the religious themselves were personally expelled and their goods confiscated. The Jesuits were forced to forfeit their Portuguese citizenship.

One hundred years later have the wounds healed or is the
Church being infiltrated.
Don't think the topic was healthy for JFK either.

In any case the gloom and doom of messages given in Portugal
are still ahead for us all so as I used to ignore the doom and
doom proposals but if the shoe fits we can't avoid wearing it.

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